Nano Silver Filter Present Air Purifiers & Air Conditioners!

Nano Silver Filter, also known as Nano Silver Activated Carbon Filter is produced by actual coconut carbon, with fundamental impression to overcome Taste, Odor, Chlorine for pre-filtering persistence, and plus Bacteria defense struggled to UV Sterilizer but with cost conversion solution.

In a conventional way, the usual material used for the filtration of the air is Activated Carbon.

One should necessarily admit that activated carbon is great at eradicating contaminants from the air and water. Nevertheless, a lot depends on the microporosity and the exterior space.

Actually, there are different types of filters that are present in Air conditioners, or water purifiers, or air purifier. For example, the Catechin filterAnti- Bacterial FilterBaffle filterHepa filterAnti VOC filter, or the electrostatic filter.

The more extensive the outside area and more prominent the porosity, the more effective is the filtration. Henceforward, you can order it a surface-limited method. It can demonstrate to be a drawback as well.

Nano Silver Filter – The Principle

The nano silver filter necessitates care of this difficulty because silver has remarkable anti-microbial features(much similar to activated carbon).

Furthermore, it does not need a greater covering space to work. Nano bits of silver of 100 nanometres in diameter are sufficient to do the task. These silver particles are astonishingly effective at decimating both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Many Indian brand AC units producers such as Voltas and Blue Star use nano solver filters in their most advanced AC models.


Nano Silver Filter – The Working

The nano silver filter operates by delivering the silver ions to decontaminate the bacteria. The benefit is that silver not only destroys the bacteria but also hinders the further germination of bacteria and other microorganisms like microorganisms, fungi, and spores.

The nano silver technology slaughters the internal arrangement of these bacteria by engrossing the cells.

Nano Silver Filter – Pros

Acts as a comprehensive counterpart to the activated carbon filters.

Eradicates bacteria and other harmful elements from the air that the standard HEPA filters are powerless to do.

Hinders the additional germination of these bacteria.

It can also assassinate other pollution-causing pollutants like pet dander, powder, and flakes.

The analysis explains that nano silver filters can exterminate more than 600 varieties of bacteria and disinfect 99.99% of the filtered air.

Utilizes less expanse.

Nano Silver Filter – Cons

Excessive or Acute exposure to silver can cause the bacteria to become silver-resistant.

Nano silver can also increase antibiotic protection because of the method of co-selection. Co-selection is a means where bacteria stimulated with one antimicrobial obtain a resistance gene by interchanging the DNA with bacteria that are immune to a separate antimicrobial.

Silver has environmental interests and concerns, because of the poisonous influence it produces on different brands of cells.

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