How To Easily Deep Clean A Washing Machine At Home (Top | Front Load)

Keeping a washing machine well maintained and clean will definitely help you to keep it working for years. Moreover, it will make laundry easy for you all.

We get so much busy in daily chores and somewhere along the way, we fail to hit upon the fact that cleaning the washing machines should be done with some routine— not, like, never.

The point is, you must have realized that after a time or so, your clothes just don’t seem to get as clean as they used to. This is because, the detergent that we use in washing, usually contains soap residue and minerals, which over time, are apt to build up in the machine.

We have searched around various platforms and found a bunch of different approaches for cleaning a top load washing machine, but we have found an easy two-step approach that is doable and inexpensive.

Cleaning a washing machine commences with just two things:

  • 1 cup of bleach
  • 1 cup of white vinegar

Read on to know more about the process of cleaning A Washing Machine at Home.

Cleaning A Washing Machine

Very easy to start off by filling the empty washer with hot water, like the same way you would do a large load of laundry.

Now it’s time to add the cup of bleach and allow the machine to run for a couple of minutes. So that the bleach mixes up completely with the hot water.

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You can now open the top lid of the machine and let the complete solution sit for an hour. You will see that the bleach starts to react with the soap residue along with the corners.

After an hour, shut the lid and let the machine run a complete cycle and let the machine drain all the solution out of the washer.

Now it’s time for you to hop on the second method, fill the washer with hot water, add the cup of white vinegar to the water

Let the machine run for another minute to arouse the water and vinegar. After waiting for a minute, open the top of the machine and repeat the process.

After an hour, feel free to drain out all the vinegar solution and work on cleaning the basin. You can spray the gaskets, dispensers, and exterior of the machine with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water.

The last and final step is to Wipe everything down with a clean cloth.

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The washing machine helps us to wash and clean our clothes. Similarly, we have a duty towards it.

 You will be surprised and shocked to see the magical difference. The inside of the basin would feel smooth and clean without the hard water spots and soap build-ups.

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