Comparison Between Copper Coil And Aluminium Coil

Air conditioners are used to make our indoor air cool and fresh. In this device  it has some internal ingredients. Coils are one of them.

By reading this article you will know about copper coil and aluminum coil.  It will also help you to choose which one will be better for you.


What is a coil in AC:

Evaporator coil of air conditioners also called the evaporator core, is the part of the system where the refrigerant absorbs the heat. That is, it’s where the cold air comes from. As the machine runs, the compressor pulls cold, low-pressure liquid refrigerant through the tubing in the evaporator coil.


Importance of matching your air conditioners coil:

The system of air conditioners has to be built tough in order to fulfill the demands of cooling indoor air during the hot months of summer. Though, the strongest systems will accumulate wear and tear as the years go on. But one or more components may reach the point where they need to be replaced. Now, if the replacement coil does not match the original precisely it maybe lead to a worse problem. 

So it is important to match the coils.

  1. Mismatching has a negative effect on the lifespan of your system. It reduces the effectiveness of air conditioners. 
  2. The system can’t operate with its usual efficiency. Instead, seemingly basic cooling tasks will consume a much greater amount of energy. As a result, your electricity bill will be noticeably higher.
  3. The performance of the system of air conditioners become very slow as well as may reduce the cooling capacity.


Coppar coil:

Copper coil is one of the components that is important in air conditioning system. The coil is used as a path for the refrigerant to flow between system components and to hold it from escaping to the atmosphere. As copper is a metal the electrons can move freely through the metal. So, they are known as free electrons. They are also known as conduction electrons, because they help copper to be a good conductor of heat and electricity.

 Aluminum coil :

Aluminium coils are subjected to galvanic corrosion which happens due to, two metal contacts in the presence of electrolyte liquid. Corrosion occurs at where aluminium coil joins with copper tube and causes the refrigerant leaking. Aluminium is much lighter and malleable than copper.. Being a low cost metal, it can be more cost efficient to install aluminium wiring as it will generally work out around half the cost of copper wiring. When a current goes through aluminium wiring it makes the metal to expand.

Comparison between copper coil and aluminum coil:

1.Characteristics of Heat Transfer:

In an air conditioner, it is very important for the metal of the coil to have good heat transfer characteristics as the transfer of the heat runs through the coils.

Copper has the highest heat transfer coefficient than aluminum. That means that the copper coil in an AC is a better heat transferer than the aluminum coil.

2.Pliability And Expenditure of coil:

The pliability of a coil means the quality of being easily bent. Aluminum has a better bending ability than the copper into the desired shapes.

In comparison to the expenditure,  copper is costlier than Aluminium. In an AC, making a coil of the same size and shape, the manufacturers need three times more copper to equate with the aluminum coils of the same size and shape. So the use of copper coil becomes expensive. Because of this, aluminum becomes the main choice for the manufacturers to reduce the unit cost of the manufactured ACs.

3.Strength And stability:

Copper coils in an AC have more long-lasting than the aluminum coils because copper is stronger than the aluminum. The aluminum coils get damaged and need replacement. On the other hand, the copper coils are repairable and you can reuse them. Hence, copper coils are more stable and strong than aluminum coils.

4. Maintenance factor:

The copper coils are not prone to the drastic climate. Due to their durability, they are easy to maintain and also very easy to clean for better performance.

But the aluminum coils are prone to the harsh climate and become damaged easily. So to keep them away from the harsh climate they are placed in a heavy and covered cabinet. For this, it is difficult to clean and maintain the aluminum coil.

5. Flexibility:

Aluminum is more flexible than copper. You can give it any shape you desire. Certain manufacturers have found a way out by reducing the thickness of the copper coils. So, flexibility wise, aluminum is more comfortable than copper.


It is very important to keep your AC safe from corrosion because it damages the coils. As a result of it leakages along with hampering the process of heat transfer. The corrosion of the AC becomes more during high humidity, installed near seacoasts, and near the salty water bodies or the salty lakes. The damages happen because these areas contain lots of moisture in the air.

When the corrosion begins, a layer formed over the coils which are non-conductive and reduces the heat exchange capacity of the air conditioning system. In this situation, both the coils need the same maintenance and care.

But copper coils can be repaired easily than aluminum coils.

Hence, we have a mixed reaction to the issue. Both these coils have their individual advantages and drawbacks. It boils down to how you use the AC and maintain the same with regular servicing.

CharacteristicsCopper coilAluminum coil
Heat transferLower than copper
CorrosiomCan corrode but can be maintained by cleaning regularly and can also be repaired easily. Aluminum can also corrode and it is difficult to repair in case of corrosion and thus needs replacement.
PliabilityMore metal is needed to make coilAs compared to copper lesser metal is required to make the coil.
CostRaw copper is costlier than aluminumRaw aluminum is cheaper than copper
DurabilityStronger than aluminum, hence more durable.Not as strong as copper, hence less durable. Often needs to be placed in heavy cabinets for protection.
Ease Of MaintainanceEasier to clean and maintain.Difficult to clean due to the cabinet around it. The microchannels can also get clogged and cleaning the same is difficult.
RepairingEasy to repair on the field.Difficult to repair on the field. Many times it may need complete replacement.


Which coil is better for you?

We just showed you the difference between the copper coils and aluminum coils.

In some categories like heat transfer, durability, and maintenance, the copper coils are better. At the same time, aluminum is comparatively cheaper and definitely more flexible than copper.

But for long-lasting service copper coil will much better for your air conditioners. To make it more clear you may use the above information and make your choice.


Final talk:

As we have mixed results to the issue. Both of these coils have their individual advantages and drawbacks. It indicates how you will use the AC and maintain the same with regular servicing, that will be the criteria to the choice of the coil.

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