Spring Mattresses – Everything You Need To Know About

Spring mattresses are widely regarded as traditional variants of mattresses. The mattress contains several metal coils hanging all over the place, providing support. Spring Mattresses provide support by loosening your body with the same intensity and can be especially helpful for people on the heavy side of the spectrum.

The first metal coil, invented in 1957, was used on car seats. Inner-spring coils were patented in 1865, and the first spring mattress came a few years later.

The majority of Best mattresses on sale today are spring varieties. Spring mattresses have a layer of coils, with different densities, in the middle. These springs provide support and bounce as well as provide structure to the mattress.

Several factors such as the type of spring used, the thickness of the metal used to make the spring, the number of springs used, and the method used to connect them; all add up to the quality of your mattress.

We probably saw our grandparents or our parents using Spring Mattresses. And with the advent of new types of mattresses (such as Foam mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, Coir mattresses, Latex mattresses, etc.), we might assume that spring mattresses will soon disappear.

Spring mattresses come with their own set of advantages (and disadvantages too), and there is always a category of people who prefer them over other types of mattresses.

To get to the point, in this post, we will talk about spring mattresses and what else you should know about them.

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What Is A Spring Mattress?

Simply put, it is a mattress containing springs. Mattress springs are also known as mattress coils. Mainly used in the context of innerspring mattresses, these, unlike memory foam, do not regulate body temperature (unless these mattresses arrive filled with a layer of memory foam, like any packet mattress with a foam top).

The upper layer of the mattress is known as the comfort layer, and the lower layer is the base or ‘spine’.

Spring Mattress

The coils on your mattress are covered with a layer of foam and a variety of upholstery materials to increase comfort. The core, made of springs, acts as a mattress support layer. A luxury or upholstered layer consists of three levels or layers.

The first layer, the protection, is usually made of fiber or mesh and helps to keep the complete mattress in place.

The second layer is made of fiber or foam pads and serves as upholstery for your memory foam mattress.

The third and final layer is called a quilt and consists of light fibers or foam.

Now that we have an idea of ​​what a spring mattress is, let’s take a look at the types of springs used to make mattresses.

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Types Of Springs Used In Spring Mattresses

There are a variety of springs (or coils) used for spring mattresses. Each type serves a specific purpose.

Continuous coils

Where different rows of springs on the mattress are made of a single long wire.

Bonnell coils

Are the most common, and the oldest. Originally taken from the chariot seats in the 19th century, Bonnel coils are still used in medium-sized mattresses. Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped metal coils with rounded peaks.

Offset coils

are also shaped like an hourglass, but their top and bottom coils are flat. These flat parts are joined together during assembly, which helps the entire structure to fit the body shape.

Marshall coils

Also known as pocket springs, are barrel-shaped coils with small gauges enclosed in individual pockets. The springs are not connected together, so they operate independently – meaning that the weight of one of the springs does not affect its neighbors.

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Spring Mattress Coil

Spring Mattresses – The Pros And Cons

No type of mattress is suitable for everyone. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And spring mattresses are no exception.


Low price

Cost is an important factor to consider before buying a mattress. The price of innerpring mattresses has dropped due to an increase in the number of people using it. So, if you are someone who wants to buy on a budget – this type of mattress can be. a good option.

Customer familiarity

Spring mattresses have long been on the market. So any new technology introduced in the spring mattress has a high chance of being accepted by the people as the mattress type has become known. Few people would want to spend that much money on completely new mattresses and testing.


The mattress lasts longer. This is because of its proper design – it is designed to provide the same comfort for many years.

Better Circulation

We know how important the cycle of better sleep is. Spring mattresses have a large space between them, which is why they allow air to enter easily. This helps prevent the accumulation of body heat and promotes better sleep.

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Spring Mattress


Can wear faster

Spring mattresses, in general, tend to wear out quickly as the springs lose support and turn off is pressed.

Hard to set up

Considering its structure, the spring mattress may be quite heavy and difficult to move around. Therefore, pulling a mattress out to blow or clean it can be difficult.

Dust mites

The lower layers of the mattress may have been made of wool and fiber, which is why they provide an ideal environment for allergies such as dust worms to grow and prosper. This is why cleaning the spring mattress is often very important.

Motion Transfer

This can be a problem for couples, as the movement of the partner can distract the other.


Spring mattresses have been in the market for a long time now, and that is one reason why many people choose them over other types of mattresses. If you are a person who does not want to check when it comes to sleep, this might be your type of mattress.

Mattresses have a reasonable price – which is why they provide good sleep without burning large holes in your pocket.

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