Inverter Washing Machine Vs Non Inverter Washing Machine: Is It Worth?

Inverter Washing Machine Vs Non Inverter Washing Machine! A topic to ponder about.

You must have come across many scientific terms like “Digital Inverter technology, Direct Drive Technology, Intellisense Inverter Technology” and many more other words to similar effect.

We have already explained the term above. Let’s learn about the inverter technology in washing machines. Also, let’s see how beneficial it is to the consumer.

DD motor

In this article, we will go through all the aspects related to the inverter and non inverter washing machine. But, for the time being, you can go through the slight comparison table between the machines with inverter technology and non-inverter motors.

We hope that you will get a clearer picture of the concept and benefits of choosing a washer with inverter technology over the non inverter washing machine.

Comparison Between Inverter And Non-Inverter Washing Machine

ParametersWhirlpool Whitemagic Royal 6.5 Kg GenXLG 6.5 Kg T65SKSF4Z
Capacity6.5 Kg6.5 Kg
Inverter MotorNoYes
Units per day0.360.34
Energy Consumption0.0119 kWhr/kg/cycle0.0113 kWhr/kg/cycle
Units per annum (300 days)108102
Power Cost540510
ModeTop Load Fully automaticTop Load Fully automatic
Usage per day1 Hour1 Hour

At present, More than 80% of the washing machines come with inverter technology, that is inverter motor. Also, if we talk about the BEE energy consumption rate, the LG model is a much more efficient one. It consumes less energy, that is around, 0.0113kWhr/kg/cycle


Today, almost 80% of the washing machines come with inverter motors.

If we take the BEE energy consumption rating as the base, the LG model is the efficient model, with a low energy consumption figure of 0.0113 kWhr/kg/cycle.

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Inverter Technology vs Non-inverter Technology

First and foremost, You need to clear some basic misconceptions about inverter technology. When we talk about the inverter technology in washing machines, it has absolutely nothing to do with your home inverter system.

The motor and its functioning is the main difference between the inverter and non-inverter washing machine. The working of the motor includes the magnetic field. This magnetic field later set the motor windings into motion.

Whereas, in the inverter motor, there are no friction-causing components. That is, no brushes. The inverter is referred to as a frequency converter as well. The reason is that it converts AC into DC and thereby generating AC with the desired frequency level.

Therefore, it is capable of adjusting the speed and frequency of the wash drum. It means you will be provided with modes and options to select the desired speed.

As a result, we can conclude that the inverter motors can vary the speed of the machine. Eventually, helps in consuming less energy. It is thereby sensible to opt for an inverter washing machine.

Do you know why? The reason being the irregularity of a load of clothes. It is not like you have the same load of clothes to wash every day.

Inverter Technology vs Non-inverter Technology

The conventional motor, or the non inverter motor, works at the same speed. They don’t count for the load inside the washing machine. Thereby, consuming the same amount of power, even if it’s just a handkerchief.

Inverter Washing Machine Vs Non Inverter Washing Machine

Whereas, the inverter motor does away with this problem. These machines are pre-installed with the sensors. These sensors determine the load that is inside the drum.

Consequently, the machine decides the quantity of water and the speed of the motor. You can just sit back and watch your machine do the work for you. Plus, it consumes less power.

The inverter washing machines don’t make much o a sound or vibration while working. It helps in creating a quiet, noise-free surrounding at home. The reason is that it lacks components like belts and pulleys.

These were earlier found in conventional non-inverter motors, thereby making sound while functioning.

Different Technologies Used By Manufacturers

LG has launched a new technology, Direct Drive Technology. In this, the drum is directly connected to the motor, without a belt or a pulley. It has this outer rotor-type BLDC motor which is not associated with any pulley or belt.

This technology actually helps in improving the washing efficiency of the machine. It allows the user to precisely control the washing operations.

You know that washing machines do make a lot of vibration and noise when running. This is because of the belts and pulley motor that makes the drum vibrate. But with Direct-Drive technology, there are comparatively low vibrations and less noise.

It gives you an easy and quiet wash cycle. Moreover, the motor utilizes less energy lasting for years, comfortably. Therefore, being a little expensive initially, it can save you power and water and in the long run.

Do you guys know that there is a similarity between LG’s Direct Drive technology & Samsung’s Digital Inverter technology? The similarity is the motor placement and connection to the drum.

Moreover, this technology makes use of strong magnets that provide durability and power. Consequently, consumes less power up to 40%, and makes less noise.

Even whirlpool offers similar technology. Generally known as the 6th Sense Soft Move technology. As suggested by the name, it senses the load of the clothes and adapts accordingly. The adaptation includes drum rotation speed and No. of turns. It minimizes the friction and therefore, increases energy efficiency.

All these factors and technologies contribute towards a longer lifespan for the washing machine.

Direct Drive

Comparison Between Inverter And Non-Inverter Washing Machines

Inverter Washing Machines Non Inverter Washing Machines
It uses brushes to transfer energy.
Doesn’t come with pulleys, belts, or gears.They come equipped with pulleys and belts.
Bulky inverter motor.Comparatively lighter inverter motor.
Comes with sensors that detect the load capacity. Absence of any such sensor.
Enables to vary power consumption.Uses the same power regardless of the load.
Do not make much of a noise. A bit noisy when compared to the inverter machines.
They are more durable and comes with an extended warranty.Certainly less durable and get reduce warranty.
A bit expensive when compared to non-inverter washing machines The Non Inverter Washing Machines generally costs less.


Is it worth buying an inverter washing machine?

Inverter washing machines work much better than conventional washing machines because they consume less electricity, require less maintenance, and produce less noise.

What is the inverter type in the washing machine?

One of the best types of washing machines is the inverter washing machine. This type of washing machine works according to a specific technology that helps you save energy. A car in a standard washing machine works at the same speed no matter how much you wash the load.

Does the inverter washing machine really save electricity?

Inverter motors offer a lot to do with less: less vibration and less noise, especially during the washing and spinning phase. Inverter washers also win when it comes to efficiency: the new car offers great power with minimal electricity consumption, reaching the A +++ power efficiency level (-40%).

Are inverter washing machines good?

Digital Inverter Technology uses powerful magnets to reduce car crashes. Having a little bit of clutter makes your washing machine run more peacefully and smoothly, making it ideal for an open living system and keeping that budget in check.

What is an inverter washing machine?

Direct Drive (or inverter) washing machines motors do not include belts, chains or gearboxes. Instead, they use their car to swap directly in the washing machine. Direct Drive motors use more energy than standard designs, which is good news for the running costs of your home

What is the difference between inverter and non-inverter washing machines?

The main difference between an inverter washing machine and a standard washing machine is a car. The inverter washing machine uses an inverter motor compared to the brush motors of conventional washing machines. Therefore, the inverter washing machine can vary in the speed of its vehicle depending on the load.

What is inverter technology?

The inverter is an energy-saving technology that eliminates lost performance in air conditioners by effectively controlling the speed of the car. In inverter-type air conditioners, the temperature is adjusted by changing the speed of the car without turning ON and OFF.

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