Water Purifier Power Consumption Calculator

Water Purifier Power Consumption is the calculated watts of the Water Purifier while working. Moreover, it depends on three major factors. These are-

  • For how long the water purifier is used in a day (approximately).
  • The technology that runs in that water purifier.
  • The size and the type of the water purifier.

A water purifier utilizes roughly 25 watts, on average. Water Purifiers are now an essential appliance that is required in every household.

Our body uses water to carry nutrients to all cells in our body, in other words, and oxygen to our brain. Moreover, Water helps the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances and also flushes out toxins and waste. 

Water Purifier Technologies

The water purifiers not only clean the water from dirt but also make remove bacteria that cause diseases like choleratyphoiddiarrhea, and cancer and make it safe. Below are the technologies that are used in the working of water purifiers.

Water Purifier Power Consumption Calculator For Your Convenience

We have provided the specific space to enter or fill in the following information.

These specifications include-

  • The rated power capacity of the water purifier
  • The average daily usage in hours
  • The electricity tariff in your area.

You can look out for the electricity tariff rate and prices in your area in our article, namely- State Wise Electricity Tariff In India 2021

Moreover, in the article mentioned above, you can easily get information about the number of units consumed by your washing machine in a day or a month.

How Does The Calculator Work?

water purifier Power Consumption

You require specific input to perform the calculation. The information about the rated power of your Water Purifier.

This information is easily available on the label pasted behind the Water Purifier. If you have ordered the Water Purifier online, then you must find these labels on the Water Purifier carton.

Alternatively, you can look out for the specifications in the manual and website consequently.

The Output Of The Calculator

On invading the above information, you will get an idea about the-

  • Daily power consumption of the water purifier. (in kWh or units)
  • Monthly power consumption in kWh.
  • Anual power consumption of your water purifier in kWh
  • The contribution in monthly electricity bill.

What Type Of Maintenance Does The RO Purifier Require?

The RO purifier comes with various filters like the UV chamber, RO membrane, UF membrane, Activated carbon filters, and sediment filters.

Furthermore, there are ingredients like mineralizers, TDS controllers, or TDS value. Also, the other pieced of machinery like valves, SMPS, pressure pumps, etc.

Now with all these filters and accessories, you need to change and maintain the filters. Not frequently, but annually. The filters of the water purifiers require to be changed after every year. However, if the TDS level of the water source is high, it might need regular cleaning of the filters as well.

Also, you can utilize the water from the RO to reduce water wastage. Moreover, with personal efforts and interest, you can carry out the different aspects of supporting the filters by yourself.

Water Purifier Power Consumption

Serial No.Parameters / Water purifierKent Supreme ExtraPureit Copper+Eureka Forbes Aquaguard SuperbKent Maxx
1.Rated Power60W60W35W36W
2.Hours of operation5555
3.Electricity Tariff7777
4.Daily units consumed0.300.30.170.18
5.Monthly units consumed995.105.40
6.Annual units consumed10810861.2064.80
7.Monthly Electricity Bill63.0063.0035.7037.80

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