Why Does Your RO Purifier Stop Working At Times?

Your RO purifier is a machine and it needs to work under certain specified conditions. The machine can stop working if the conditions are not met properly.

There are multiple reasons why your RO purifier has stopped functioning. Moreover, it may include some serious problems as well as easy problems that can solve it in no time.

If the reason is beyond your control, you can always seek help from the after-sales service of the product installer or the manufacturer to revise the matter.

Now let us look at some situations when your RO purifier can stop working-

Lack of power supply to the RO water purifier

It may happen that the plug has not been inserted properly. Check whether it is plugged in properly.

Make sure to use a tester to check whether the power is supplied properly to the point. Also, check for loose connections.

Lack of supply of feed water

If the supply of water is not properly, the machine tends to switch off automatically. It is better to check if the tap connection in the house is receiving proper water.

These are the two things you can do before making a call to the RO mechanic. If you have a AMC in place, it is

You might have accidentally switched off the diverter valve. If there is no supply of water to the machine, the machine switches off automatically. It is also better to check out whether the other tap connections in the house receive water.

These are two things you can do before deciding to call the RO mechanic. If you have an AMC in place, it is better to call them for help.

These are the regular occasions when your RO can stop working.

The SMPS Adapter Has Burned Out

SMPS Adapter

Because of the high voltage fluctuations in India, it is possible. You need to replace the SMPS instantly. A trained electrician or mechanic can do it in no time.

For any electrically running appliance, the adapter is an important ingredient. Moreover, the pumps in the water purifier work on Direct Current while the input current in India is Alternating current.

Malfunctioning of the Pressure Pump

The RO system usually works on the principle of Reverse Osmosis, which implies that you need to apply pressure on the liquid for the process to commence.

This pressure is created by a Pressure pump. But, sometimes the pressure pump can malfunction.

It is really an important part of the RO filter and is generally not repairable. It is recommended to install a new pump if the older one is not working properly.

You can seek help from the mechanic as he is the right person to advise you on this matter.

Shorting of the low-pressure switch

The RO water purifier only works when the initial water pressure is up to a certain defined level. But, in case, the pressure drops down the specified value, the low-pressure switch cuts off the machine.

This process is necessary to prevent the pump from becoming tedious. The mechanics can help you with this matter easily.

Also, make sure that the feed water pressure is within suitable limits.

Shorting of the solenoid valve

The solenoid valve stops the wastewater from flowing into the RO membrane, and it continues to work even when you switch off the machine,

If the solenoid valve shorts out, it shuts off enduringly, thereby stopping the flow of the water membrane, which causes the RO machine to stop functioning.

Malfunctioning of the float valve

The RO machine stops working when the internal storage tank becomes full. This happens to prevent the water from overflowing. The float valve thereby shuts off the machine automatically.

As you start practicing the water from the tank, the water level reduces however, the machine starts to work anyhow. But, in case the float valve doesn’t seem to work properly, the entire RO machine shuts off the machine automatically.

Presence of air vacuum inside the RO

For most of the time, this does not happen. The technician ensures that the pipes are tightly fit before the installation.

However, there are chances that there may remain some loose-fitting somewhere. This will cause problems for the RO filters.

The default can cause the pump to suck air. This air can thus get trapped in the RO poping and stops the machine.

It can also occur if the pre-bowl filter gets blocked.


These are the main reasons your RO machine can stop working. Committing the job of repairing the machine to a qualified mechanic is the right thing to do. However, if your machine is under warranty, the manufacturer will take care of the replacements.

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