How to save electricity with your Split AC – Tips for there maintenance

Air conditioners are the boon to our existence, surviving the summer season is a lot easier because of the AC’S. But like every other technology, even the air conditioners have its cons, the first one being its ability to increase the electricity bill. You won’t even realize, and your electricity bill will be skyrocketed.

But you can control the bill by following one step, and that is ac maintenance. It is imperative to keep your air conditioner in a proper and a good shape, this way it will work efficiently and will not break down at the peak of the summer.

In this article we are going to discuss some maintenance tips, there are two types of tips, one is for the existing units, and the other part is the ones which you need to keep in mind when you are getting your AC’s installed.

Below are the Tips to Save Electricity At home 

Installation Process

While you are getting your air conditioner installed, make sure that there is enough space at the place. With an ample amount of space, you will get the maintenance and repair very quickly. If you have installed the air conditioner, then following the procedures of ac maintenance will be tough, and you won’t be able to remove the filters also.

Make sure that your Air conditioner unit is getting installed in a spot that has shade; the eastern or the north side house is the perfect side for installing the air conditioner as it will prevent the sun rays from falling on the air conditioner directly

Usage and AC maintenance tips. 

When it comes to AC maintenance, there are a lot of steps that you can follow. All of these steps are inexpensive as well as easy, keep reading them.

  1.     Changing Air filter, once a month is a must

Changing the air filter regularly is the best thing you can do to maintain your AC. Moreover, changing the air filter is the easiest as well as an inexpensive task, which can be done in a span of a few minutes.

The function of the air filter is to stop all the particles like dust and dirt from entering the room. But the air filter can work adequately only, is clean and doesn’t have any dirt and grime on its surface. If the filters aren’t clean, they won’t work efficiently. They will put extra stress on the conditioner, which will hinder the performance of the air conditioner, and the air quality will also depreciate.

  1.     Coils should be clean

Coils are the essential components of your air conditioner, and the coils help the refrigerant to absorb the heat and expel cold air. The coils can be coated with dirt after some period, and because of this, the amount of heat it absorbs can be reduced. Because of this, the air conditioner will have to put extra effort into producing cool air. To avoid this underway strain, keep the coils of your air conditioner clean. You can start by clearing out the debris around the condenser unit.

  1.     Schedule your AC maintenance appointment

It is always better to get your AC maintenance appointment every month. It will remove a lot of burden on your shoulders.  The technician will inspect and tune all the functions so that your AC can work correctly. It is the best way to protect your AC from all kinds of issues.

  1.     Keep a check on the Condensation Drain

The most integral part of the air conditioner system is the condensation drain, and the condensation drain will allow the system to drain out all the condensation, which is created inside through a pipe.  The condensation drain can start to clog up after some time, which will hamper the drainage system.

You need to keep a periodical check on the condensation drainage to make sure that the water is draining out properly. If the water isn’t draining out properly, then proceed on to unclogging the pipe.

  1.     Fins

Another essential part of the air conditioner is the fins your AC maintenance needs to involve the checking of Fins. All the air conditioning systems have a condenser and an evaporator, and all of these have fins. After prolonged usage, these fins can bend and cause insufficient airflow. To make sure that your air conditioner is functioning properly, you need to keep a check on them. If you find that they have started to bend. Use a fin comb for bringing them back to place. 

  1.     Recycling or changing of the refrigerant

You need to recycle or change the air conditioner refrigerant periodically. Also, get your condenser cleaned regularly, this will make the air conditioner work in a more effective manner

  1.     Always keep a check on the fresh air vent

Make sure that your “fresh air” vent is closed, and the function of the fresh air vent is to bring the air which is outside the room. But since the work of the air conditioner is to cool the indoor air, the fresh air setting will bring the extra hot air from the outside, and the AC will not put extra effort in cooling the air. 

  1.     Shut down television, Lights, computers.

One significant aspect of your Ac maintenance is to shut down the lights, computers, or televisions when they are not in use, as these appliances generate heat; the air conditioner will have to put in extra effort in cooling the air.

  1.     Maintain ideal temperature

To make sure that your Air conditioner isn’t overworked, you need to maintain a perfect temperature, and that is between 24 to 25 degrees. This will provide the right amount of cooling as well as save energy. 

  1.   Use ceiling fan

Using a ceiling fan with the air conditioner will reduce the load of the air conditioner and will allow it to work more efficiently. 

  1.   Change your old air conditioner

If you have an old air conditioner which needs a lot of repairs, then you should replace it with a new air conditioner which is energy efficient. It is a much cheaper option than repairing your air conditioner every second day 

  1.   Placement of other appliances in the room

Don’t just don’t place the computers, lights, televisions, and different kinds of light-producing devices near the thermostats of the air conditioner as it will impact the functioning of the thermostat.

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