What Is Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machine?

You will ve happy to know about the new feature offered by IFB Washing Machine. The Cradle Wash in IFB washing machine is a program that uses Cradle Motion to relocate at a low level of 35 rpm in a gentle swaying movement to cradle your garments with special care.

All clothes and fabrics are not identical. In case, you cannot manage heavy-duty jeans or denim or pants on an even foundation with your elegant satin dress. So, if you tend to cleanse your fragile and delicate clothes with those needing a strong washing cycle, you could end up destroying your expensive garments sadly.

Such fragile clothes demand a special washing cycle. IFB washing machines contribute a freakish and unique wash program. That is, the Cradle Wash, to take supervision of these garments. Let learn together how Cradle Wash accomplishes and safeguards your things.

Cradle Wash appropriates an extraordinary technique that reflects the engagement and cares we use while hand washing our precarious clothes.

The Cradle Wash performance in IFB laundry machines challenges high water levels inside the washing drum. It manages these levels to guarantee your fragile garments float and swim conveniently in the wash drum without any difficulty.

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This feature constrains the washing drum to stay stationary while the water fills inside it. It protects your delicate garments from damage and tear caused by the friction within the rising drum.

The unique character of the cradle wash operation is that the drum revolves at a slow speed of 35rpm in a moderate swaying motion, comparable to how we rock a baby’s cradle. Consequently, it has got the name ‘Cradle Wash.’

Additionally, the spinning activity also has to be backward to ensure that the costumes do not get entangled or injured. Consequently, the Cradle Wash system visualizes the drum to revolve at activities not passing 400rpm.

IFB washing machine technology

Well, today, if we consider practically, all IFB washing machines strive for Cradle Wash technology to store your tender laundry designations.

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The Benefits Of Cradle Wash

The Cradle Wash method demands the machine to provide low vibrations to grasp the washing cycles as silently as possible. In extension, as the rotational rate is low, the machine utilizes smaller power. The following are the benefits of the Cradle Wash system.

  • The method guarantees a soothing wash for your fragile garments.
  • It is an effective laundry cycle that eliminates stains and cleans dirt while absorbing less power.
  • In contrast to other wash cycles, the Cradle Wash system demands less water and detergent.
  • As the rotational speed is slow, the operation is practically silent.

If you desire to wash delicate garments like your satin dresses, advancing in a washing machine that contributes a Cradle Wash method is more reliable. It is an attractive technology that ensures the security of your delicate garments.

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