Under Sink RO Water Purifiers For Your Family

Are you looking for the best suitable Under Sink RO Water Purifier for your kitchen? Well, before that, you should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Under Sink RO.

Water Purifiers are now an essential appliance that is required in every household. Our body carries nutrients to the cells in our body. Water helps in carrying these nutrients from parts to organs. Moreover, water helps in absorbing and assimilating minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances and also flushes out toxins and waste. 

Consequently, you can also detect the presence of metals like lead and mercury. These can be really dangerous. Heavy metals are an addition to the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

However, there are numerous kinds of water purifiers that are available in the market. But, under the sink type of water purifiers are slowly expanding in popularity.

Actually, the real reason for its popularity is that it takes up very little space. For like, nowadays, people and their family are getting smaller. These are under sink RO save a lot of space. Therefore, many people seem to be opting for this kind of filter for their homes and family.

Under Sink RO Water Purifier – Buying Guide

Well, before you go to buy the best “under the sink” for your home, you should look at these simple points mentioned below.

Easy Installation

Just like any other water purifier in the market, these under the sink RO are also easy to install. Surprisingly, there are many brands that provide free installments.

Easy On Budget

The ‘under the sink’ water purifiers or water filters are not a weight on your pocket. They are budget-friendly and the upkeep front is also easy to maintain.

Easy Maintenance

Once you purchase it, there is no looking back. Under the sink, RO doesn’t require much maintenance. Moreover, you just need to get the filters replaced every year.

Space Conscious

The Kitchen is shrinking with modern-day India. Under sink RO water purifiers render the best option as they are placed below the kitchen sink without taking up much of a space.

Good Quality Models

While talking about Under Sink RO, Kent and AO Smith are the top companies. They provide the best models of the under the sink RO in India. Moreover, they are leading the market at present.

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Types of Under The Sink Water Purifiers

“Under the Sink” Water purifiers are available in two types. The first one is the inline filter and the other one is the regular water filter. Now let us compare these two types of water purifiers for better understanding.

Actually, there are not much of a difference when we compare the types of filter. The inline filters are fitted inline in the water source line. However, regular filters are placed differently on the waterline. For regular filters, the mainline is split using a connector. The connector is T in shape. Furthermore, a separate filter tap is installed.

Among these, the inline filters are difficult to install. Besides this, they really help in providing safe water for your family. Even the tap water is filtered as it flows. However, regular filters need another tap to the filter alone.

Therefore, you will be having two separate taps in your kitchen. But the installment is really easy. Some modern designs have multiple cartridges. Also, the regular filters are generally multi-stage filters.

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Disadvantages Of the Under the Sink Water Filters

It is really important for the users or buyers to know about the advantages and disadvantages of ay appliance before they buy it. At least, this is what I assume. Down below are some of the disadvantages of Under sink RO, that will help you in buying the best for you.

Just like any other water filters, they are frequently installed at a single point of use in the kitchen. Therefore, these filters purify the water alone at the outlet. You can install a complete house filter if you want all the outlets to provide filtered water.

Coming to talk about the other disadvantage, it is that it needs to install a different tap for using these filters. You can look at the technical specifications of the under sink RO, before you actually buy it.

technical specification of under sink RO

Lets us have a look at the working of the Under The Sink Water Purifier.

working of under sink RO

Have a look at the Purification process of the Under-sink RO


Some Features Of Under The Sink Water Purifiers

Dry Run Protection

Stops the filtration process if there is no/low water supply

Environment Quotient

Made from ABS food-grade recyclable virgin plastic material

Direct to Vessel

The convenience of storing water in your ceramic pot, copper pot, etc.

  • Elegant and rotatable corrosion resistant faucet
  • Strong performance 6000 L life
  • Multi stage purification
  • India’s Most Trusted Certification
  • Pneumatic Pressure Tank for enhanced storage


Under The Sink, Water Purifiers or Water Filters are a knickknack in the present Indian Market. Also, it is expanding gradually. The reason for its popularity is that it has many advantages. The most distinguished advantage is that it is space conscious.

Moreover, it doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. Just the changing of the filters yearly. These types of filters reduce the risk of contamination in the kitchen.

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