Lip Care Routine For That Flawless Pout- My Lips But Butter (MLBB) Look

Have you ever wondered, why lip care or lip pampering has so much importance in the world of beauty and lifestyle? It is because your lips are an essential part of your face and need to be pampered.

Lips tend to get chap and crack if not properly cared, for even if you have oily skin. And now that, winters are almost on the door, you should think about involving lip care in your daily routine.

Instead, you can customize a lip care routine to make them healthy and slushy, and ready to shine. The lipsticks you carry the whole day can make your lips really dry. So dry that they lack moisture and become patchy and brought.

Who would not want MLBB? Fortunately, you can keep your lips healthy and soft by following a few simple steps. Yes, the lip care routine helps you in keeping your lips slushy and naturally pink throughout the season. Our lips lack sweat glands and don’t even contain oil that can keep them hydrated, so you have to do it all.

Even if you are wearing lipsticks every day to work, you can start shifting to lipsticks that provide essential oils and moisturizes your lips. The nude lipstick range from Maybelline provides ingredients that are extremely healthy for the lips. The list of ingredients include-coconut oil, jojoba oil, and others.

You know what else can trigger chapping, heat, or wind. The lips are the softest body parts of all. So they require separate caring and pampering. Also Read: Best Lip Balm For Men

Here is the most manageable lip care routine that you can comprehend.

Step 1


Exfoliate lips for lip care

It is imperative to scrape off the dead skin that is on the lips before you actually plan on hydrating or moisturizing them. For that, you can use any lip scrub that is available in the market. There are ample lip scrubs that are gaining popularity for doing great jobs.

However, you can use a homemade scrub for your lips that will help in exfoliation. A DIY homemade scrub is everything you will ever need. Collect some brown sugar and honey in a bowl. Give a small mix and apply it to your lips.

Once you have prepared the scrub, start gently scrubbing it on your lips. This process of gently scrubbing is known as exfoliation. After doing it for a couple of minutes, wipe off the scrub with a wet towel and gently dab your lips.

Once you are done with proper exfoliation, you will feel the supple texture of the lips. Moving forward to the second step. Let’s look at Step 2.

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Step 2


lip moisturizer for lip care

Now that, you have removed the dead skin from your lips, it feels so good right? But, that was the first step only. You have to work a little more maybe. After exfoliation, it is important for you to moisturize your lips. Apply a lip mask on your lips. There are many lip masks that are available in the market. However, you can always make a lip mask or a lip hydrating balm at home.

Making a DIY lip mask is not a difficult task. Take a generous amount of coconut oil along with few drops of essential oils. The coconut oil helps in moisturizing the lips on the outer part whereas the essential oils are absorbed by the lips so that it provides moisturizing for a long time.

Mix the ingredients and apply them to your lips for 15-20 minutes. This will let your lips enjoy the bath in moisturize. After a certain time, you can wipe off the extra.

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Step 3


lip care hydration

Last but not the least, is hydrating your lips. After exfoliating and moisturizing, the next step is hydrating. You should apply a lip balm on the lips that will help in locking the moisture of the lips to themselves. The lip balm protects your lips from the direct rays of the sun and also the excess cold and heat. It keeps your lips hydrating and makes them look slushy and fresh.

But there are other things as well that you take care of. Never lick your lips when they dry out as it makes them dry more. Always carry a lip balm with yourself. There are numerous brands that claim to be seeing the best lip balm in India. You can take anyone. Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking a sufficient amount of water. Lastly, lip care should be added to your daily skincare routine to keep them fresh and soft.

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Frequently Asked Question About Lip Care

What is a good exfoliator for lips?

For lips, exfoliation is really an important step as it helps in getting rid of dry and dead skin. You can use Brown sugar along with honey to exfoliate your lips before you actually hydrate them.
Other than this, you can use besan and honey on your lips. Besan helps in removing the dead outermost skin and honey helps in moisturizing the lips.

How do you remove dead skin from your lips?

To remove the dead skin from your lips you need to perform the lip care routine very well. Gently scrub the exfoliating agent on your lips for a couple of minutes. There are many lip scrubs that are present in the market that will help you in removing the dead skin from your lips. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink a sufficient amount of water.

How can I take care of my lips naturally?

Drink a lot of water if you want your lips to be naturally smooth and soft. Never let your drips dry out. Always carry a lip balm or a lip moisturizer. Lips are really soft and tender and need proper pampering.

Is Vaseline good for lips?

Vaseline is considered to be really effective when taking care of lips. It is a petroleum jelly that provides a long time of moisturization.

How can we remove blackness of lips?

Performing a daily lip care routine can really help you a lot in removing the blackness of lips. there are many reasons your lips can get darkened or not really pink. One of the major reasons can be lack of water intake.

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The lack of the sebaceous glands makes them chapped and dried off easily. Follow the above lip care routine for that glowing and soft natural lips. A conventional lip care routine helps keep your lips delicate and glossy.

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