TV Picture engine (X Reality Pro, Tripe XD, Hyper Real, 4K Fine Remaster)

The market of technology has become very competitive today as new and modern technologies are inventing day by day. Every brand launches its best technologies to survive in the market place. There is not much difference between the various brands of the best TVs available in the market. Each of the brands is unique in its own way and every brand is vying for excellence.

There is a continuous competition going on among every individual brand to perform outstanding than the others. This is where the picture engine concept comes into limelight.

You must know that the higher the resolution of the images, the performance of the TV will be better. So you may be confused about what role the picture engine plays in this regard.

In order to specify this role, you have to get a clear understanding of the concept of the picture engine. As well as, we will also look at the different types of pictures engines patronized by each of the top TV brands.

What is the concept of the picture engine?

According to the definition, a picture engine is an image processing engine which is also known as a media processor. You will notice this digital signal processor in digital cameras, mobile phones, TVs and other similar electric technical devices. The main job of the picture engines is to increase the pixel count along with ensuring crisper and clearer pictures.

Different types of picture engines:

picture engine in tv

The role of the picture engine does not change at all by the variations of TV brands. That means it really does not matter whether the TV brand is a Sony ,LG or Samsung. The fundamental function of the picture engine is the same but on the other hand,  you may find some minor adjustments made by each TV manufacturer to make an individuality. This process enables them to claim that they are a better brand in comparison to other brands in the market. Though in reality, there is not much difference among the brands. 

Let’s see the types of pictures engines that are used in the TV

X Reality Pro Engine: The engine is a Sony product which is capable of scaling up each pixel intelligently, this X Reality Pro picture engine provides the assuriety of unmatched clarity. This picture engine features important details to the images like vibrancy, lustre, texture, and missing colours.

Triple XD Engine: This specific engine is introduced by LG that works on three important parameters. The parameters in are-contrast, colour, and noise. This engine increases picture quality by enhancing the brightness, black levels and altering the colour tones. Moreover, this engine has analogue and MPEG noise reduction algorithms.

3D HyperReal Engine: When LG and Sony have individual picture engines of their own, why will Samsung lag behind? This 3D HyperReal Engine is a Samsung introduced product which provides high-quality pictures with amazing depths coupled with bewitching colours. The engine governs colours, motion and contrast to the highest levels of efficiency easily.

4K Fine Remaster Engine: 4K TVs along with 4K broadcasting sources are very common and famous to many countries. Though you may have these 4K TVs, but may not have actual 4K content to watch them. This problem calls for scaling up the content every time. When you do so, it can be because of a grainy output that can look blurred and the issue is serious. For helping customers to get rid of this problem, Panasonic has introduced their 4K Fine Remaster Engine.  


We have provided you with a clear picture of the concept of a TV picture engine. They play a great role in increasing the quality of the images displayed on the TV. The four engines that are discussed above are not much different from each other. So, we hope there is no point of confusions after exploring this article. 

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