Triple Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC – What’s the Difference?

The use of inverter technology in air conditioner compressors is nothing new. It has been used for many years to improve conventional compressors because it saves energy while making less noise. Today, almost every Best AC available on the market works on inverter compressors. Technology is evolving, when we have a dual inverter and available ACs. This article discusses Triple Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC.

By now, everyone knows how a compressor inverter works on AC. Therefore, we focus directly on the performance of the inverter compressor Ac More.

History of all Inverter Technology

So if you do not know how this inverter technology comes into play and how inverter technology is evolving day by day then here we have provided a brief history of inverter technology. Inverter technology basically shows the types of compressors used in AC.

When AC was established then the compressors were also made with it. These compressors are so powerful that they can provide great cooling performance but use a lot of electricity and emit a lot of noise.
Rotary compressors are therefore now being used to reduce noise levels and make AC power more efficient.

But this compressor also works with an automatic on-off principle so these also do not work properly.
Then the inverter compressor (Single inverter compressor) comes into the picture. You can also say 1 gen compressor.

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There is also a rotary compressor but now these compressors are compatible with DC current and can adjust speed compared to loading. So these work very well. But also to make it more efficient and noise-free, a dual inverter compressor comes into play.

Because this compressor has a twin-rotor that separates loads. To provide good performance at low rpm.
Recently a few brands have come up with a triple inverter AC that works much better than a dual inverter AC.

Because these have pole motors instead of 4 pole motors. It can therefore reduce vibration and torque fluctuations.

So I think it is now clear to you about the history of inverter technology in AC, let’s move on to Triple Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC.

Dual Inverter Compressor AC

A typical AC inverter compressor saves energy but makes noise due to vibration caused by shaft rotation when the compressor operates at high speeds.

The dual inverter compressor system takes care of vibration and noise while delivering a high level of efficiency. The dual inverter compressor has an advanced BLDC engine that can operate at a wider frequency range than a standard compressor.

This technology uses two rotary phases 180 degrees with respect to their compression times. Since this alignment supports the compression torque, it stabilizes the operating system while improving the rotation balance.

Therefore, the rotor varies in frequency between 700rpm and 8000rpm. This variation of frequency enables AC to operate at different capacities. Thus, a 1.5-ton AC can operate at a 0.3-ton to the 1.8-ton application level.

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Advantages of Dual Inverter Technology

  • On high-pressure inverter compressor BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) 4 pole motor. What can be adjusted speed depends on the load.
  • A typical inverter compressor has one rotor but a dual inverter has two rotors. So because of the two rotors, it can separate the entire load from both rotors making it reliable.
  • Due to the twin-rotor in the Dual Inverter AC, it requires about half the RPM to provide the same performance as a standard Inverter AC. That is why dual inverter ac is very powerful and makes little noise.
  • In a dual inverter, ac can provide better cooling performance because it has two compression chambers. So the compaction process is faster and the result is to provide better and faster cooling performance as compared to conventional ACs.
  • There are a number of products available with dual inverter technology so if you are looking for a dual inverter ac you can choose one of these types: LG, Panasonic, Haier, Voltas, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Carrier, Hitachi, Godrej, Blue star, Daiken, etc.

Triple Inverter Compressor AC

Samsung launched the Triple Inverter Compressor AC somewhere in 2019. The dual inverter compressor system got its name from the active use of rotary twins. However, the triple inverter system does not have three rotors but uses 8-pole triple inverter technology.

Triple Inverter Ac

Thus, a triple inverter compressor AC can cool up to 67% faster than the average air conditioner. Studies show that these three times compressed AC compressors can comfortably cool chambers even when outside temperatures reach 54 degrees Celsius. These air conditioners can save up to 69% more energy than conventional ACs.

Samsung offers 8-pole triple AC technology with its 1.5-ton model, AR18RV3HETU, AR18RV3JFMC, and more.

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Advantages Of Triple Inverter ACs

  • An 8-pole digital inverter maintains the required temperature without turning on / off. Thus, it consumes less energy.
  • This AC comes with a Fast Cooling Mode which cools the room quickly using a compressor with high speed and very fast fans for 30 minutes. 8-pole inverter technology helps to achieve high frequency faster.
  • The Samsung model comes with Durafin anti-rot technology to reduce condenser leakage and cool rooms successfully even in the hottest summer months.
  • Power Boost technology produces fewer torque vibrations to reduce noise levels, improve efficiency, and use less energy.
  • This technology controls the temperature according to the number of people present in the room. Therefore, a 2-ton AC can work at a 1.5-ton capacity, and a 1.5-ton item can work as a 1-ton AC, depending on your needs.

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