What is AI DD Washing Machine In LG?- Direct Drive Technology Explained

What is AI DD Washing Machine? You must have heard this term before! Well, these terms are most valuable in courses of purchasing a washing machine for your home. Moreover, to learn about their working.

We have discussed in the previous article about the direct drive motors that are used in modern washing machines. They are more reliable than the belt and pulley systems. The drums are easily detachable in direct drive motors. Moreover, it comes with advanced anti-vibration technology.

To compute, you can find the AI DD technology in LG Washing Machines. The top-end LG washing machines are now outfitted with  Artificial Intelligence.

What Is AI DD Technology?

AI DD technology is really helpful. When you come to wash heavily soiled clothes, it is really convenient. Moreover, now you can wash your delicate fabrics without worrying about them getting hurt.

AI DD Washing Machines are very much durable and last for a long time. LG AI DD has a stainless lifter that takes care of the hygiene and takes good care of your fabrics. In other words, it means, the clothes inside the washer will only touch the stainless steel. Therefore, you can stay relaxed knowing that your clothes are safe and contamination-free.

AI DD operates with specialized sensors that estimate the weight of the laundry. Moreover, it detects the softness of the fabric in the washer. Besides, it recommends the optimum washing pattern from the 6-motion DD technology in the machine.

Consequently, you get the perfect wash for your clothes. Leave the worry about weight or the type of fabric you put in the machine. You are going to get the best-washed clothes out. Also, you get to protect your fabrics so that they last longer.

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AI DD working Artificial Intelligence

How Does AI DD Technology Work?

Well, using AI DD technology in LG fully automatic machine is quite easy and simpler.

  • Primarily, select the wash cycle according to your clothes and types.
  • The exclusive technology weighs the laundry and even detects the level of softness of your fabric.
  • Looking at this information, the machine then selects the optimal washing pattern. This understanding is based on the deep-learning technology of the Washing machine.
  • With an AI DD washing machine, you get to experience different washing cycles in a single process.

Moreover, this technology analyzes your clothes into different categories. There are four weight categories and five different washing cycles.

The best part is that it protects your clothes and its fabric from getting any kind of harm. Also, it takes care of your favourite clothes as it has 18% more fabric protection.

AI in LG washing machine

Advantages Of AI DD Technology

Well, here are the benefits of AI DD technology.

  • Firstly, you get to enjoy the benefit of Direct Drum Technology.
  • Secondly, your clothes capture a better wash and last longer.
  • Thirdly, Your clothes get to experience the washing pattern that is best for your fabrics. The cycle depends on the weight and the level of softness of the fabric.
  • Lastly, you will not compromise on the cleaning execution of your clothes.

AI DD technology is feasible in the top-end LG washing machine models. In extension, it operates with other washing technologies like 6-motion DD technology, Steam Wash, TurboWash Technology.

What Does Direct Drive Technology Signify?

Why exactly is direct drive technology so popular? Let us give you a clear view. The Absence of the pulleys and the belts, that connects the motor to the drum, guarantees fewer movable parts in the washing machine. Even during a wash cycle.

Not just this, Washing machines with such technologies display better/best efficiency. Moreover, It decreases the washing cycle of the clothes.

Direct Drive Technology

But, there are some points to argue. Firstly, such a configuration can cause the machine to look bulkier. Secondly, what if the increased load decreases the efficiency of the machine?

These are arguable topics. However, The underlying advantage is that it readily enhances the overall efficiency of the washing machine.

Earlier, in machines having belts and pulley drive motor, it was hard to maintain the washing machine. The key drawback was the sustainability of the belt.

The belts use to wear out after sustained working. Moreover, the belt would lose its elasticity. With time, the belt would stop doing their work properly. This might exert a higher pressure on the machine. Consequently leading to more power consumption.

Plus, the belts are likely to wear and tear & they require replacements (Periodically).

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