What Is A Convertible Refrigerator? How Does It Work?

Refrigerators act as lifesavers in almost all seasons. Whether you need cold water, drinks, or you want to store food to keep it fresh, refrigerators have your back in all cases. In recent years, a number of technologies have been introduced to make refrigeration easier and smoother. One such thing is a Convertible refrigerator. It has emerged as one of the most important milestones in recent years. Let’s see how it works and some other details about it.

What Is A Convertible Refrigerator?

The main purpose of a Convertible Refrigerator is to turn it into a freezer and return it to the refrigerator as needed. We all know that refrigeration is an important part of a refrigerator. The temperature here should be between 3° C and 15° C. The freezer is another important area where the temperature is between -15° C and -23° C.

As we all know, a refrigerator has two compartments or rooms, namely a freezer and a large refrigerator. However, the most commonly used refrigerator area is a large cooling area.

Even in winter, this part is rarely used. So with a Convertible refrigerator, you can store extra refrigeration by turning it into the main refrigerator. It actually adjusts the freezer temperature of the refrigerator to match the temperature of the fridge section so you can store your extra food.

Convertible refrigerator

It has always been a challenging task to manage a multi-door refrigerator. There are times when you do not need a refrigerator and have plenty of food to store. To alleviate this space problem, various brands have come up with the concept of convertibility that allows you to transform the freezer into a refrigerator.

It also allows you to switch off the refrigerator or freezer area according to your need. Currently, there are 5 variants available in the refrigerator.

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How Does Convertible Refrigerator Work?

The concept of a Convertible refrigerator is to control these two compounds and use them interchangeably, depending on the specific needs of the user.

For example, this technology allows you to turn off the refrigerator completely and use the entire refrigerator as a refrigerator. Similarly, you can turn off part of the refrigerator and use part of the machine or the whole machine as a refrigerator.

Activating the conversion process is easy. Convertible refrigerators come with a simple type of push-button that one can use to switch between these two different modes.

However, one should be aware that change does not happen immediately. The LG Convertible refrigerators take about an hour to complete, while the pioneer in this field, Samsung takes about a few hours.

How Do You Convert The Refrigerator?

  • Converting a refrigerator or freezer is a very simple and easy process. All you have to do is open it by pressing a special button.
  • However, it should always be borne in mind that the process of change, i.e. Switching from one mode to another can take some time – the reason being that the device is Convertible.
  • Say you want to turn the fridge into a fridge. The same process took about an hour for LG and about two hours for Samsung.

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Efficiency As A Refrigerator Or Freezer:

In cold and ice freezers, many flexible modules provide reliable temperature control and can be very energy efficient.

The self-defrost function in modern models is very efficient, so this work does not have to be done by hand. Machines with flexible drawers or compartments have a modern look that makes it easy to add function and style to any kitchen.

However, the model that switches every set between modes has a simple white box design that shares the same operating style as most independent freezers. They are less expensive than most refrigerators, but they have adjustable shelves, removable drawers, and removable door shelves.

These Convertible refrigerators are usually designed to be placed in the basement or garage for food storage purposes.

Samsung – 5-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

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Normal mode

This mode is the default mode where you have the refrigerator area at the top and the most important part of the refrigerator.

This model considers removing the refrigerator compartment and using the entire machine as a refrigerator. The implication of this usage pattern is that Indians do not eat frozen foods like their Western counterparts.

Extra Refrigeration Mode

Indians who eat vegetables do not eat meat or fish. On the other hand, they would like to have more space in their vegetable and fruit storage machine. Extra Fridge Mode gives them the option to turn part of the fridge into the fridge and use it that way.

Seasonal Mode

During the winter months, you may not need cold water or ice due to the stressful weather. Under such circumstances, it does not make sense to use a refrigerator. You can use the season mode and turn off the refrigerator mode completely when using only the refrigerator component of active items. It can save a lot of power to the user.

Vacation Mode

Refrigerators are under the category of appliances that can work 24x7x365. Usually, you close them when you go on vacation and you will not use the machine for long.

However, if you prefer, you can use holiday mode and turn off the refrigerator area while allowing the refrigerator area to continue operating.

This way, you can store important food items such as milk, ghee, and other perishable items. Since you do not keep the whole machine open, you end up saving energy.

Home Alone Mode

At times, you may even find yourself alone at home with a family member who has been away from home for some time. Students often experience similar situations when they are unable to accompany their parents on family vacations because of tests and other obligations.

Under such circumstances, you can close the refrigerator area and move all the food items to an upstairs room and use it as a small refrigerator. Save valuable electricity as a result.

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Samsung 3-in-1 Convertible refrigerator

Convertible fridge

Although the name is 3-in-1, this list of refrigerators from Samsung has Normal Mode and Extra Mode refrigerators as described above. These refrigerators are the same as any other Convertible refrigerators of any kind.

LG Dual Fridge

LG has a Convertible technology called Dual Fridge. But the dual refrigerator does not offer the full flexibility of the Samsung 5-in-1. But it does it during a quick switch between modes switching. LG refrigerators that come with Dual Fridge technology have only two models one standard and one mode where the refrigerator can be turned into a refrigerator thus increasing the refrigerator space by 40%.

Haier 8-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

The latest series of high-end Haier refrigerators went three steps ahead of Samsung by offering 8 different flexible modes. Here are 8 different modes:

Normal mode

This is the normal mode with the refrigerator and freezer both working and performing their cooling and cooling function.

Veg Mode

This is an Extra Mode refrigerator equivalent to Samsung Convertible refrigerators. In this mode, the main refrigerator performs the normal function of the refrigerator, but the refrigerator converts the refrigerator which means that the entire refrigerator is now one large refrigerator that no longer works.

Home Alone Mode

This is equivalent to Samsung’s seasonal Convertible mode refrigerator (not home mode alone!). Here the refrigerator works as normal, but the refrigerator is closed.

Refrigerator mode

This is similar to Samsung’s 5-in-1 holiday mode. As the name implies only the location of the refrigerator operates in the refrigerator mode while the main refrigerator is closed.

Vacation mode

The only home mode for the Convertible Samsung refrigerator holiday mode is Haier. In this mode, the main refrigerator unit closes while the refrigerator is converted into a refrigerated model that saves electricity as you travel from home to vacation.

Surprise party mode

This is a slightly amped-up version of normal mode. Here the refrigerator area works as it is, but the refrigerator mode is used with a large amount of rapid cooling using “turbo icing technology”. That’s why it’s called the surprise party mode because it allows you to cool your drinks and other cold items with short notice before the surprise party.

Summer mode

Most of the time, in the summer, when the temperature is high the refrigerator fails to comply with the required cooling. This is where summer mode comes in. Make part of the refrigerator at full strength to keep up with the heat.

Swift chill mode

This is the refrigerator power peak. It’s like using your refrigerator on steroids. Here both the refrigerator and the refrigerator work with most of the fast-food cooling settings inside the refrigerator.

Whirlpool 5-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

Many Indians in India prefer Whirlpool electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. Whirlpool has introduced a variety of smart systems for its refrigerator models, one of which is Intellifresh technology. The 5-in-1 Convertible device combines the following methods.

Season Mode

It is similar to the one introduced on Samsung machines where you turn everything used into a refrigerator by completely removing the refrigerator compartment.

Cooking mode

This mode saves more than 23% energy as you adjust the temperature settings to suit your cooking needs.

Dessert mode

Here, you focus more on the refrigerator area by improving the cooling capacity to make your ice cream faster freeze.

Party Mode

Party Mode requires you to use both refrigerator and refrigerator components at high levels to make the ice faster.

Deep Freezing Mode

This mode is similar to Vacation Mode on Samsung machines, where you turn off the refrigerator compartment and keep the refrigerator running to preserve the freshness of milk and other essential foods.


Some of you while going through this article may feel that Haier may be the best as it has “8 modes” but to call it the best Convertible technology is not the right thing to do. In fact, although it offers 8 modes, the conversion time is very high while switching.

The LG has only two models but has very little conversion time. In addition, the main advantage of evolving technology is to turn the refrigerator into a very useful refrigerator for people who do not eat much meat and ice cream.

Opening and closing half of the refrigerator and part of the refrigerator is advantageous in terms of energy saving. Interestingly, there are no other manufacturers that offer the service of turning a freezer unit into a refrigerator.

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