LG Washing Machine Price In India – Review & Buyer Guide – March 2022

With a motto ‘Life’s Good’ and a mission to help their customers lead better lives, LG is one the most trusted premium brand, serving to its customers for 100s of years worldwide.

It offers great features to the consumers with its durable design to prevent accidental damage. Other features include dual load for segregating light and heavy load, odor-free washing, and removal of allergen from dust-borne diseases.

Its optimizing prices and improved features make it the undisputed king of the washing machine industry. Lg Washing Machine Comes in different variants In India.

LG Technologies In Its Washers

1- LG TwinWash

LG is working hard to meet all the requirements of its customers. It brings new models with TwinWash technology with which you can enjoy washing through the main drum and mini drum in one washer. The main drum has a capacity up to 20kg, in which you can wash your large heavily soiled clothes. However, the mini section of the washer is for delicate clothes like socks, satin, and scarfs.

LG TwinWash

2- 6Motion DD

LG adopted the powerful technology of 6 Motion DD in its premium washers to provide optimized motion combinations for different types of fabric. It offers six different washing motions in premium range models; Tumble, Swing, Scrubbing, Stepping, Rolling, and Filtration. You can select the motion as per your fabric type to prevent any sort of damage to your clothes.

LG Motion DD

3- TurboWash

LG cares for its customers and that is why it offers great features in its washers to provide you with the best washing experience. Its TurboWash 2.0 technology helps you to wash your clothes in less time with great efficiency. It supports JetSpray mechanism to ensure no detergent remains in the clothes. High-end models of LG also offers Stem Allergiene Cycle to help you get rid of allergens like mites, dust, and dander. It follows three steps to remove the Allergens. Firstly it atomizes steam to sanitize the fabric. In the second stage, it adjusts the temperature to dissolve the allergens from the clothes. And finally, the filtration process filters all allergens during rice and spin cycle of washing. Now you don’t need to worry about germs and allergens because LG cares for you.

LG turbo wash


4- DD Motor

LG brings its models with Direct Drive technology which helps your washer to consume less power while showing great efficiency. These washers consisting of inverter motors, which operate at a speed by the load in the washers. You cannot find this technology in conventional washing machines. The premium LG washers come with pulley and belt in its mechanical arrangement. This helps the washing machine to consume lesser energy, resulting in less electricity unit consumption. Now relax and enjoy powerful dual combination by LG.

ld dd

Key Features of LG Washing Machine

Weather It is Front Load or Top Load , Semi Automatic washing machine OR Fully Automatic Washing machine  of LG Wshing Machine are worth looking at, as they are why you can rely on this brand for powerful cleaning and drying performance. You can also have greater confidence when purchasing any of the LG models, as the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on the motors of all of their laundry items.

Enhanced Washing and Drying Programs and Options:

From Base Model to high end model LG Washing Machine used variety of washing methods to wash cloths, As you move up from Low Price to High Price product number of options will increase. While base models include core programs and options, the high-end models have more qualified ones.

Some of the options of LG washers: Soak, Fabric Softener, Extra Rinse, Delay Wash, Signal, Rinse+Spin, Spin Only, StainCare™, Water Plus, Add Garment, ColdWash™, Child Lock, Custom Program PGM Save,

Some of the programs of LG washers: Pre Wash+ Normal, Cotton/Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm. Press, Speed Wash, Tub Clean, Bulky/Bedding, Delicates, Bright Whites, Towels, Tub Clean, Sanitary,  Waterproof, Allergiene, Downloaded

LED Display

The electronic display gives more options and flexibility in control by including status indicators and an end of cycle signal.

6motion Tech

For better wash performance and revolutionary cleaning experience, each wash cycle combines up to 6 different wash motions. This gives you less noise, less vibration, and increased durability when comparing to conventional top-load washers.

TrueBalance and TrueBalance Plus

Since Top load Wahing Machine can often be unbalanced when compared to front load Washing machine, LG has introduced TrueBalance and TrueBalance Plus. This Feature of LG Washing Machine Helps in removing vibration, Even if your Washer is near the bottom.

LoDecibel Quiet Operation

Top loaders and some dryers are very noisy and annoying, but LoDecibel Features makes washing operation very quite. While doing the Laundry you can do your daily activities without getting disturbed.

LG Washing Machine Smart Features:

LG uses a variety of smart features on their washer/dryers right from the base models through to the high-end models including Smart ThinQ Technology, NFC Tag ON, and Smart Diagnosis.

The SmartDiagnosis feature helps the service center diagnose problems, and enables you to get assistance right from your smartphone app. Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you money on what could be expensive service calls to the customer care center.

SmartThinQ Technology and NFC Tag On can do the same thing, plus you can track your cycle status while away from the laundry room. You can also download new specified cycles via an app as you need them.

Thanks to these features, you can also use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to manage your laundry with simple voice commands.

Turbowash Tech

Top-load machines are known to have longer cycle times, but thanks to LG’s TurboWash, you can cut 20 minutes off each cycle. This makes LG to have one of the fastest cycles on the market.


By using powerful, real steam that penetrates fabrics, you’ll find that dirt, odors, and even wrinkles are eliminated. All by using lower water consumption than other conventional washers.

SenseClean System

The SenseClean System is an excellent solution for those that want to save time and energy. Based on the weight of your clothes, the machine automatically sets the water level and wash time for more efficient cleaning.

Allergen Cycle

This is an ideal cycle if you have allergy sufferers in your family. It removes 95% of household allergens.

SensorDry System

This system ensures effective and efficient drying performance by detecting moisture in your laundry and adjusting the drying time accordingly.

TurboSteam Technology

One of the most important features that you’ll find in LG dryers, this fast and efficient technology ensures that your clothes come out in the best shape possible in just 10 minutes. Fabrics are refreshed, and wrinkles reduced in just half the time used by other steam settings.

EasyLoad Door

No more struggling with trying to get your laundry out of the machine with this feature. You can open the dual-opening door either horizontally or vertically depending on the load type and size.

You’ll also appreciate the Elevated Angled Door which is a lot kinder on your back, as well as the Intuitive on Door Control Panel found on some front loaders.

Some Of The Selected Best LG Washing Machine Price Wise

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