What Is A Sealed Maintenance Free Battery? Full-Form Of SMF Battery?

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery, as the name suggests, doesn’t require any maintenance. They are manufactured in a way that they require no refill. In other words, you will not need to refill the distilled water at frequent intervals.

You can now use your inverter without actually worrying about battery maintenance. Plus, Sealed maintenance free batteries are reliable and safe to use. They do not shoot any sort of poisonous gases while it charges or discharges.

SMF batteries are ideal for Indian Homes. However, people with busy schedules and adults with a lot of work and responsibilities prefer to buy these over regular batteries. The prime reason is the no maintenance.

SMF batteries are also comprehended as VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. These batteries are not much expensive but have a short life span. Unlike tubular batteries, they don’t last long. Their battery life is not more than three to four years.

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Are Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries Really Maintenance-Free?

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

Well, as the name suggests, SMF batteries claim to be maintenance free, but are they really maintenance free? Well for that, you need to understand the Pros and Cons of SMF batteries.

Pros of SMF batteries

1. Sealed Maintenance Free batteries don’t require water topping or any kind of maintenance in particular.

2. They are less expensive when compare to tall tubular batteries. It goes easy on the pocket.

3. SMF batteries do not shoot any sort of poisonous gases while it charges or discharges.

Cons of SMF Batteries

1. They don’t last for very long. The lifespan of an SMF battery is not more than three to four years. Whereas, a tubular battery stays for a good five years or more.

2. They may not be compatible or easily applicable to all the Inverter.

Full Form Of SMF Battery

SMF battery stands for Sealed Maintenance Free Battery. Batteries are of three types majorly. These are:

  • Flat Plate Battery
  • Tubular Battery
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

We have prepared a table for you that sums up the types of batteries that are mentioned above.

Flat Plate vs Tubular vs Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

FeatureFlat Plate BatteryTubular BatterySealed Maintenance-Free Battery
HighMediumNot necessary
Comparatively low
PricingLeastMost expensiveMedium
Top BrAmaron, Luminous

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