Electrostatic Filter | How Does It Work? Pros & Cons!

What do you understand by the term Electrostatic Filter? Well, Electrostatic air filters, also recognized as washable filters or reusable filters, are positioned on a furnace and typically perceive the position of a folded filter. The special electrostatic energized bits drive the dusty scraps towards the receiver, ambushing the dirty shreds within.

Well, I am sure that by this time, you must understand the adverse effect of pollution on indoor air. Moreover, it is more hazardous than the air possible out-of-doors. You have a variation in the quality of contaminants inside the apartment that you would never find outside.

These contaminants can scatter into the outdoor air quickly and get disbanded. You must trade with various kinds of odors inside the room. For instance, smells from cooking actions, fragrance, sweetness in the air, air fresheners, insect repellents, and many more.

Besides, if you have a pet in your home. You will have to suffer from animal dander.

Animal dander

All these immorality can take a huge toll on your health as they pollute the air we breathe. Consequently, you require to practice air conditioners having effective filters. One such filter is the ‘Electrostatic Filter.

Electrostatic Filters – The Principle

Electrostatic filters purify the air by utilizing static current. It is a secure and generally happening phenomenon.

The air continues to move through a network of static inclined fibers and creates an electrostatic charge whereby it draws the airborne particles. The charge endures these particles until you wipe them elsewhere.

Electrostatic Filters – The Working

The electrostatic filters produce reoccurring layers of the vented elements through which the air crosses. The approaching friction between the filter and the air molecules when it bisects the first layer of filtration charges them positively.

These positively imposed molecules append to the subsequent layers of the filter whereby guaranteeing that the production is nothing but pure air stripped of all contaminants.

Electrostatic Filters – Pros & Cons

  • The sterilization method is agile and secure. You get countless years of trouble-free use.
  • The soot filling patterns are such that it progresses airflow while accommodating maximum filtration.
  • These filters can eliminate contaminants like pollen, dust, bacteria, molds, spores, and animal dander. Most maximum of these contaminants is PM 10 and less.
  • These electrostatic filters do not need regular replacement as compared to activated carbon filters do.
  • The replacement cycle is more economical than the activated carbon filters, but these filters take a long opportunity to clean.
  • Because of the principle of static electricity, the dirt particles manage to attach to the tube line. It enhances challenges to refine them as these shreds are charged ions tending to cling to the surface.
  • These filters perform to obstruct the airflow more as contrasted to the other filters. Hence, the AC units have to accomplish harder to cool the place.

How To Clean Electrostatic Filters

Conventional purification of these filters is necessarily required as the buildup of dust can hamper the airflow. The absolute regularity should be around once in 4 to 6 weeks. The manner is a straightforward one.

  • Firstly, Detach the air filter from the AC.
  • Secondly, Rinse with water from the opposing direction. The more formidable the pressure, the more reliable is the cleaning.
  • Clean the filter from the opposite side.
  • Adopt specified detergents or disinfectants to dislodge stubborn stains
  • Soak completely to eliminate the outstanding dirt
  • Lastly, take time to remove the excess water and leave the screen to evaporate before reinstalling it.
Electrostatic Filter

Different Types of Electrostatic Filters

As you know, different types of filters are present in Air conditioners, or water purifiers, or air purifiers. For example, the Catechin filter, Anti- Bacterial Filter, Baffle filter, Hepa filter, Anti VOC filter, or the electrostatic filter.

However, when we talk about electrostatic filters that are in the market,

Different types of electrostatic filters are available on the market depending on the Arrestance potential. The conventional range is 82% Arrestance whereas you have 94% Arrestance potential filters for heavy-duty AC units.

Usage In Air conditioners

You can obtain these filters in particular models like that of Daikin Air Conditioners. They have advantages such as more profound replacement frequency and so on.

Nevertheless, these filters demand consistent sustenance. The benefit of employing these filters is that you can wash them, unlike the activated carbon filters that become ineffective after the clogging of the pores.

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