Types of Water- What Are The Types Of Water

It is very crucial to understand the types of water available to us and their uses. Water is one of the main reasons for survival for humans and animals. Moreover, the reason for civilization.

We can not survive without water. In fact, our body has 70% water content. However, much of it is lost through urine and sweat.

It is very important for the human body to stay hydrated. That is to say, Hydration is an important way for humans flourishment.

But, do you know that there are different types of drinking water? Also, Water is classified on the basis of its composition, consistency, treatment, and origin.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 different types of water and the purpose they serve.

Types Of Water And Their Properties

It is important to know that Two glasses of water are never created equal. In other words, some water is more or less beneficial to one’s health than others.

Spring water, Sparkling Water, Mineral water- These are some common terms that we regularly come across. However, you might get confused between them.

Here are the types of water with their purposes.

Tap Water

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Tap water gets its supply from faucets and can be found anywhere.

This water from the faucets then meets the local municipal standards, making it ideal for your household use.

However, even after being regulated for safety, it is not sanitized completely. Thereby not making it fully safe to consume. Even with the regulation, 50% of tapwater fails to meet the safety standards.

With water pollution growing at a pace, freshwater supplies are becoming contaminated. Consequently, making the water supplies toxic and full of harmful heavy chemicals.

Mineral Water

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Mineral water, as the name suggests, is rich in minerals. For instance- calcium, magnesium, and manganese.

You must be wondering, what nature’s magic makes mineral water. The water is pulled from the mineral spring and leaves no space for manufacturers to add extra minerals.

It is recognized to be healthy water to drink as it has some health benefits. However, leaves you with a distinctive taste, mostly salty.

If you want quick access to this healthy water, you can install the best water purifiers for your home to save money.

Distilled Water

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Mostly known as demineralized water, it is obtained after a treatment process.

This process removes the minerals and salts from the water. Accompanied by the process of Osmosis and Distillation.

Being the purest form of water, it is not advisable for the purpose of drinking, because it has a pH level of 5 to 7.

Moreover, it can cause mineral deficiency. To clarify, cause a rapid loss of sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium/

Sparkling Water

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Not everyone must be aware of sparkling water. Also known as Carbonated water or soda water, it goes under various processes.

However, it is not beneficial for health because it is made by adding carbon dioxide (CO2).

This type of water is mostly served in restaurants and bars. The sparkling water can be spring water, purified water, or mineral water depends upon the process of carbonation.

Carbonation makes it fizzy, just like Sodas.

Alkaline Water

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The acidic or alkaline nature of any substance is determined by its pH number.

Water for drinking should have a pH level of 7. Whereas, the pH level of alkaline water is considerably higher than tap water or mineral water.

Alkaline water helps in neutralizing the acid in the body. This type of water has alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

As a result, making this water act as an antioxidant.

alkaline water must also have alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The more negative the ORP value, the greater the water’s ability to act as an antioxidant.

pH Level

The pH level actually helps in determining how acidic and alkaline a substance is.

The number on the pH scale rank from 0 to 14, 0 being highly acidic and 14 being very alkaline.

The alkaline water usually has a pH of 8 or 9, which is higher than the standard drinking water.

Properties Of Water

Water is polar. 

Water molecules are polar in nature. That is to say, it has partial positive charges on the hydrogens, a partial negative charge on the oxygen.

It has a partial and a bent overall structure because oxygen is more electronegative.

Water is a universal solvent.

Because of its ability to dissolve many polar and ionic substances, water is a universal solvent.

Therefore, Water is important for surviving and living.

Water has high heat capacity.

Water helps generously with regulating the temperature in the environment. The heat capacity of water is really high.

To raise the temperature of some fixed amount of water by a degree takes up a lot of energy. This property allows the temperature relatively constant from day to night. For instance, the temperature of the water in a pond remains constant, regardless of the atmospheric temperature.

Water has high heat of vaporization.

By vaporization, means, the conversion of liquid into steam by the effect of heat.

Water has a high heat of vaporization. The most common example is the vaporization of sweat. Since sweat mostly contains water and salt, while evaporating, it provides a sense of cooling.

This is known as evaporative cooling.

Water has cohesive and adhesive properties.

Let’s get a little scientific here. The water molecules have strong cohesive and adhesive forces.

The cohesive forces are responsible for surface tension. whereas, The adhesive forces are responsible to stick the substances other than themselves.

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