Types Of Mixer Grinder Blades And Their Uses

Mixer grinders come with a minimum set of blades. The Mixer Grinder Blades include a wet grinding blade, dry grinding blade, chutney grinding, and mincing blade.

Moreover, the different process requires different blades. These blades are unique in purpose.

Some mixer grinder blades are fitted inside the jar whereas some are present in loose attachments.

Let’s discuss the different types of mixer grinder blades that are available in the market along with their uses.

Mixer Grinder Blades

Types Of Mixer Grinder Blade

Dry Grinding Blade

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Dry grinding blades generally have blunt edges. The blunt edges help in grinding better and minutely.

These blades come into use for grinding dry spices. Moreover, helps in making masala powder.

Furthermore, these blades are magnificent for grinding red chilies, turmeric, clove, cinnamon, and whatnot.

Apart from spices, you can also grind coffee beans to get freshly churned coffee powder.

Another amazing use of this dry grinding blade is that it can help in granulating rice into rice powder. Thus leaving you with enough space for creativity while cooking.

Likewise, you can pound sugar into fine sugar powder.

These blade helps you enormously in preparing masala powder at the moment. Thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy the freshly made masala powder.

Pounding Blade

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The pounding blade is a variant of a dry grinding blade.

These blades have thick edges and are blunt. The bluntness of the blade helps in delivering the best pounding effect.

These blades help you in grinding dry masala powder just like our grandma used to do. They give the same effect as the grinding stone.

The pounding blades ensure authentic texture and taste for the dry masala powder.

Generally, these blades are found in smaller jars. However, there are some manufacturers that offer loose attachments that can be even paired in the big jars.

Wet Grinding Blade

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The wet grinding blades ordinally happens to come with four arms. The blades come with sharp edges.

These blades are generally found in the larger jars with a capacity of 1L or more

As the name suggests, these blades are helpful for wet grinding constancies. For instance, to prepare batter for idly, dosa, vadas, etc.

Furthermore, these blades are even used to crush the soaked lentils such as grams and other pulses to prepare recipes.

These blades help in grinding onions and tomatoes to prepare gravy or paste for your favorite vegetable.

To work better, you have to make sure that you are using sufficient water to get the desired consistency.

Whipping Blade

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Whipping Blade is not particularly a type of blade but it’s a kind of attachment.

This attachment helps in whipping the butter from milk and whip cream for cake and pastry.

These blades have holes that allow peculiar circulation of the fluid inside the jar.

Generally, the whipping blades are not available with the mixer grinder, but they are available as attachments.

These blades are used in large jars and can be helpful in making milkshakes, lassis, smoothies, and fruit juice.

Mincing Blade

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Mincing blades have sharp edges and help in chopping vegetables.

Actually, Mincing is a technique that we use in food preparation. It helps in dividing the food ingredient into uniform pieces.

Minced food is generally smaller than diced or chopped food.

These blades help in chopping vegetables like cucumber, cashew nuts, and dry fruits.

Mincing blades are strong enough to cut up the meat into smaller pieces for making great dishes.

Also, you can use these blades for crushing ice.

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According to your preferences and grinding requirements, You can choose your ideal Mixer Grinder.

It is better to check the availability of the various kind of blades to cater to your needs. There are different types of blades according to the requirement.

Types Of Mixer Grinder Blade

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