Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator

Washing Machine power consumption is the calculated watts of the washing machine while working. Moreover, it depends on three major factors. These are-

  1. The electric motor’s wattage that helps in spinning the wash drum.
  2. The heating device that maintain the water temperature inside the wash drum.
  3. Lastly, the size and type of the washig machine.

Apart from these important factors, other side components like valves, pumps, digital control panels. They consume a little bit of energy only. We will discuss these factors briefly.

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Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator For Your Convenience

Washing Machine Power Consumption

We have provided the specific space to enter or fill in the following information.

These specifications include-

  • The rated power capacity of the washing machine
  • The average daily usage in hours
  • The electricity tariff in your area.

You can look out for the electricity tariff rate and prices in your area in our article, namely- State Wise Electricity Tariff In India 2021

Moreover, in the article mentioned above, you can easily get information about the number of units consumed by your washing machine in a day or a month.

How Does The Calculator Work?

Washing Machine Power Consumption

You require specific input to perform the calculation. The information about the rated power of your washing machine.

This information is easily available on the label pasted behind the washing machine. If you have ordered the washing machine online, then you must find these labels on the machine carton.

Alternatively, you can look out for the specifications in the manual and website consequently.

The rated power of your washing machine – You get this information on the sticker pasted behind the washing machine. The details are also available on the washing machine carton when you purchase the machine. Alternatively, you can go through the specifications in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Control Console‎Fully Automatic
Access Location‎Front Load
Wattage930 Watts
Door Material‎Plastic
Certification‎Energy Star
Material‎Stainless steel
Included Components‎Drain Hose; Protective Rat Mesh; User Manual; Water Inlet Pipe;1 Washing Machine
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Manufacturer‎IFB Industries Ltd.

The Output Of The Calculator

On invading the above information, you will get an idea about the-

  • Daily power consumption of the washing machine. (in kWh or units)
  • Monthly power consumption in kWh
  • Anual power consumption of your washing machine in kWh
  • The contribution in monthly electricity bill.

How Can We Detect Electrical Faults In Appliances?

Electrical fault finding is not an easy job and requires skills. However, you can at least start identifying the electrical faults and try to resolve them or ask for professional help is better than any disaster.

Every appliance in our home runs on electricity. Therefore, electricity plays a crucial role in any household or work or industry,

Therefore, you should check for the proper electricity supply. If it is still working properly and appropriately. Here is the comparison of the four washing machines from the top brands in India.

ParametersIFB 8.0 Kg 5-Star Front-loading Senator WXS with an inbuilt heaterLG 6.0 Kg 5-Star Front-Loading Inverter FHM1006ADWLG 7.0 Kg 5-Star Top-Loading Inverter T70SPSF2ZWhirlpool 7.5 Kg Non-inverter Whitemagic Royal Plus 7.5
0.089 kWh/Kg/cycle0.077 kWh/Kg/cycle0.0109 kWh/Kg/cycleNil
No of cycles3333
Rated Power of the machine (Watts)Approx. 2100 WApprox. 1400 WApprox. 230 WattsNil
The daily average usage in minutes30303030
Electricity Tariff7777
Daily average power consumption (units)1.050.700.120.18
Monthly average power consumption (units)31.50
Annual average power consumption (units)37825243.2064.80
Monthly electricity bill Rs220.50147.0025.2037.80

Advantages Of Front Load Washing Machine

  • Front load washing machines have a very high attraction qoutient as they feature glass doors. Moreover, they have chrome accents.
  • These machines have comparatively larger capacity when compared with top load machine. Furthermore, they allow you to wash clothes comfortably and without any difficulty.
  • These machines lacks agitators or impellers, that are usually present in the was tub. Thereby, leaving you with a great space. These space are very much helpful while washing big cloth materials like comforters and other bulky clothing.
  • Helps in giving you a comparetively gentler washing actions.
  • Thee space on the top of the machine is enough for you to stack the dryer.
  • The machine is compact in size and saves you a lot of space in your home.

Advantages Of Top Load Machine

  • At a convenient height, the top-loading machines eliminate the need to bend down to load and unload clothing. 
  • The height factor removes the need for capital to be spent on the purchase of costly bases to position these devices. 
  • You do not encounter any kind of unpleasant or unwanted odors like mold and mildew in these top-loading machines.
  • Cost-wise, they are significantly cheaper than the front-loading units.
  • One of the main attributes of top-loading machines is that, compared to conventional semi-automatic top-loading machines use less water and electricity.

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