How to Deep Clean Baffle Filter? Manual Or Dishwasher!

Cleaning of Baffle Filter is an important activity that should be taken care of. A Baffle filter is generally made of either stainless steel or aluminum. Moreover, they comprise curved aluminum or stainless steel panels.

This curve structure allows the oil and other heavy bits to stick to the panel, letting air and smoke escape through the exhaust pipes. Elica and Faber are the top competitors who claim to be selling the best kitchen chimney for Indian households.

But the question that arises is, How to Clean Baffle Filter? Or How do you clean the baffle filter at home? Here is how you can easily clean the baffle filters. The first one is Manual cleaning or dishwasher cleaning. Let’s discuss in brief regarding these methods.

1. Manual Cleaning

manual cleaning of baffle filter

Manual cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning the baffle filters.

The first step is to remove the filter from the hood. Now make sure you are doing it very carefully. The sides of the body can get damaged. You might find the filters to be heavy. However, it is easy to remove the filter from the hood.

Secondly, place the filter in the sink. Make sure you prepare a soapy water bath for your filters to swim in. The water should be warm moderately. Warm water helps in getting the dust off easily.

Thirdly, take a soft sponge to rub and scrub off the plates. Scrubbing will help in removing the oil residue. You should not use bleach as to can corrode the metal plates.

After the cleaning has been done, wash these filters under a running tap. This will remove the soap residue. Allow the filters to dry completely. After cleaning and drying, place back the filters into the hood.

2. Dishwasher Cleaning

dishwasher cleaning of baffle filter

You may not know this, but, filters are dishwasher safe and so is their cleaning. You can now clean the baffle filters in the dishwasher. This way is really efficient and saves up a lot of time. Let’s learn how!

Remove the filters from the hood very carefully. Set the dishwasher at a high-temperature setting. Place the washing ingredient accordingly. Add liquid detergent or the dishwasher tablet to the soap compartment. Do not use bleach or any kind of chemicals for cleaning.

Start the washing cycle and rest back to wait. Let the dishwasher work for you. After completion of the washing cycle, tale out the filters and let them dry. Reinstall them into the hood.

Do Baffle Filters Require Frequent Cleaning?

Yes, you have to maintain cleanliness when we come to talk about baffle filters. If the filters are not cleaned properly, they can clog the kitchen chimney. Also, frequent cleaning helps in allowing the air and smoke to flow.

The filterless and auto cleaning technology, assures that you need not be bothered about the filter cleaning, just with press of a button it cleans itself automatically.

The Advantages Of Baffle Filter

Advantages Of Baffle Filter
Baffle Filter

Baffle filter serves other benefits as well apart from removing oil and grease from the smoke and allowing the easy exhaust. These include-

  • The baffle filters block the flames from spreading all over the kitchen, in case of flare-up.
  • Baffle filters keep kitchen smoke & oil free.
  • The filters are also easy to clean & maintain.
  • Baffle Filter is suitable for Indian kitchens and requires cleaning every 6 months
  • Compared to other filters like the mesh/cassette filters or the charcoal filters, baffle filters do not require much maintenance.
  • You can even clean them in a dishwasher.
  • They are durable and last longer than other filters, including mesh and charcoal filters.


It is really important to clean the baffle filters and mashes systemically for better working. Furthermore, it increases the life span of the chimney.

A simple solution of vinegar or baking soda is effective for the cleaning of basic grime on the chimney hood whereas, for tougher stains, paint thinners are recommended.

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