TDS Meter, What Is TDS Meter? How TDS Meter Works?

TDS The drinking water that we consume every day is flushed with hazardous chemicals from the different water treatment plants.

So, the natural minerals present in water are taken away. In such a situation, it is very important to use the proper filtration processes to remove the contaminants and make water safe for consumption.

The main particles present in water is total dissolved solids (TDS) that are left in the water after the normal filtration process. Components that dissolved that are larger than 2 microns are termed total dissolved solids.

A fine filter usually can remove particles that are 0.45 microns in size and originates from different sources. The remaining contaminants in water after the filtration process contains charged atoms and ions. Moderate to high TDS in water can change the taste of water and also poses a lot of health hazards

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What Is A TDS Meter?

A TDS meter is a small hand-held device that is used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution, usually water. Since dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and minerals enhance the conductivity of a solution.

A TDS meter can measure the conductivity of the solution and estimate the TDS from that reading.

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TDS Measuring Meter

Testing the water is a great way to check the quality of water that you consume and use for different purposes. Here are some reasons you need to measure TDS in water.


High levels of TDS in water can affect the taste of your drinking water.

Your water may taste bitter, salty, or sulfuric depending on the type of dissolved particles present in water.

Health Purposes

There is a minimum level of TDS is measured to consume. More or less than that measurement can be harmful to health. 

Maintenance of Filters

 Water filtration systems are highly affected by a high level of TDS. Testing the water purifier systems regularly will ensure that the filters work efficiently. 


Though high TDS doesn’t affect health, it can change the taste of your food.


 High TDS in water leaves ugly spots on your utensils.

This water also fades the color of your clothes, lead to a buildup in your sinks, tubs, etc.

Method Of Checking TDS Level 

Using Digital TDS Meter

With this digital TDS meter tester, you can use it to check the performance of your water filter, test the quality of filter water, check for hardness, and make sure that you are consuming clean water.

Digital TDS meters are very available on all the leading online stores in India and you can easily buy a quality Digital TDS Meter for a few hundred rupees.

Here showing the different steps to measure TDS.

Step 1

First, measure the temperature of the water and then follow the given steps for that:

  1. Turn on the meter
  2. Press the TEMP button. The temperature will be displayed in Celsius.
  3. c.  Press the TEMP button again, to return to TDS mode,

Step 2  

To measure the TDS level, follow the given instructions:

  1. Remove the protective cap.
  2. Switch on the TDS meter. You will see the ON/OFF switch is on the panel.
  3. Immerse the meter into the water up to the maximum immersion level at least 2 inches.
  4. Gently stir the meter to dislodge any air bubbles.
  5. Wait till the reading stabilizes about 10 seconds. 
  6. Press the HOLD button, take it out of the water, and view the reading.
  7. If the meter displays the ‘x10’ symbol, that means that you need to multiply the reading by 10.

After use, shake off the excess water from your meter and replace the cap.

What Does It Tell About The Water Quality?

All the TDS meter measures are basically the number of ions in the water. Most of the pesticides, hormone-disturbing substances and drug residues are generally no ions.

 Water with a low ppm value is generally free from salts and minerals but can hide a large amount of non-ionic chemicals in itself.

So, the result of a TDS meter is not very meaningful with regard to the actual water quality. To check out, other analytical methods, or a water analysis by a reputable laboratory, can better result to find out about the real water quality.

What TDS Can Not Measure?

A TDS meter does not measure contaminants dissolved into the water. It will not tell you, your water is healthy or not. Some healthy minerals as potassium, magnesium, and calcium can virtually cause your TDS meter to spike.

So, any water filter with a remineralized will cause the opposite effect on a TDS meter than you expect. Your water could also contain heavy metals like lead, or other components like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or hexavalent chromium.

The TDS meter will not pick these components up. you can also see our definitive guide for buying a water purifier 

Frequently Asked Questions About TDS Meter

How much TDS Water is safe for drinking?

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the upper limit of TDS levels in water is 500 ppm. The TDS level recommended by WHO, however, is 300 ppm.

Can boiling water reduce TDS?

Boiling water can not remove dissolved particles of water. And the level of total dissolved solids can enhance with boiling. So this can elevate the risk of dangerous contaminants. Boiled water have to consume within 24 hours.

What is the TDS level of drinking water?

Between 50-150ppm – Excellent for drinking
150-250 ppm-Good
250-300 ppm-Fair
300-500 ppm-Poor
Above 1200ppm-Unacceptable

Does the TDS meter measure accurately?

The range is used to determining the accuracy of TDS meters. For example, a common accuracy statement for many EC/TDS meters is approximately ± 2% f.s., with a range of 999 ppm TDS. So we can assume that the measure of uncertainty is 2 percent of 999 ppm.

How To Take A TDS Meter Reading?


Water purifiers that contain Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology are a great solution to reduce high TDS levels in the water.

These purifiers are built with cutting-edge technology to ensure that the TDS levels in water are reduced and that the water is safe to consume. If you are planning to buy one, then you can check the latest range of RO water purifiers with a TDS controller.

With the help of a TDS meter, you can even check the longevity and functionality of the RO membrane can replace it if it becomes necessary. 

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