9 Types of Gas Stoves Based on Their Shape And Size

Gas burners have become a major part of our lives. Whether it is a light snack or a complete meal, there is no better choice of gas stove available around.

Microwave food is often dark and tasteless while gas stoves provide better heating and control while cooking food.

Today, different types of stoves are available, one of which is a gas stove. The gas stove also has a variety of options to choose from according to your needs and preferences.

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The gas stove itself is a machine used by people for cooking. The heat from this gas stove comes from a flame-producing gas cylinder, so you can cook a variety of foods using this gas stove.

Since the conversion of kerosene into gas is carried out by the government, almost every household now uses a gas stove.

Most people now realize that cooking on a gas stove is quick and efficient. But also do not forget to do regular maintenance on the stove and other parts, including the gas cylinders that will be used.

Typically, people usually use a gas stove with one or two burners. Here are a few types of gas stoves explained in a complete way to make you understand what to choose while buying according to your needs.

Gas Burners make up the bulk of our gas stove as they provide a heating element and help provide flame to burn food. There are usually 9 Types of Gas Stoves that we will discuss below and their uses and benefits. Read once.

1. Hybrid Gas Stove

Types of Gas Stoves

The first type of gas stove is a hybrid gas stove, also called a gas-fired stove. This stove uses a combination of gas and oxygen.

In addition, this gas stove has an additional feature of switching to electricity such as gasoline when the gas runs out. This is beneficial because you do not have to worry about cooking but the gas runs out, so you can continue cooking using electricity.

2. Commercial Gas Stove

Commercial Gas Stove

Commercial gas stoves are made of metal, so this stove is very powerful. Many of these types of stoves have only one stove, with a large heat exchanger. Although it has only one stove, the fire generated by this stove is very large.

This commercial gas stove is widely used in businesses such as catering, small shops, and trailers. In terms of price, these commercial gas stoves are also very affordable to own.

3. Gas Cooktop

Types of Gas Stoves

This type of gas stove is a permanent fixture in the kitchen, so these machines are difficult to move. One of the benefits of this cooking gas stove is that it offers a sense of comfort and beauty to the eyes.

This gas stove is also very easy to clean. These appliances can be installed in a small kitchen or in a large kitchen.

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4. Freestanding Gas Stove

Freestanding Gas Stove

Many people choose this gas stove because the stove already has a bottom oven so that when you use the stove you can also bake cakes in the oven below. This type of stove can be said to work very well.

In addition, this stove also saves space, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your kitchen if you want to buy these appliances. Typically, this Freestanding Gas Stove is equipped with four to six burners.

5. Portable Gas Stove

Portable Gas Stove

For those who like to camp, this portable gas stove is ready to assist you with your cooking needs. This portable gas stove can be run on gasoline from Butane or LPG gas.

It is suitable to be placed as a stove in the kitchen or stove to do outdoor activities, such as camping. This portable gas stove is lightweight and lightweight, making it extremely comfortable to carry anywhere.

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6. 4-Burner Gas Stove

Types of Gas Stoves

Many people choose this 4 gas stove because having 4 burners means the cooking process can be much faster. The best type of 4-burner gas stove is Prestige Gas Stove, where this gas stove performs a quick-cooking process and does not produce any smoke. Besides, this gas stove does not create a gas odor even though it cooks at high temperatures.

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7. 3-Burner Gas Stove

Types of Gas Stoves

3 Burner gas stoves have 3 cooking stoves. It is available in a variety of types and products on the market. This gas stove consists of two large stoves, as well as one small container as an addition.

Cooking using this stove is also still classified as efficient and effective.

8. 2-Burner Gas Stove

Types of Gas Stoves

The next type of gas stove is a 2-burner gas stove, this gas stove has one machine on the right and one on the left. The sizes of the two burners are the same.

By using this gas stove, you can cook two meals at the same time. 2 gas hot stoves are also very common in homes and are usually owned by everyone.

9. 1-Burner Gas Stove

Types of Gas Stoves

As the name implies, this gas stove has only one furnace used for cooking. For information, this 1 non-gas stove has also been provided free of charge by the government to all households, to support the process of converting paraffin into gas.

However, that was the explanation for the types of gas stoves based on their design. If you are interested, you can choose one of them according to your needs and desires, to make your cooking time in the kitchen more enjoyable.


Gas burners are available in a variety of styles and are used according to the user’s needs. Some may choose a Hybrid Gas Stove as that has long been used while some may choose Freestanding Gas Stove or many may choose a new generation of electric induction cooktops.

We hope you have found out more about the Types of Gas Stoves and their uses and the benefits of this post.

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