What Is 3D Wash Technology In IFB Washing Machine?

3D Wash Technology In IFB Washing Machine is a revolutionary wash system. A system with dynamic water jets and showers from paddles. These paddles completely soak clothes and optimally dissolve detergent for the most complete wash.

A common infirmity with several washing machines is that you must encounter is a detergent deposit or residue. These can be easily seen on your garments after the washing and rinsing cycle.

The principal understanding is that the detergent seems not to disappear altogether in the water. Additionally, your clothes do not come out perfectly or thoroughly clean.

IFB approaches this predicament by proposing 3D wash technology. This technology utilizes a different and unique system with a vent. Moreover, the vent further distributes water through a 360-degree angle within the drum. This peculiarity guarantees that the detergent is entirely dissolved in the water. Moreover, there are no marks left on your clothing after the wash cycle.

3D Wash Technology

The 3D wash method is similar to the 2D Shower system discovered in many IFB washing machines.  Besides, you must have seen where the water enters the drum through specially placed nozzles.

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Lastly, the water circulates at 360 degrees in the drum. The only discrepancy is that the 3D Wash system has more extra nozzles. Whereby the water infiltrates the drum from three angles instead of two.

Benefits of 3D Wash Technology

Let us now discover the benefits of 3D wash technology. Some of them are labeled below.

  • This technology guarantees the comprehensive dissolving of surfactant or detergent in the water. so that the detergent residue does not adhere to the clothes.
  • As the cleanser evaporates entirely, the washing practice is accurate. Firstly, the detergent punches the clothes and separates the dirt. Then, the freshwater that retains flowing into the drum rinses off the detergent completely.

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