While you think of buying the best air fryer for your kitchen. It becomes really important to seriously think about the question-“How To Choose An Air Fryer”. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have got your back.

If you feel you’d like to count an air fryer on your kitchen, there are a few thoughts & things to regard before making your purchase. Keep a hold with us and figure out which air fryer is best suitable for you!

So, you’ve already read about air frying and you’re prepared to jump into the most delinquent craze in the kitchen. Now your subsequent question is how to choose an air fryer. Yes, it becomes really important to think about this thing. While I’m not heading to make any brand recommendations or promotions. However, I’m here to assist you to narrow down the ever-expanding alternatives. 


First things first. You should go through the previous article, about the Air Frying 101 lesson if you still haven’t.

In the most fundamental terms, an air fryer is a countertop convection range. It utilizes superheated air to cook meals, giving up shots very comparable to deep-frying. Or maybe something like high-temperature roasting. 


If we look at the choice available in the market today, there are usually two types of air fryers available. The first one is the cylindrical basket air fryer units. While the other one is the air fryer ovens. Both of them are basically countertop convection ovens, however, they do have some distinguishable features.

The widespread and prevalent cylindrical basket air fryers are furnished with drawers with removable baskets. These are very similar to the deep fryer baskets. This basket helps in holding the food that has to be cooked.

The air is warmed in the lid top of the machine and a fan distributes that hot air evenly about the food in the basket. Moreover, the Air fryer ovens operate on the same principle. In other words, it tends to work under the same condition.

The hot air is warmed up and blown down from overhead, but rather of a drawer and basket, the form of an air fryer range is equivalent to that of a pop-up toaster oven. As it comes with racks inside that grasp the crisper and baking or cooking trays.

Not like the basket air fryers, The air fryer ovens have counted cooking operations. For instance- to bake, toast, rotisserie, and broil. 

So, before you make any kind of decision. You need to decide if you would like to work with a basket style air fryer or the air fryer oven.

It essentially arrives down to the countertop area. In other words, you will be needing a little more kind of space to place the oven style air fryer. Don’t worry, we won’t put you in middle conditions. Down below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of both types of air fryers. These will help you in making the best decision. Have a look.

Pros And Cons Of Basket Air Fryer

Basket Air Fryer
Basket air fryer

Pros of Basket Air Fryer

  • Requires Less Counter Space
  • Easy to Toss Food in Basket
  • Pre-heats Faster (2 Minutes)
  • Many Color Choices Available
  • Doesn’t Heat up Kitchen

Cons of Basket Air Fryer

  • Louder than Oven
  • Cannot See Food During Cooking
  • Single Function Units
  • Limited Capacity – Requies Batch Cooking
  • Only Accommodate Small Baking Dishes

Pros And Cons Of Oven Air Fryer

Oven Air Fryer
Oven Air Fryer

Pros of Oven Air Fryer

  • Large Capacity – Can Cook More Food
  • Multiple Cooking Functions
  • View Food Through Glass Door
  • Quieter Fan
  • Accommodate Assorted Baking Dishes
  • Most Parts are Dishwasher Safe
  • Can Move Food Closer or Away from Heating Element

Cons of Oven Air Fryer

  • Takes Up More Counter Space Usually More Expensive
  • Cannot Shake Food for Even Cooking
  • Takes Longer to Pre-heat
  • Heats up Kitchen More
  • Limited Color Choices
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