Uf Water Filter– Advantages And Disadvantages Explained!

The UF Water Filter shares the same process as Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers, but UF filters use pores with large membranes.

The UF water purifiers are capable of killing all the viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms from the water.

UF (Ultrafiltration) certainly doesn’t require electricity to function.

It is an advanced form of filter and eliminates even the smallest impurities from the drinking water. However, it lacks in removing the dissolved salt.

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Uf water purifiers use nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water.

Moreover, it has a Long-life membrane expected to last upto 4000 Litre.

These filters are ideal for the purification of water from most sources preferably low TDS water.

Advantages Of The Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

Non Electric & Chemical Free Purification

These purifiers don’t demand any electricity or power to operate. It works with normal pipe pressure.

Certainly, UF technology is based on Gravity Water Purifier. Thus, making you less worry even during a power outage.

It does not use any chemicals including chlorine, bromine or iodine to purify water, thereby ensuring 100 % safe and healthy drinking water.

High Storage Capacity

These filters come with 20 litres of storage capacity out of which 7 litres is available in the top tank for unfiltered water and 13 litres in the bottom tank for purified water.

Smart Design

Aesthetically designed as a table-top, it comes with a high-base stand allowing you to easily fill the glass without placing the purifier on the edge of a table/slab.

Kills and Removes Pollutants From The Water

The Ultraviolet Water Purifiers has a hollow fibre UF membrane with 0.1 microns that protects bacteria or cysts to pass through and get into purified water.

Not just this, unlike UV water purifiers, it removes the body remains from in the water.

So, the UF Water Purifiers are Better than the UV Water Filter.

Can Purify Even The Dirty Muddy Water

You will surely need a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier in case of high TDS levels of the water.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Purifiers are gravity based water purifier that utilises ultrafiltration technology to reduce bacteria in water, making it safe for drinking purposes.

Fail Safe

The filters of the UF water purifier never fail to impress you.

The membranes of these filters are very sturdy, thereby providing you with purified water every time you use it.

Sometimes, the flow can get obstruct, but don’t worry. It can be cleaned anytime to restore the flow of water.

Process Of Purity In UF Water Filter

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Saltwater is turned into freshwater simply by passing through a natural membrane-like wall in the earth.

The purifier being non-electric it is low on running cost and works well in households that have long power-cuts, thus your water purification need is not dependent on electricity.

It gives an optimal result and is effective in controlling bacteria and other microorganisms and ensure you with clean water.

Disadvantages Of The Ultrafiltration Water Filter

The Uf water purifies does not give you a lot of trouble, but it lacks in removing the salts that are dissolved in the water.

Only the RO Water purifiers are competent enough to remove the heavy metals and even the dissolved salt from the water.

These filters don’t remove the viruses from the water.

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What Is UF In Water Filter

UF in water purifier stands for Ultrafiltration. It is a type of membrane filtration which includes hydrostatic pressure.

This pressure then forces the liquid against the semipermeable membrane.


While using the UF water purifiers, you have to make sure that the TDS level of the water is not bad. That is, it should be free from toxic elements and metals.

If anytime you are worried about the TDS level of the water, then it’s better you opt from RO Water Purifier.

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