What Are Magic Dispenser and Magic Filter In Samsung Washing Machine?

The Magic Dispenser is a supplementary element positioned inside the detergent apportioning drawer. It has rotating fronds that generate a powerful water spiral. This compelling water spiral further dissolves the detergent completely before delivering it into the wash drum at the commencement of the wash cycle.

The purpose for the cleanser or detergent or surfcant sticking to your garments is that it may not disappear in water properly. Samsung has launched an innovative resolution in the Magic Dispenser.

Magic Dispenser – How It works?

The Magic Dispenser is a supplementary ingredient disposed inside the cleanser apportioning drawer. It has rotating fronds that produce a compelling water whirlpool to dissolve the detergent thoroughly before setting it into the washing drum at the origin of the wash cycle.

The objective is to assure a smooth cleanser combination. Moreover, this combination assists avert any cleanser deposit at the end of the washing cycle.

Advantages Of Magic Dispenser

  • It assures precise mixing of the surfactant with water ere discharging it into the washing drum.
  • As a consequence of individual ending, your threads do not have any cleanser debris on them.
magic dispenser

The Use Of Magic Filter

Another obvious problem with washing machines is the combination of lint from your clothes during the laundry cycle. Generally, all washing machines, even the semi-automatic models, come with fiber librarians or lint filters to collect the lint and fibers issued from your things.

Samsung proposes a new technology, Magic Filter. It guarantees a more reliable lint collection, particularly when the water level is low. Typically, these lint filters are positioned near the first edge of the washing drum. Notwithstanding, Samsung’s Magic Filter is distinctive because it is located lower than in conventional washing devices.

The Magic Filter – The Functioning

magic filter

As the lint filter is located low in the organization, it shows handy to accumulate lint. This happens even when the water level is moderate. Therefore, it assures the accumulation of lint even with tiny loads.

Samsung’s Magic Filter highlights an indicator bulb to show when the filter requires cleaning. As the light shines, you can pick out the Magic Filter. Moreover, introduce and apply it, and throw away preserved lint and fibers.

Therefore, Samsung washing machines take responsibility for the humblest circumstances to guarantee highly effective washing performances.   

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