Water Heater Thermostat – Everything You Want To Know!

Buying a Water Heater isn’t a complicated thing to do but the important features of a geyser should be checked out. For instance, Water Heater Thermostat.

Thermostats are utilized in any machine or equipment or system that heats or freezes to a setpoint temperature. For example, central heating, air conditionerswater heaters, or geyser, as well as kitchen appliances including ovens and refrigerators.

Process of Water Heating can utilize a great quantity of electricity. In such a case, the finest thing to do is to maintain the water temperature. Thermostats can empower you to arrange that. The modern-day heater comes implemented with such thermostats. These thermostats can be great replacements for Immersion rods.

Thermostat – The Concept

The engagement of the thermostat is to sustain the heat and temperature of the water at the coveted level at all times. They accomplish this purpose by discontinuing the accumulation of power on relinquishing the solicited level.

Moreover, Thermostats secure the aspired level by continually checking the temperature of the water. In case it goes below the desired level, they automatically change the power supply. Consequently, it guarantees that the water is at the aspired temperature level as long as the geyser is not turned off.

Thermostat – Location


In India, you get two options to choose from. The one where the thermostat control is visible and the other one, that is fitted from within. In the above type, you have the ability to adjust the temperature frames as needed.

The following section does not have this amenity. Such thermostats have a pre-defined set of temperatures at about 550C to 600C. These water heaters come with red and green lights that indicate if the heating process is on or off.

The Ideal Temperature For Water Heater

The ideal warmth or temperature perspective in a water furnace is around 50C. Most of the geysers obtainable in the supermarket have a series from 40C to 75C.

Your power consumption or utilization depends on the variation in temperature levels within the input water and thermostat setting.

There is the thought of working solar water heaters in succession with electric geysers as a backup option. Moreover, You need this option on murky days when the solar power will be at its lowest.

The benefit of using solar water heaters with backup electric geysers on such days is that it decreases the temperature difference between the input stream and thermostat perspective. Consequently, saving you power.

Points To Ponder

The thermostat does not fully switch off the electricity supply after the water is warmed to the wanted level. It simply suspends the supply of electricity to the device. However, when the water temperature goes below a specific level, it changes the supply thereby proceeding with the heating process.

Many people around the globe, have this habit of leaving their heaters on, believing that the thermostat will necessitate the care of the water temperature. Retain the thought of standing loss. Water deposited inside the storage vessel will dissipate heat.

BEE Star Ratings:


A star rating system shows the energy efficiency of an electrical appliance. The higher the number of stars of the product, the more efficient it is. The star rating system was devised by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India. It has a range of 1 to 5 stars.

Using star ratings is one of the easiest ways to determine and compare the energy efficiency of home appliances we need. 

We will talk about different types of star ratings like EER, ISEER and you will get to know why these ratings are important when you will buy a water heater suitable for your house.

Calculation Of BEE: 

A formula using annual energy use, constant multiplier, adjusted storage volume, and constantly fixed allowance is used to calculate the star rating for a particular air conditioner. BEE is calculated by the value of EER or ISEER. Higher EER or ISEER value refers to more BEE star rating, and it directly refers to more electricity savings with less electricity bill.

Objective Of BEE Star Ratings : 

BEE has been rolling star rating for all the air conditioner brands since 2006. Not only air conditioners, but the government has also made the star ratings mandatory for several large appliances brands to mention their BEE star rating for their product since Jan 2010. The main purpose is to spread awareness among consumers to understand energy consumption better, as well as they will get know which component is more effective.  

Precautions To Be Taken For Better Durability Of Geysers

After buying a geyser or water heater, you should always be concerned about its maintenance and durability. You should always switch off the geyser to avoid accidental cases due to overheating and must try dialing down the temperature of the water as much as possible and clean the storage tank once in a while, especially if you buy a tank geyser.

This helps in avoiding rusting. Moreover, it ensures longer life & improves efficiency. Don’t forget to inquire about the warranty which is provided by the manufacturer of the water heater. At least a minimum warranty of 2 years is provided by most of the brands.

Some brands also provide specific warranty periods for different spare parts of the water heater. It is one’s moral duty to save electricity. Geyser with power-saving systems makes it efficient.

By buying such a geyser, you can also contribute to saving electricity. Geysers also have storage tanks that store hot water. If you follow these precautions, the water heater serves for a long duration. Consequently, reducing the cost of maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Thermostat

How wattage is related to heating time?

The wattage of a geyser is directly related to the time taken for heating water. The more wattage the faster will be the heating.
For instance, a 4 K.W geyser will heat the water faster than a 2 K.W geyser. It can prevent hot water wastage; however, greater wattage will also increase the monthly electricity bill.

What are the best Water Heater Brands?

The best brand ensures quality, efficiency, and good after-sales service. From so many brands here comes the best ones- AO Smith, Havells, Crompton, Bajaj, Racold, V-Guard, and Kenstar. 
They offer geysers with a capacity of 10L-35 L. They are available on Amazon and so many online shops. Some of them provide free installation. Even if it is paid they are always better than a calling local plumber.

How you can make your geyser a smart geyser?

With home automation, you can control your geyser with a smartphone without getting up early from your bed. All you have to do is to plug the Oakter compatible geyser into the Oakter smart plug and schedule a time to turn on/off automatically.

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