Best Washing Powder For Washing Machine?

Nirma Washing Powder

You probably think of Nirma as the oldest washing powder in India, but you are not completely right! Probably, not the first one in India, but it is one of the oldest washing powders that are available in India. Moreover, it is still famous for its attractive tune which goes like, “Washing Powder Nirma, Doodh Si Safed…..Sabki Pasand Nirma.”

However, the first washing powder to be launched in India is Surf. It made its venture into the Indian market in the year 1959 and since then it has been one of the most trusted brands of washing powder.

Which Is The Best Washing Powder In India?

India is a land of ultimate diversity, thereby answering such a direct question can be tricky sometimes. You can see such a small preference difference even in families. However, India’s top leading washing powder brands are SURF and Ariel.

Under such situations, it would not be just right on our part to rate these washing powders and detergent on any scale, because the manufacturers are trying to do their best.

We might adopt a modified yardstick for you all. We are going to encounter the common issues people encounter while using washing powder.

Can I Use A Front Loader Washing Powder In A Top Load Washing Machine?

You may not find this question very interesting to understand, however, you should know the fact that different types of washing machines require a different type of washing powder.

Now, these may include many reasons. Furthermore, One of the reasons is the capacity of forming more lather. Top loader detergents have the capacity to produce more foam as compared to the front loader detergents, and this is proven.

However, Indian Typical Jugaad never runs out of fashion. Use half the quantity of soap to reduce the lather formation.

What Is The Difference Between Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergents And Front-Load Detergents?

The top-load machines require more water as compared to the front-loading machines. Therefore, the front load detergents have lesser suds to formless lather.

Whereas, the top-loading machines need more lather to perform efficiently. As a result of which, even the normal detergent works well with such machines.

The Surf Exel Matic top load detergent has more amount of suds whereas the front load detergent uses less sud, but high-efficiency formula, to enhance the washing cycle performance.

Can I Use Normal Detergent In A Front Loading Machine?

To be honest, you should avoid using the normal detergent in a front loading machines because it works differently depending upon the type of machine. The normal detergent generates more lather, which is ideal for top loading machines and not front loading machines.

The front-loading machine certainly uses less amount of water, therefore, the normal deterrent would end up resulting in a high concentration powder, damaging the clothes and machine as well. This is the reason, that you should only use high efficiency detergent powder for your front loading washing machine.

Which Is The Best Detergent For A Front Load Washing Machine?

We would highly recommend Surf Excel Matic for front load to be the best detergent that can be used in a front-loading washing machine.

The reason behind it is that this particular detergent works on a low side high-efficiency formal, which increases the performance of the washing cycle.

This helps in producing less lather. Moreover, it is perfect for use i machines that asks for less quantity of water to perform.

Which Is The Best Washing Powder For A Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

In the Indian market, you will find a variety of washing powders such as Ariel, Surf Excel, Rin, and many more, which are regularly used for cloth washing.

Out of these varieties, you will have to look out for the best washing powder according to the type of washing machine that you hold. Ariel Matic should be the best one if you are having a fully automatic washing machine.

This detergent comes up with very fine granules that penetrate deep into the fibers and clean the dirt from within your clothes. Moreover, it is designed especially for fully automatic machines.

Furthermore, Ariel Matic leaves a pleasant smell after every wash and even it feels very soft on your hands. If you have ever noticed, Surf or Rin will heat your hand while dissolving.

Which Is The Ideal Detergent For A Top Load Washing Machine?

There has always been a very tough competition for the number 1 spot in the category of being the ideal detergent for a top load washing machine. Ariel and surf excel hold the top positions. However, ariel holds the upper hand, only slightly, because of its excellent stain removal quality.

Ariel itself has grown massively as a brand and has come up with different variants of Ariel. For instance, Ariel Matic, Ariel Oxy Blue, and Ariel Oxy Blue Ultramatic, and many more.

Surf Excel is also available in the form of liquid detergent in the Indian market. However, the benefits of both the brands can be enjoyed by the washer.

One such benefit of using Ariel is that you can reduce the use of fabric softeners as it helps in keeping the fabric in best possible condition. Hence, the preferred choice is Ariel, but again, as we have said before, you can choose whatever suits your washing pattern.

What Detergent Is Suitable For Coloured And White Clothes?

Now, this is an interesting question to ponder. No doubt, Surf Excel Matic steals a march over any other brand considering the fact that is the best for colored clothes, So Far. You can enjoy benefits like complete dissolvent in water with Surf Excel. Whereas, other detergents may lack this feature. Honestly speaking, Ariel is also good in this regard.

But, when it comes to the washing of white clothes, the table turns. Bleach is a cleaning agent and Tide Detergent Powder steals the hold here because of the presence of the bleach in them.

If you have ever used Rin or Surf. they usually cause blue deposits on white clothes. Therefore, a preponderance of women prefers Tide over any other detergent for white clothes.

You will be amazed to know the fact that people living in a smaller town, near Gujrat and Maharashtra, still prefer washing with hands instead of using a washing machine. Moreover, they use Nirma washing powder as the preferred washing powder.

Which Is The Right Choice Of Detergent For Washing Baby Clothes?

Babies’ clothes and belongings should be properly taken care of. They have tender skin. Therefore, you need a gentle washing powder to wash baby clothes.

There are many washing powder brands that claim to be the best with baby cloth cashing, but you can’t risk your child’s health with any of them without getting 100% assured.

One of the best washing detergent is Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent. It is easily available online and works wonders for washing baby clothes. You can not get a gentler washing agent than this detergent.


We have thereby provided you with the variety of washing powders and detergents that are available in the Indian Market. Currently, Surf Exel holds the top place in the Indian Market with Ariel a step behind.

The other washing powders like Fena, Rin, Nirma, etc are not used vividly. The reason may be that it lags behind in popularity.

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What is the difference between detergent and washing powder?

Detergents work on the face and are usually made of petroleum chemicals while washing powders are powder detergents used for washing clothes. Even in ancient times, chemical additives were used for cleaning.

Is washing powder better than liquid?

Is powder or liquid laundry detergent better in hard water? The water purifier works best to achieve complete cleanliness in untreated water. You can still use powder detergent with hard water, but it will require the use of a lot of detergents to keep it clean.

How much washing powder should I use?

It is recommended that approximately 110ml of flour be suitable for one washing machine. Adding an extra 100ml of flour is recommended, if your clothes are very dirty, or if you plan to use a pre-wash setting on your washing machine.

What happens if you use too much washing powder?

Applying too much detergent to the pre-loading washer makes the washer harder to remove more suds, making malfunction easier. These suds can also block the washer discharge system, damaging its drainage capacity and leaving other suds behind.

Where do you put washing powder?

How to properly load soap into your washing machine
For best results, be sure to apply a detergent and lubricant to the appropriate parts of your cleaning drawer.
Powder detergent falls into the largest section of the drawer, usually on the left.

What happens if you put washing powder in the drum?

If you always put your washing powder in your washing machine cabinet, you will be blowing your mind. Instead, he emphasizes that applying a washing powder directly to the container and your clothes will give you a good foam wash.

Is washing powder necessary?

A washing machine works to help break down and remove dirt from your clothes. You do not need a lot of cleaning supplies to keep your clothes clean, but some are needed to get rid of dirt or oil. This is just assuming you will wash your clothes with pure water.

What are the side effects of washing powder?

A few signs of washing poison are:
Skin irritation.
Necrosis on the skin or skin.
Respiratory problems.
Swelling of the throat.
Low blood pressure.
Loss of vision.
Hot sensation of eyes, nose, lips, ears, tongue.

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