Refrigerator Power Consumption – BEE Star Ratings

What are all things you will look for before buying a refrigerator?

Yes, the upfront cost is one of them. But, majorly, Refrigerator Power Consumption is the thing you should look for while buying a refrigerator. It helps in savings in the long run.

People who are conscious about saving electricity consumption, opt for energy-efficient refrigerators. There is this program of standards and labeling that was introduced by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in May 2006.

According to the conditions mentioned, every electrical appliance or manufacturer should place a label on the appliance. This label should indicate the amount of electricity that it will consume under conditions.

This compliance is mandatory for all the manufacturers of alliance like refrigerators, air conditioners, television, geysers and etc.

What is Star Ratings?  

A star rating system shows the energy efficiency of an electrical appliance. The higher the number of stars of the product, the more efficient it is. The star rating system was devised by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India. It has a range of 1 to 5 stars.

Star Rating

Using star ratings is one of the easiest ways to determine and compare the energy efficiency of home appliances we need. 

We will talk about different types of star ratings like EER, ISEER and you will get to know why these ratings are important when you will buy air conditioners.  


Refrigerator Power Consumption

Technology is improving day by day, it’s true. Thereby, giving you thoughts about the comparison of products. The refrigerator that is manufacture in 2021 is definitely better than the one manufactured in 2018.

For example, how will you choose an ideal fridge if given two options-

  1. 2018- made refrigerator having 5 star


2. 2020- made refrigerator having 4 star

You might get some doubts in your mind while choosing one. The answer is quite simple. Don’t just look at the manufacturing year or the bee star ratings. There are other aspects as well.

All the information is always mentioned on the labels. Choose wisely!

Ratings For Refrigerators Differ From That Of The Other Appliances- VIEWS!

Yes, different appliances come with different star rating formulas. These formulas depend on the type of appliance you are talking about. However, the principal consideration is nothing but the consumption of electrical units.

That is, how many units of electricity it is consuming in order to perform.

The star rating for the refrigerator is very simple. Moreover, it is easy to understand. That is because it comes with labels. These labels include the demanded annual power consumption in kWh.

This figure is very useful. Moreover, makes it easy to understand the cost of electricity consumption. Consequently, making it is easy to compare the refrigerators.

Also, the star rating of a refrigerator depends on things. These include the volume and capacity of the refrigerator.


In fact, there is a proper formula to calculate the rating. But for that, we have to go into deeper understanding. With this, you can conclude that a 5-star refrigerator is always better than any other.

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