Everything About Aqua Energie in IFB Washing Machine?

Aqua Energie in the IFB washing machine makes sure your water is energized by this built-in device. The filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give clothes a softer wash.

The performance of a washing machine entirely depends on how well the detergent terminates in water to infiltrate each fiber and eradicate dirt.

The Greatest Indian towns, besides the top metros, depend on groundwater experts that have unusual salt sediments making the water hard. Detergent does not terminate correctly in hard water, and thus, you find white-colored precipitates on your clothes, especially the darker-hued garments.

Moreover, the detergent deposit can produce skin sensitivities if you carry these clothes without washing them properly. Secondly, the surfactant residue can adhere to the drum sides and the drain tubes to form a surface layer and influence the overall effectiveness and performance of the washing machine.

The Solution It Provide

The clarification is to guarantee that detergent liquefies entirely in water. The water has to be moderated to assure it. Consequently, you obtain washing machine assistance personnel advocating the use of water softeners.

IFB has inaugurated an innovative technology, Aqua Energie, that extends a technoscientific physical treatment method to develop or enhance the water’s quality. You can encounter the effect better in cities having hard or rough water in Particular.

How Aqua Energie Works?

Aqua Energie in IFB Washing Machine

This particular equipment or device or mechanism creates an essential component of the water intake operation of the washing machine. The technology operates by dividing the bi-carbonates in water into microscopic crystals to overcome their inclination to adhere to the fabrics or other surfaces.

As a consequence, the crystals continue along with the water and assure that the detergents dissolve completely in water to develop their overall effectiveness. This innovation subdues the surface tension of water, promotes comfortable wetting of your clothes, and develops overall surfactant action.

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The Advantages Of Aqua Energie

  • It diminishes the production of salt precipitates or measures on the machine elements like the washing container or furnace.
  • As the detergent softens fully in water, it guarantees maximum control of detergent, occurring in reduced surfactant consumption.
  • You do not get cleanser residual footprints on your garments, making them fresh and healthful to wear.
  • The lowering of water becomes the wash feature of the machine.
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Is It Necessary For Areas With Soft Water Supply?

Hard water is quite a common problem in India now and dealing with it is a very difficult task. The most common problems caused by hard water include a thin white or brown colored film over the bathroom tiles, shower or tap heads, glassware, clogged pipes, and also dry and dull skin and hair.

A solution to solve these problems is using a water softener. As it uses a technology that reduces calcium and magnesium particles that are present in the water.

The outcomes of Aqua Energie will not be noticeable quickly. Though, that should not gain much diversity because Aqua Energie is an inbuilt technology possible on all IFB washing machines.

Aqua Energie has more trustworthy applications in areas with hard water. The technology does not wreck your garments or threads in any way. On the contrary, it serves as supplementary security and stability to your washing machine.

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