RPM Full Form-What Is RPM In A Mixer Grinder?

Do you know RPM full form? It stands for revolutions/rotations per minute.

When talking about the mixer grinders, RPM deliberately expresses the rotational speed of the mixer blades. In other words, the faster the rotation, the more will be the RPM.

RPM in mixie: 18000 RPM
RPM in mixie: 18000 RPM

For example, if a mixer grinder has an RPM of 18000, it means that the mixer blades can rotate at speeds of 18000 rotations in one minute.

For a regular mixer grinder, that is used daily at home, RPM varies. For such grinders, the RPM should be between the range of 18000 to 23000.

The speed of the rotating blades will eventually determine the quality of grinding. You can grind masalas and chutney.

But, it is not always the case with every food item. High RPM for juices and smoothies can be a problem. That’s the reason, mixer grinder comes with three-speed adjustments.

For different food types and purposes, you will need different speeds. For juicing, blending, or wet grinding, you will need the lowest speed. Whereas, it is not the case with dry grinding. Your blades need to work at a faster speed. It gives good results.

What Is The Ideal RPM For A Mixer Grinder?

Now that you know RPM Full Form, it will be easy for you to understand the ideal RPM For A Mixer Grinder.

The RPM of the appliance depends on the capacity of the motor. If the motor capacity is 750W, THE GRINDER CAN DISPLAY A SPEED UPTO 23000rpm. Similarly, if the motor capacity is 500W, the machine will have an RPM of about 18000 to 22000.

Honestly talking, a range between 18000 to 23000 is ideal for a domestic grinder. This much speed is enough to suffice all your household grinding jobs easily and efficiently.

Bosch 1000W Mixer Grinder
Bosch 1000W Mixer Grinder

In the case of motor capacity 1000W or more than that, the RPM can exceed 23000. Because of the big powerful motor, the RPM can even range from 24000 to 30000.

But, these kinds of mixer grinders are used in factories and bakeries. As they have a large batch of material to undergo the process. But, for domestic use, a motor ranging from 500W to 750W is enough and ideal. They provide you the most suitable RPM speed. The speed ranges between 18000 and 23000.

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