12 Must-Have DSLR Camera Accessories in 2020

A photographer doesn’t need only a digital single-lens reflex camera ( DSLR camera ) for photography. There is a need for many essential accessories. These things make photography more reliable. A passionate and professional photographer should carry all these essential DSLR accessories under a roof. But, if he is not, he can buy them whenever he feels necessary. 

Here we have come with a list of must-have DSLR accessories for you. You can take knowledge of what kind of things you will need for your photography. 

Must Have DSLR( A digital single-lens reflex)  Accessories 

1. Waterproof Camera Bag

You can travel very comfortably with your camera gear when you convey the Waterproof Camera Bag. This bag keeps the entirety of your camera embellishments just as your camera sorted out in one spot. Moreover, it shields your camera from any climate conditions on account of its waterproof designs. You can decide to convey it as a standard purse or settle on the shoulder bag. However you convey it, the pack is a comfortable answer for going around with your camera gear. Indeed, the structure is classy and goes with any style. The smooth structure additionally doesn’t look too massive which makes it an incredible frill for visit explorers and picture takers. Essentially place the entirety of your camera gear inside and begin catching your memories in style.

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2. Tripod Leg sets 

Ever observe the ideal shot and absolutely miss it since you’re setting up your gears? An Innovative Camera Tripod Leg can change that. Working rapidly and effectively, this tripod is not normal for any you’ve at any point seen previously. Without the requirement for change clasps or extra head leveling,It unfurls and levels all alone in one movement. It can even do this on lopsided surfaces. You should simply untwist and lift; 

The tripod naturally puts itself. Never again will you miss the shot since you’re tinkering with clasps and lopsided surfaces. What’s more, the top highlights an implicit air pocket level for absolute exactness. On account of the tripod’s versatile structure and focal locking framework, your camera will be sheltered and secure. 

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3. Memory Card Holder 

A memory card holder keeps your memory cards together in one spot where they can remain shielded from dust and unfriendly climate. CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) cards are little things, so a memory card case will prevent them from getting lost or harmed. These cases are sufficiently little to put in your pocket, keeping them close when you need them. A few forms are splendidly hued, while others will drift whenever dropped in water. A portion of these DSLR accessories additionally hold save batteries in a similar space, diminishing the requirement for additional holders. Guarantee you pick a memory card holder that favors the kind of memory cards your camera and gadgets use.

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4. Mini Spirit Level

Landscape photography might be an enthusiasm, yet it always hard to keep the horizon straight. Remedying the picture through revolution in altering programming can remove significant pieces of the scene which may somehow or another be fundamental in uniting the whole scene. 

A mini spirit level sits on the centre of a DSLR camera. A mini spirit level can help to keep your camera and horizontally straight.

It is fundamental in helping you to keep your scene straight. Your eyes can pull tricks on you, particularly when seeing the scene through the viewfinder or LCD screen. This bit of unit reveals to you when your scene is level, making the altering procedure simpler and quicker. 

These DSLR accessories slip on to your camera’s cool/hot shoe and accompany up to three levels, which help keep your all panoramic landscape photography as level as you discover it. 

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5. Remote Trigger 

A remote trigger permits you to catch scenes without keeping your finger on the shutter release. A few exposures can take minutes and even hours, driving you to stand awkwardly close to your apparatus. With a remote shade button, you can set up your hardware, and plunk down as you hang tight for the components in your scene to adjust. 

A remote trigger and recipient in a white domain. A remote trigger permits you to step away from your camera and still control the shutter. Regardless of whether you are snapping a photo of the sunset or a moving subject going through your scene, utilizing a remote trigger implies that you can even sit down and taste hot cocoa while you pause. This is particularly useful in the event that you have various cameras shooting a scene from a wide range of points of view and edges, for example, with time pass photography. 

You can utilize it for long time landscape photography. It implies that you can set up camera, sit down and time an exposure all the more easily. 

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6.Rain Cover 

With further developed materials and innovation nowadays, we are seeing an ever increasing number of lenses and camera frameworks that are weatherproof. This isn’t equivalent to waterproof, as in excess of a spot of rainfall will harm your camera gear. Not exclusively will this outcome in expensive fixes yet you’ll likewise pass up an extraordinary photograph meeting. 

For substantial rainfall, you’ll need another thing to ensure your camera and lenses. A rain cover gives you significant serenity. It will be one of the main DSLR adornments that will secure your camera gear, permitting you to get the best out of challenging circumstances.

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7. Lens Hood 

Lens hoods will in general accompany the lenses you purchase. You may pass up a great opportunity when you purchase a lens second hand however lens hoods might be effortlessly discovered on the web. These DSLR accessories are regularly ignored and esteemed superfluous yet they give significant advantages to your photography. First of all, a lens hood assists with diminishing the immediate light hitting the glass components in your lens. lens flares are made from direct daylight hitting the glass in your lens, which is reflected onto your sensor and into the caught picture. 

Two lenses with lens hoods sit on an intelligent surface. A lens hood additionally shields your lens from knocks and scratches. In the event that you want to handhold your camera or spot it on a belt or lash, at that point your camera will be inclined to harm. A lens hood ensures the front component of your lens, keeping any costly damage from happening. 

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8. Camera Strap 

For those of you who don’t have to carry a great deal of accessories, having a camera pack on your shoulders can be disappointing. Handholding your DSLR camera keeps it all set immediately, however it can get tiring rapidly. You won’t discover any security either with this technique. 

A strap is an extraordinary method to keep your camera close for when you need it while furnishing you with a fundamental impediment for cheats. As the camera is appended to your body, your camera apparatus will be less alluring to individuals planning to do a get and-run with your things. An outline of a photographer utilizing a camera strap to hold his DSLR. A camera lash is an incredible method to guarantee your camera is close for when you need it. 

The fundamental reason for a camera strap is to help appropriate the heaviness of your gear and permit your hands to be allowed to utilize it when you need them. A durable and dependable camera strap is one of the essential DSLR accessories that you can’t manage without. I suggest the Peak Design slide, as it is agreeable while being fast and simple to adjust with one hand. 

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9. Polarising Filter

In case that you’re experienced enough into architecture or landscape photography, at that point you may find that reflections from surfaces, for example, glass or water can limit the effectiveness of your scene. These components are not handily expelled during post-handling. 

The response to controlling natural glare is to utilize a polarizing filter. These glass DSLR extras fit on the front of your lenses and decrease the measure of light that enters your DSLR camera. By turning the filter, you will have control of how the light goes through it. Less glossy surfaces will bring about better quality pictures. 

 With this DSLR equipment, you can even catch scenes behind glass and through shallow profundities of water. Without a polarizing filter, you’ll essentially observe a smooth reflection. 

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10. Head Lamp

Night photography shoots are a good time for catching the Milky Way, star trails, and anything in the huge sky above you. The issue with evening, however, is the darkness. The exact opposite thing you need to do is to set up your apparatus without light. You’re bound to bungle around and to damage your camera gear. 

A headlamp is one of those DSLR accessories you won’t need constantly yet when the sun goes down, you’ll be glad to have one. It fits over your head, keeping both your hands allowed to discover and set up your camera gear. If night photography is something you need to get into, at that point pick a headlamp with a red light. This light is milder on the eyes and encourages you to adapt to the darkest of evenings. In contrast to white light, the red light won’t ruin your picture with extra light. 

Notwithstanding permitting you to find in obscurity, you can likewise utilize a headlamp to illuminate articles and structures during long exposures.

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11. Macro Extension tubes 

It is extravagantly costly to get into large scale photography as you require master lenses for it, and put colossal aggregates of cash into lenses that you don’t know of utilizing over a more drawn out term puts a great many people off. 

This is the place extension tubes prove to be useful, they can be utilized between your camera and the lenses  to build the separation between the back lens component and the picture sensor along these lines giving you macro capabilities. You can modify the length of the tube  to get an alternate degree of magnification. The more current tubes accompany electrical supply so that you keep all autofocus capabilities unblemished. 

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12. External Flash 

An external flash is one camera gear thing that numerous photographers  will steer away from. Lighting may appear to be an extremely troublesome piece of photography yet all you have to ace it is a touch of research, information and practice. With a little tolerance, this could be the best DSLR camera accessories you could possess. For fields, for example, picture photography or occasion photography, an external flash is a basic bit of camera gear. 

An external flash is an expert form of the on-camera streak that some DSLR cameras come furnished with. A flash unit sits on your camera’s hot shoe, where the camera and glimmer are allowed to convey electronically. external flashes help to include light in dreary zones yet additionally freeze any moving components in your scene. Fortunately, you can discover a totally decent flash online that won’t use up every last cent.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What lens should every photographer have?

 Every photographer should have a good prime lens. The common focal lengths for prime lenses are- 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, though there are plenty of other options available. The best part about prime lenses is that they are ultimately sharp.

What does a beginner photographer need?

For Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens is the cheapest of all lenses which makes it a great piece of photography equipment for beginners. Every photographer needs flash at some point of photography,  even if you don’t want to shoot in the dark. But don’t use the built-in flash on your camera body.

What are 50mm lenses best for?

50mm lenses are fast lenses with a quick maximum aperture. The most basic 50mm lenses are typically F1. 8 – a very wide aperture, which means they are great for low-light photography or indoor shooting as they allow more light into the camera’s sensor.

Are camera straps necessary?

Yes, because the wrist strap adds some support when shooting, makes it more comfortable to hold the camera when you are not shooting and gives security to prevent dropping the camera.

What is a camera buffer?

The buffer is the memory which is used to store image data before/as it is written to a memory card in a camera. Buffering is the name for the process in which the buffer is used to temporarily store files as they are written to the memory card.

Do SD cards affect image quality?

Memory cards don’t affect image quality, they just record 0s and 1s, any major brand will work well with the possible exception of Lexar. The speed of the card has little to do with the speed of the camera. Most small P&S cameras do not have blazingly quick write speeds and can not make use of faster cards. 

How long should a camera strap be?

The strap that will be worn around your neck with the camera wrestling on your chest. Most people prefer a strap length between 36 inches (91 cm) to 46 inches (117 cm) with 40 inches (102 cm) being the most commonly used by photographers. 

How can I stop my camera from overheating?

You can wrap it in a towel. You should keep as much of your camera as possible out of direct sunlight is important to fight overheating. Consider wrapping your camera in a towel (even while shooting) to help control the temperature and save from overheating. 

What is Full Form of DSLR

Full form of DSLR is  digital single-lens reflex camera.


If you want to take photography seriously, you should definitely have all the necessary equipment to make your photographs beautiful and amazing. Moreover, these camera accessories are used to make photography more comfortable. In the above, we have discussed the importance and a list of must have DSLR camera accessories in 2020 you may need.  Try to find out what you need go to make your collection of these accessories. 

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