What Is Ocean Black Protection In LG Air Conditioners?

You must have heard about the term Ocean Black Protection In Air Conditioners. If not, then you must find this article really helpful. As the world’s population endures to increase, coastal areas become hotbeds of global germination. A country like Australia is overcrowded in coastal cities.

Similarly, in India, you have Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin. Kolkata, along with other major cities, is positioned on the coast.

In enhancement to the overall population on the coast, it has several resorts and hotels from these areas to cater to tourists or visitors. The concerns of living on the beach are many, but there are some drawbacks as well.

The sea breeze can be invigorating and refreshing with its scent. Nevertheless, coastal air has a higher level of ozone than in the interior. In addition, evaporation salts in the air affect moisture and its quality.

Ocean Black Coating

It is acknowledged for endangering its properties and properties, including HVAC systems. Ozone depletion can hasten rust, thus putting a great deal of hazard on coastal structures.

Similarly, the amount of salt present in such air can cause air conditioning, especially metal components, to decompose rapidly. Corrosion principally affects external AC units and reforms, attractive heat exchangers, into corrosive debris.

Repeated exposure to such salts influences the efficiency of the atmosphere and considerably reduces its life span. Therefore, there is a need for determining a clarification to this invisible natural phenomenon.

Ocean Black Protection In LG

LG countered this menace by acquainting Ocean Black Protection Technology to defend or preserve AC units from corrosion and corrosion. LG’s latest air conditioners are equipped with Ocean Black Protection technology to develop machine performance and prolong their life.

Ocean Black Protection for air conditioner

Ocean Black Protection technology devises a cover on the metal parts of the external units of the LG air conditioner to protect them from the devastating effects of rusty foreign corporealities.

This adhesive is entirely compliant with a hydrophilic film that restricts the accumulation of water in the membrane of the heat exchanger, which greatly reduces the configuration of moisture.

In accession to the temperature switch, other metal parts before-mentioned as the base pan, service valve accessory, fan car brackets, control box, and other external panels receive Ocean Black Protection coating.

Ocean Black Protection coating discharges the main element of corruption or rust in these areas, thereby disgracing maintenance and repair costs significantly. As a result, it enhances the existence of air conditioners.

LG ACs consolidate Ocean Black Protection technology with ISO certification from UL, a global certification center. The findings of the ASTM-B117 salt spray test show that components of LG AC with Ocean Black Protection technology protection are 50 to 90% longer than other ACs without this assurance.

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