Catechin Filter, What Are They And What They Do In Air Conditioner.

The air conditioner is an integral part of many modern homes and air filters are important for the smooth and proper functioning of the air conditioning system. Filters are needed because they keep dust, bacteria, pollen and other particles free from indoor air and provide the air clean and cool.

The world is now in the era of global warming, environmental pollution, and ozone depilation. Air conditioners are one of the biggest culprits of environmental pollution over the years. So people are now moving forward to choose the greener method of consuming energy.

So it becomes necessary for the manufacturers of these AC units to come up with environmentally friendly methods. One such attempt is the use of Catechin filters in the AC as compared to the nanosilver filters.

In this article, we will give u the information about the catechin filter.

What Is Catechin filter :


Catechin is that which has antiviral and antibacterial properties is infused into every molecule of these filters. It enables them to strip the passing air of odor, causing pollutants such as tobacco, smoke and pet smells.

Catechin is an ingredient of green tea. It can eliminate bacteria and prevent unpleasant odors. The AC manufacturers have taken the cue from these properties of Catechin.

These Catechin filters contain naturally extracted Catechin from green tea leaves. It traps and deactivates microscopic bacteria and viruses, which can diminish or prevent the spread of some diseases.

What catechin filter do in air conditioners :

The working of the Catechin filters is extremely elementary.

  • The AC manufacturers add the Catechin to the screen to prevent the passage of bacteria.
  • The filter eliminates bad odors caused by tobacco smoke.
  • The Catechin filter can also prevent the bad smells emitted by your pets because of their anti-dust and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The virus generally uses its surrounding spikes to hold itself to normal cells & infect them. Catechin filter apparently disrupts the contagious ability of the virus by covering these spikes.
  • It strips the passage of odor-causing pollutants such as tobacco, smoke and pet smell owing to their anti-dust and anti-bacterial properties.

Advantages of catechin filter:

advantage of catechin filter

  1. Removes the terrible odor and blocks the passage of bacteria and other microbes
  2. Ideal for removing the rancid smell of tobacco smoke and paints, varnishes, and so on.
  3. Extremely useful to asthma patients as these filters purify the air and get rid of the allergens
  4. Prevents the spread of various diseases caused by breathing polluted indoor air.
  5. The Catechin filter restricts the contagious ability of the viruses by covering the spikes of the virus.
  6. The Catechin held in the channel that comes from green tea deactivates caught microorganisms and undesirable Odors.
  7. Reduces the awful smell of indoor air and makes the air fresh and healthy.
  8. Captures the section of microscopic organisms and different microorganisms.

Disadvantages of catechin filter :

  1. It is little bit expensive.
  2. As it is new technology so it needs more research for Its use and application.

Importance of catachin filter in air conditioners :

  1. As it is made with environmentally friendly technology it is better for our atmosphere and it can reduce the global temperature.
  2. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties so your indoor air will become much better for your health as well as it is better for asthma patients.
  3. Catechin filter is easy to remove, easy to clean, and they can last up to a full decade. So you don’t have to worry about its replacement.

So if you don’t use the catachin filter in your air conditioner you may abstain from getting the natural process of refreshing your indoor air.

Final talk:

Today a lot of emphasis on environmental conservation happens because of the ill effects of global warming. We should make our alternative choices to build up our technology. Catechin filter is now becoming very popular to AC manufacturers. Some Japanese brands, as well as Indian AC brands like Voltas and Blue Star, have started using Catechin filters in their ACs to filter household smoke and other pollutants. So you also can make your choices to buy ACs with catechin filter for better indoor air and health

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