Inverter Battery Maintenance- How Can You Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery

Inverter Battery Maintenance: It is equally important to take care of the inverter batteries. We hear people complaining about their inverters saying that it doesn’t long last. Inverter In India tends to undergo a lot of pressure because of the frequent power failures.

One of the main motivations for this topic is – poor maintenance that has an immediate effect on the implementation and lifespan. Not many individuals understand how to adequately take care of the inverter batteries.

You are requested to follow the helpful tips to prolong the lifespan of your inverter battery.

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Tips To Maintain And Extend The Life Of Inverter Battery

Below here we have listed some maintenance tips that assure the appropriate working of your battery. Also, get to learn the Common Inverter Problems in India & How To Fix Them?

1. Check the Water Level

If you like your inverter battery to work at its cliff, guarantee to keep a satisfactory water level. It should neither be higher nor be lower, but in between them somewhere.

To check for this, you have to look at the float indicator of the inverter. It will ensure that the water is up to the appropriate level. If it is not so, you have to open the indicators and fill them up with distilled water up to the limit.

Also, you have to make sure that you are not using the tap water for this cause as it can poorly affect the battery performance and life. Moreover, to inspect the health of the inverter battery, you can check the color of the acid. Ideally, the acid used in the inverter battery is colorless. However, If the color is brown or somewhere between black and brown, you must consider seeing an after-sale department.

2. Keep Rust Away From The Battery

The very next step that is equally crucial is to keep your inverter battery away from the rust. Yes, rusting is a process that corroded the piece of iron and makes it less effective. Moreover, it will restrict the flow of current in the inverter battery ultimately resulting in lower battery life.

However, if you observe a site of rusting happening on the inverter battery, there are a few ways you can remove corrosion.

All you gonna need is:

  • Hot Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Tooth Brush
  • Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly


  • Blend hot water and baking soda to make a solution.
  • Spread this solution to the eroding areas of the battery.
  • After that, clean them utilizing a toothbrush to clean the corrosion.
  • After cleansing, apply a speck of Vaseline to the terminals and other parts to control corrosion.

3. Keep Inverter in Ventilated and Dry Area

Thirdly, you should always keep your inverter battery in a place where it can breathe properly. The position should be in such a way that it is fully ventilated. Moreover, the area must be dry or kept dry.

Inverter Battery Maintenance

Direct exposure to sunlight or even heat can affect the efficiency of the inverter. Make sure you are keeping it away from the sunlight. Lastly, You should always position your inverter battery in a well-ventilated and dry area. Lastly, you should always keep the battery out of the reach of the children. Child practice can harm your loved ones as well.

4. Never Cover Your Battery On All Sides

Now, this is a thing that most people do. They tend to cover the inverter from all sides. No, this should not happen. When you are working with machines or even using one, it gets heated up while working or getting charged. If you will cover it entirely, it will get difficult for the battery to release the heat. Make sure you leave out a little space for the heat release. Inverter Battery Maintenance is not as difficult as it is preassumed.

5. Place It On A Trolley Rather Than Directly On The Ground

Never position the battery directly on the floor, as the acid can damage the flooring. Rather, you can have it positioned on a trolley that serves as a barricade between the acid and your floor. Coming to see the other advantage of utilizing a trolley is that you can effortlessly transport or move the battery when required.

6. Avoid Tilting The Battery

Guarantee the proper positioning of your battery to evade dribbling or slipping the distilled water and acid combination on the floor. That may affect your beautiful flooring. Therefore, it is advisable to never tilt your battery. Just by following these easy steps, you can get a high of Inverter Battery Maintenance.

7. Change Battery When Needed

Do not overlook adjusting the inverter battery as and when required. Upon use, the batteries begin to lose their capacity, which, in bend, decreases the backup capability of the device.

We suggest sealed batteries and lithium batteries that deliver long life. Furthermore, these do not need recurring maintenance.

If you enjoy going for the most efficient one, choose to operate tubular batteries. They present high energy efficiency, long operating life, and lesser maintenance costs.

8. Check Inverter’s Input Power Line Condition

Continuously review the shape and condition of your inverter input power line. Anytime there is a lax connection of the mainline power cable, the functioning of the battery gets rendered.

Another thing that may impact the performance of your battery can be Voltage fluctuations, high/low input voltage, or even a blown away fuse.

9. Do Not Overload The Battery

Coming to talk about overloading, it is never a joyful idea to overload the inverter battery. Whenever there is a power cut to failure, your battery gets overloaded. Consequently, decreasing the backup period. It really gets imperative to not connect the devices that tend to consume or eat up more power. Especially at the time of the power cut. One thing you can do for preventing your battery to get overloaded is you can disconnect all the devices that eat up most of the current.

10. Use Your Battery Regularly

It is important to utilize your batter regularly once the installation is done. In any matter, there is no power stake in your area, it is more reasonable to terminate the battery completely and then restore it again to secure its efficient functioning.

11. Check Vents

Upholding the vents about the battery-free from rust and dust and clogging is very meaningful. Vents that are blocked result in the accumulation of hydrogen gas inside the battery. Eventually, leading to the bursting of the inverter.

12. Keep the Battery Surface Spotless

Anyhow maintain the bottom surface of the battery-free from dust and filth. Anytime you detect residues of dirt, scrub it instantly using a cloth. Guarantee to keep the surface clean around the battery to ensure relentless performance.

13. Damaged Wire Affects Performance

Well, if you are using any machine or electronic device, it has got up a lot of wiring work going here and there. As messy as it looks, it is equally essential for the proper working of the inverter. You should check that as well. Keep looking for any loose wire or loose connections.

14. Check Battery Only When Fully Charged

You can perform a supervision check on the inverter battery, only when it is completely charged. To confirm that, your battery demands charging for approximately 10-15 hours operating an appropriate inverter or an external device.

You can hold with your battery health inspection regime after it completely recharges.

15. Use Energy-Saving Appliances And Gadgets

If you like to reduce electricity consumption and save some bits on your inverter battery, employing energy-saving machines can be a convenient option.

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I GENUINELY hope that this article provided you with an extensive insight into how to manage your inverter battery. With timely supervision, you can ensure the uninterrupted and clear operation and the extended life of the battery.

Now that you are familiar, make certain you obey the tips, as noted above, to guarantee efficient functioning. If you like to understand more about the causes leading to the collapse of the inverter battery, do let us comprehend that as well.

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