Vacuum Cleaner Power Consumption Calculator

Vacuum Cleaner Power Consumption is the calculated watts of the vacuum cleaner while working. With the world developing so much, vacuum cleaners have become an important part of living.

Besides, they are handy, they also consume more power.

We have provided the specific space to enter or fill in the following information.

These specifications include-

  • The rated power capacity of the Vacuum Cleaner
  • The average daily usage in hours
  • The electricity tariff in your area.

You can look out for the electricity tariff rate and prices in your area in our article, namely- State Wise Electricity Tariff In India 2021

Moreover, in the article mentioned above, you can easily get information about the number of units consumed by your vacuum cleaner in a day or a month.

Basically, this calculator helps you in providing instant information regarding power consumption. Also, you can calculate the average monthly and yearly power consumption. You also get an estimate of the contribution of vacuum cleaner to your monthly electricity bill.

The Input For The Calculator

All you need for the calculation are 3 simple pieces of information. These are-

  • Rated power of the vacuum cleaner. This information is easily available on the label pasted behind the Vacuum cleaner. If you have ordered the Vacuum cleaner online, then you must find these labels on the machine carton.
  • The average daily usage time in hours. It helps in calculating the estimated usage time of the appliance.
  • The electricity Tariff of your state.

The Real Time-Basis Results Of The Calculator

Here is the power consumption calculator of four popular vacuum cleaner brands.

Parameters/Vacuum Cleaner brandsEureka Forbes Quick Clean DXPhilips PowerPro FC9352/01Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord-FreeKent Force Cyclonic
Rated-power in Watts1200160065 watt-hours2000
Average daily usage
in hours
Electricity tariff in Rs7777
Daily power consumption in units0.60.80.031
Monthly consumption in units18240.9030
Annual consumption in units21628810.80360
Monthly electricity bill component1261686.30210

Inventor Of Vacuum Cleaner

Hubert Cecil Booth is the inventor of the original vacuum cleaner. He was an English engineer famously known today for having invented one of the first powered vacuum cleaners.

Hubert Cecil Booth
Hubert Cecil Booth

Vacuum Cleaner Importance

Vacuum Cleaner Importance

Effective Cleaning

As they have a strong suction motor that gives you a great dusting experience, the vacuum cleaner can help with efficient cleaning. In a few seconds, all the dust is eliminated, so you can rely on vacuuming to clean a specific area with the use of a microfiber cloth.

Safer Environment 

Living in a room full of dust can cause health problems in several ways. Itching in the eyes is the very first problem, and after that, you may find a problem with breathing, lower heartbeat, and anxiety due to lower oxygen during inhalation. A vacuum cleaner can sweep up the dust and provide you with a healthy living atmosphere.


The basic problem of falling hair is for individuals who own a dog or cat. Everyone knows a problem can be caused by those hairs. The same applies to most pets because you can not go anywhere in cleaning if you try to clean the house with a cloth or some other tool because it is an inefficient method. The vacuum cleaner helps you to easily get the job done.

How Do You Save Power When Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

Your vacuum cleaner’s power consumption is directly proportional to its suction power. More the suction more will be the power consumption.

Make sure to clean the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. If the bag is full of dust and particles, it will affect the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Thereby, consuming more power.

If you maintain your vacuum cleaner with care and intelligence, it will last longer and will consume less energy.

How To Remove Dust Bag From Vacuum Cleaner

The removal of dust bags from the vacuum cleaner depends on the type of settings and the type of dust collector it has.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. These are-

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stick Vacuum cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum cleaner

There are some points to keep in mind while cleaning the Dust Bag From Vacuum Cleaner.

  1. Clean the dust collector thoroughly. Before you tend to pull out the bag from the vacuum cleaner, you should disconnect it from the switch.
  2. Take out the dust bag and collect the dust in some disposable bag. It becomes easy to throw.
  3. The clogged filters will eventually result in engine failure.
  4. Always keep an eye on the indicator. The occupancy indicator gives the signal that the dust should be removed.
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