Water Purifier Maintenance With Low Annual Maintainance Cost!

Water Purifiers are now an essential appliance that is required in every household. Therefore, water purifier maintenance needs to be strictly taken care of.

Our body uses water to carry nutrients to all cells in our body, in other words, and oxygen to our brain. Moreover, Water helps the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances and also flushes out toxins and waste.

Most maximum RO water purifiers come with a manufacturer warranty/ guarantee. This warranty is ordinarily possible for one year. However, it is prudent to enter into an annual maintenance cost with a certified service center to secure the survival of your RO water purifiers.

What Type Of Maintenance Does The RO Purifier Require?

The RO purifier comes with various filters like the UV chamber, RO membrane, UF membrane, Activated carbon filters, and sediment filters.

Furthermore, there are ingredients like mineralizers, TDS controllers, or TDS value. Also, the other pieced of machinery like valves, SMPS, pressure pumps, etc.

Now with all these filters and accessories, you need to change and maintain the filters. Not frequently, but annually. The filters of the water purifiers require to be changed after every year. However, if the TDS level of the water source is high, it might need regular cleaning of the filters as well.

Also, you can utilize the water from the RO to reduce water wastage. Moreover, with personal efforts and interest, you can carry out the different aspects of supporting the filters by yourself.

Sediment filters are easily replaced. Likewise, you can separate the individual filters effortlessly and clean them frequently. However, entrusting the job to an expert is the best way to carry out the water purifier maintenance.

Well, what do you think? How much does an Annual Maintenance should cost? An AMC costs around Rs 3000 to Rs 6000 per annum. The costs may vary for different brands and different areas.

AMC includes the cost of repairing the torn-out elements if any. Usually, each AMC contract involves a couple of visits by the technician to your place. Moreover, you can rely on the AMC provider.

Let us look at the Customer Care Service. Also, the information about the top brands. For instance, kent and aqua guard.

Aquaguard Customer Care

HUL Pureit Customer Care

  • Pureit National Helpline Number: 1860 210 1000 or 1860 180 1000
  • 9223200200 – West & North
  • 9230500500 – East
  • 9243100100 – South
  • email: [email protected]

Kent Customer Care

AO Smith Customer care

Livpure Customer Care

Blue Star Customer Care

  • Toll-free Customer Service Number : 1800 209 1177
  • Alternative Customer Service Number: 1860 266 6666
  • SMS facility: Send “Service” to 57575
  • Email: [email protected]

Keep The Exteriors Of The RO System Clean

Besides the internal cleaning and maintenance, it is very important that you also keep the exteriors clean.

Make sure the outside machinery, as well as the tap attached to the machine, should be regularly wiped with either a dry or a wet cloth.

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