How To Clean An Air Fryer

Well, now that you have learned everything about an air fryer. It’s time for you all to know a few things about cleaning as well. Are you baffled on How To Clean An Air Fryer after cooking up your favorite recipe? Well, it gets a lot easier with correct tips and knowledge.

While you think of buying the best air fryer for your kitchen. It becomes really important to seriously think about the question-“How To Choose An Air Fryer”. Well, you don’t have to be concerned anymore. We have got your back.

Frying isn’t healthy, and we all know it. Air fryers and Air Fryer Accessories are something you can count on. Air-fried food is much lower in fat and calorific value. Moreover, it genuinely takes a little less effort to be cleaned. You know how hard it can get sometimes to clean a deep fryer.


To assist you to overlook your new favored appliance, we’ve put jointly a quick and effortless cleaning guide below.

What To Wash After Each Use

Well, when we consider cleaning an air fryer, it’s not like you can clean it like other utensils in the kitchen. However, there are a few parts that can be cleaned separately on a daily basis. For instance, the tray, or the basket, and even the pan can be washed just like you do with another dish. Goes very well with soap and warm water.

If you don’t wish to even put your hands in washing, you can use the best dishwasher in the town to get it done for you. Well, you can also look out for How to Deep Clean Baffle Filter in a dishwasher.

Mostly, the air fryers have dishwasher-safe parts, but review the manual for your exact model first, only to be sure. Parch all of the parts thoroughly before you reassemble the air fryer.

How To Clean An Air Fryer

If the basket has baked-on Oil or grease, try and soak it in hot water and soap for 20 to 30 minutes first. Then drag the now-softened slop with a scrub brush.

Coming to talk about the interior, it’s not a difficult task. Just remove the basket or pan, or the tray, to clean it from inside. Take a slightly damp sponge or cloth with a bit of soap. Gently move it over the interior and let it dry for some time.

What To Wash Occasionally

Well, the good thing about cooking in an air fryer is, it counts for very little oil. Yes, you might be needing a spoonful of oil and that it. Your food is crispy outside and delicate inside. Well, with less oil, you get less greasy residue. So, you really don’t have to clean the outside as frequently when talking about an air fryer.

Take up a damp cloth and wipe it down gently around the exterior/ body of the air fryer. Don’t forget to unplug it first. That basic though!!

Furthermore, Always check the coil for residue or oil collection on the heating coil. You can also wipe down the coil using a damp cloth. It is the same as would do with the heating element on a stove (The electric one).

Air Frying Basics

In the most straightforward of terms, an air-fryer is a consolidated cylindrical countertop convection oven. It’s a kitchen device that utilizes burning air to boil and food. Moreover, delivering outcomes is very similar to deep-frying. Or maybe to that of some high-temperature roasting.

Convection ovens in our kitchens have made their space very efficient. In a traditional oven, the air is warmed and the hot air boils the food. In a convection oven, the air is warmed and then blown about by a fan. This constructs more energy. Therefore, cooks foods quickly and better evenly.

How To Clean An Air Fryer

Air fryers utilize the identical technology as convection ovens, but rather than botching the air about a large rectangular box, it is bumbled around in a close cylinder. Further, the food poses in a perforated basket. This is considerably more efficient and constructs an extreme environment of warmth from which the food cannot flee.

The consequence is food with a crisp, flaky brown exterior and soft tender interior. The result is very much similar to that of deep-frying. But, you can enjoy the no oil property. While you air-fry, you usually gulp no more additional than one tablespoon of oil!

An air fryer actually does not just cook foods that you would usually fry in oil. It can boil any foods that you would cook in your range or microwave as well. It is an outstanding tool for reheating foods without causing them flexible and is an excellent and fast way to organize components as well as make feeds.

Air Fryer Deep-Cleaning Tips

In case you observe any foul odor coming from your appliance. There are chances that some food particles are trapped somewhere inside or on it. To get rid of this problem, mix together a little amount of baking soda and water. Mix them thoroughly, till getting a cleaning paste.

How To Clean An Air Fryer

Take a brush or some old toothbrush so that it can go to deep places where the cloth won’t reach. Scrub the interiors thoroughly.

Never employ metal utensils to vacate crumbs or baked-on grease from the surface of the fryer. It can impair the non-stick layer and contain your fryer from working appropriately.

Learning how to clean an air fryer isn’t challenging, but it is essential to watch for and prolong the life of your appliance. Now that you know how it’s done, here are some Air Frying 101 tips, that will help you know more about your favorite appliance.

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