Latest Robot Vacuum Cleaner Technology In 2022

In this article, we are going to be discussing the Latest Robot Vacuum Cleaner Technology In 2022. Cleaning and vacuuming the floors is an unrecognized job. Similarly, it can be questioned for families where both partners go to work.

Moreover, the dust scrambling all over the area when operating brooms to sweep the floor can generate health problems.

Vacuum cleaners arrive around in various Types of Vacuum Cleaners and variants befitting for houses and for headquarters or high-end usage. And we’ve recently been looking into these multiple vacuum cleaners and wrapping them for you.


The opening of vacuum cleaners destroys the dust issue. Nevertheless, it still demanded a human to utilize the vacuum cleaner not mechanically.

The robotic vacuum cleaners are an advancement on the traditional vacuum cleaning machines as they do not demand human intervention.

These devices come supplied with the latest technologies to create opportunities for the family. Let us comprehend these creative technologies to help us to bring the most reasonable out of these appliances.

Different Technologies – Make It Easy For The User

  • You have different types of robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market. Top brands include Ecovacs, Eureka Forbes, Robot, Anker Eufy, Viomi, and many more.
  • All of these robotic vacuum cleaners operate with the same technology but with different names. These devices come with special sensors for detection and navigation.
  • This article discusses cleaning and mopping technology, too. Some advanced robotic vacuum cleaners show compatibility with the smartphone app.

Buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner without a limited period helps to make the house tidy and dust-free. The layout, specifications, and model, however, play a vital role in deciding whether or not the vacuum cleaner is worth the money. Also, you can check the Vacuum Cleaner Power Consumption Calculator for a rough idea about the usage.

Detecting Technology – Avoid Collisions And Prevent Accidents

The robotic vacuum cleaner is advantageous because it does not require human intervention without turning on or off the machine. Once opened, the vacuum cleaner cleans the floor and scrubs it at the same time.

Anker Eufy G30 Robovac

Anker Eufy G30 Robovac
Now, there may be obstacles in your home such as stairs, furniture, people, scattered toys, walls, etc. Therefore, these devices come equipped with sensors that detect these obstacles and help them to avoid them.

Manufacturers refer to this technology in different terms. Ecovacs names it TrueDetect 3D Advanced Technology. This technology is available on the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro model. These robots incorporate a smart anti-collision sensor that detects obstacles with a minimum accuracy of 1mm.

So, with the exception of furniture and other large items, this robotic vacuum cleaner can detect small objects such as magazines, newspapers, pens, and toys. Thus, it avoids any conflict with these obstacles.

This smart vision technology can also detect cables and cables lying on the floor. Its sensors prevent the machine from forming tangles and thus, provide a tangle-free cleaning experience.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs Dyson has been one of the most debatable topics when it comes to buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner In India.

Ecovacs TrueDetect 3D

Ecovacs TrueDetect 3D
This optical technology allows the vacuum cleaner to identify uneven ground areas such as floors. It prevents the machine from falling and causing damage to it.

Visual technology also enables the robot to detect dust particles with a high degree of accuracy. Allows the machine to clean multiple locations quickly.

Eureka Forbes equips its Robo Vac N Mop robot cleaners with nine smart sensors that help detect obstacles and adjust its cleaning system accordingly.

The Bell Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 360-degree Smart Sensor Protection, preventing it from falling downstairs or colliding with furniture. The Viomi SE robot cleaning model has 12 sensors, including anti-collision sensors, collision-sensing sensors, and anti-wall sensors.

Navigating Technology – Charting Out The Perfect Route

While visual technology is available in all robotic vacuum cleaners, the most advanced models include a new technology, Roaming Technology, which allows the machine to map your floor plan and navigate it efficiently.

Ecovacs introduced this mapping and navigation technology to the industry. They named it laser-based navigation technology based on TrueMapping, similar to the one employed in the aerospace industry.

The Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro model works with Smart Navi 3.0 and smart SLAM algorithms to map your floor plan and create the perfect route to satisfy your cleaning needs.

This navigation technology works in conjunction with the detection technology to prevent collision with obstacles, even new ones that appear after mapping. So, this technology offers a unique way to clean your floor.

Smart Navi 3.0
Smart Navi 3.0

TrueMapping technology has come a long way in being able to map your entire home with double-fold accuracy and precision using patented dToF technology. This technology redefines your home cleaning experience by making it easier.

A full 360-degree cover scans your entire house with great details. High Recovery Recovery features up to 33 feet and ensures safe navigation of your vacuum cleaner.

Navigating Technology In Vacuum Cleaners

Viomi’s equipment is based on Lidar (Light and Width) technology, similar to that used on aircraft and satellites. This system uses an infrared laser to create a ground map. This technology helps to create high-resolution maps.

The Ilife A10s also uses the same Lidar technology that relies on a laser that goes back from obstacles to the machine so that it can calculate the distance and do it correctly. Typically, this device is placed on top of a vacuum cleaner, where the laser rotates 360 degrees to search for obstacles.

The 360 ​​S7 Laser navigation vacuum cleaner robot works on the LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm to optimize its routes. Besides, this app includes memory cleaning to remember travel routes and ensure effective and complete cleaning of large houses.

The navigation system enables you to mark areas where you do not want the robot vacuum cleaner to be clean. Anker’s Eufy robot cleaner fits 6-foot border straps so the machine stays within its limits. It enables you to focus on specific areas of cleaning.

Suction Technology – Determines The Machine’s Power

Vacuum cleaners work by absorbing dust and dirt from the floor. These machines come equipped with high power to absorb small particles of dust.

When the dust particles are too hard, the absorption capacity is required by the machine.

Some vacuum cleaners offer a variety of suction power. For example, the Eufy by Anker vacuum cleaner operates on BoostIQ technology that increases absorption capacity within 1.5 seconds when exposed to stubborn dust. This machine operates at 1500Pa absorbing power to ensure a clean cleaning feeling.

Robovac suction power
Robovac suction power

The 360 ​​S7 device enhances gravity to 2000Pa when it detects carpets that need deep cleaning. The Viomi SE machine has a maximum drag capacity of 2200Pa.

Mopping Technology – Ensures A Thorough Cleaning Job

Robot vacuum cleaners arrive with positively intuitive features like mopping techniques that can mop the bottoms with more significant efficiency than humans.

Ecovacs utilizes the Ozmo Mopping technique that can display five times the efficiency that humans are qualified for. This developed technology can sweep and mop the place simultaneously. They arrive qualified with a water tank of differing capabilities to allow mop the tiles. Moreover, removing up to 99% of bacteria on the base.

Ozmo mopping technology can cleanse the most stubborn stains with comfort. Moreover, Another highlighting element of the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro is that this technology allows the machine to detect carpets when cleaning to evade them altogether. 

The vacuum cleaner The Ilife A10S comes with a proprietary vibrating water tank that mimics the way people dive back and forth as they vibrate up and down. This tank comes with 3 levels of water flow to help release and melt stubborn stains.

Viaomi V3 Robovac

This technique aims to place a blending cloth under the machine that appears to be useful for rubbing the floor while scrubbing.

The 360 S7 vacuum cleaner operates on a design that automatically swaps to the mopping mode after establishing the water tank. It also permits you to reserve specific areas for mopping. The intelligent water tank guarantees to use of the lowest water for washing your rooms. Therefore, it does not vamoose any water stains on the floor.  

The Viomi SE robot features Y-pattern mopping to promote manual cleaning and dual cleaning with high efficiency and integration.

Smartphone App Compatibility – Make Your Home A Smart Place.

Advanced robot cleaners are compatible with smartphone apps that allow you to use, control, and schedule vacation times easily. These devices also work with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The compatible iOS and Android feature is available on all Ecovacs Deebot robot cleaning models. You can provide vacuum or vacuum plus mopping instructions, depending on the circumstances.

Similarly, other models like iRobot Roomba 971, Anker Eufy, Viomi SE, etc., are compatible with their smartphone applications. This compatibility of the smartphone app allows hands-free control and machine operation anytime and anywhere.

Automatic Docking technology – Recharge Your Batteries On Time.

The robotic vacuum cleaner operates on battery power. These batteries need to be charged regularly. Generally, the machine can operate anywhere between 90 to 150 minutes when fully charged.

These devices come with automatic sensors that detect battery levels continuously. When the level has reached less than 20%, the device automatically returns to the charger to recharge the batteries.

It may take up to three hours to recharge. When charged and up to 100%, the machines restart the cleaning function where they stopped while operating.

Deboot Automatic docking

All robotic vacuum cleaners incorporate automatic docking technology. Thus, it eliminates human intervention in its area of ​​operation. This technology is helpful, especially if you plan to clean at night or if you are not available. The machine continues its work as planned.

Other Innovative Technologies

Ultraviolet Sanitation – Hygiene of the highest order

Some robot vacuum cleaning machines like the Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop arrive prepared with special UV sanitization technology that sanitizes the bottom as it cleanses them. It provides to destroy up to 99% of dangerous bacteria from the cleaning covers.       

Likewise, the Viomi S9 features a UV floor sanitizer to destroy five types of dangerous germs.

Smart Dust Tank Detection – Ensures safety 

The Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop incorporates a distinctive safety measure in elegant dust tank detection. This device warns the user that the tank arrangement is inaccurate. Therefore, it permits the user to correct the blunder and guarantee its proper functioning.

Remote Control Operations – Hands-free control from anywhere

You have robotic vacuum cleaners with smartphone compatibility to authorize you to work and control the machine from anywhere. Likewise, some of the vacuum cleaners permit controlling them operating a tiny control device. The iBell Robotic Vacuum cleaner permits you to this facility.  


Robotic vacuum cleaners are equipment that makes it comfortable and convenient for everyone to clean their floors. These devices, ably assisted by advanced technologies, can navigate to the far intersections of your home and ensure a thorough cleaning job.

Most maximum of these technologies is unrestricted on all robotic vacuum cleaners, incorporating the high-end models featuring mapping and navigating features. Moreover, these technologies are advanced and help in ensuring the perfect job for mopping and vacuuming.

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