Different Types Of Kitchen Chimney For Your Home

No doubt, Kitchen chimneys are the most important part of a modern home kitchen. But do you know about the types of kitchen chimney that are available in the market?

Worry not! You have landed on the right page. There are literally a dozen types of chimneys that can sway your mind away.

We are here to help you find the Best kitchen chimney for your home. Indian cooking spins a lot around frying, which causes the oil to splatter. Furthermore, it adds to the masala aroma in the kitchen causing sneeze and choking.

To prevent this mess, the chimneys in the kitchen can be your best friend. It absorbs excess smoke, soot, and food odors from settling in the kitchen. 

Let’s talk about the types of kitchen chimney that are readily available in the market.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney

We are going to be discussing the 10 Types of kitchen chimneys that you can opt for in your home.

1. Wall Mounted Chimney 

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The wall-mounted chimney is the most well-known kind of chimney you run over anyplace on the planet. Kitchens in India as a rule have their foundation fabricated adjoining the walls.

Thus, the wall-mounted stack is extremely famous in India. Generally, these chimneys need conduits to deliver the smoke to the outside. Be that as it may, you have the ductless assortment too in such kinds of fireplaces.

The stacks channel and filter the air and deliver it again into the kitchen. Ordinarily, you don’t have cupboards to oblige such smokestacks. You have a variation of the divider mounted fireplaces known as the island stacks. 

2. Straight line Chimney 

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Numerous Indian kitchens face space limitations. Under such conditions, you probably won’t have the option to introduce the divider-mounted stacks. The straight line chimneys can act as the hero.

They expand mostly over the cooking range. Notwithstanding sucking up smoke straightforwardly from the cooktop, they have amazing attractions closures to suck the smoke from different pieces of the kitchen also.

The upside of utilizing this smokestack is that it gives you extra overhead space to store your kitchen things. 

3. Auto Clean Chimney

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Chimneys require normal cleaning to eliminate the residue and grime. Indians love hot food that contains bunches of oil. Subsequently, you locate the sleek particles adhering to the filters.

That can influence the working of the stack. You have the alternative to clean the chimney at traditional stretches.

This may require destroying the filters and cleaning them altogether. On the other hand, you have the alternative of going for a smokestack with an auto-cleaning highlight.

Such stacks have a store that you have to load up with around 500 ml of water. In the wake of utilizing the chimneys for a long time, you need to press the “auto clean button”.

This will make the water clean down the oil and make the chimney work proficiently like previously.

4. Ducting Chimney

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This type of chimney has a duct or extracting path. The clean sucks the air from the kitchen and sends that to the filter.

The filtration process absorbs the grime and oil from the smoke and then releases it outside through PVC.

5. Ductless Chimney

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Ductless Chimney does not have any duct instead it uses a fan or blower and charcoal filters.

The air is sucked through the blower, during which the charcoal filters absorb smoke and fumes. The air then passes through the blower and is released to the clean air into the kitchen.

6. Island Chimney

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Island Chimneys are styling and available in western design. You can also fix these chimneys exactly above your stove, ensure that it exactly hangs above it.

This will suck all fumes and smoke and will send that to the evacuation pipe. However, you may require enough height of your ceiling to install this type of Kitchen Chimney.

It requires a significant height from the stove (discussed later) and also for its evacuation process. You also will have to hire some professionals to install this type of chimney in your kitchen.

7. Corner Chimney

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Corner Chimney is a stylish home appliance. Whenever using a stove, you can use this chimney by driving it over the stove.

After you finish cooking, you can retract it back to its place. Some of the corner chimneys have a push button to adjust it back to the corner, some are manual.

These chimneys are highly adjustable and consume less space in your kitchen. However, some of the consumers doubt its efficiency.

8. Curved Glass Chimney

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The best thing about the curved glass kitchen chimney is that it is less noisy. These chimneys consist of two units; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

Another best thing about this product is that it is available in different styles and designs. You can use it in your kitchen of any size; either small or large.

The curve in the chimney provides addiction coverage and suction power. If you or your kids love fried items, you must go for curved glass chimneys.

It also has a light feature, with which you can enhance the brightness while cooking.

9. Angular Chimney

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Kitchens are always full of smoke and grease. That is why it is essential to use the chimneys most suitable to control smoke, oil, and grease.

If you are also searching for such kitchen chimneys, use the angular ones. Angular chimneys are available in different styles and designs.

You can choose any design as per your interior and kitchen size. Its suction power and higher extraction efficiency make it most suitable amongst all.

10. Box Type Chimney

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If you are a little style-conscious and searching for something extraordinary, try a box-type chimney. Such chimneys are also called ceiling-mounted cook hoods, which require significant space in your kitchen.

It is constructed with stylish and dirt-resistant steel and glass items. In this way, the cleaning of the chimney does not remain an issue for you.

It also contains amazing features like a touch digital system and LED light. With such controls, you can enjoy cooking in a bright and amazing atmosphere.

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Hope you have got a better idea about the types of chimneys for the kitchen.

Before buying the best chimney, don’t forget to look at other features as well.

Have a happy shopping!

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