CADR to CFM Calculator- Learn How To Convert CADR to CFM

CADR to CFM Calculator can be really helpful when you want the CADR ratings in CFM (cubic feet per minute). As you know, CADR is really a significant perspective for any air purifier. It helps in determining the efficiency of any air purifier.

Moreover, it purports a clean air delivery rate. CADR is commensurate to the volume of air that is purified with an hour.

What is CADR?

CADR stands for “clean air delivery rate“. It is actually a figure of merit, that is, Cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. As you all know, the air that surrounds us has many particles within it.

It indicates the efficiency of your air purifier. That is to say, it betokens the work of the removal of particles from the air.

CFM can be related to speed. For a given room, if the rate at which particles are naturally falling out of the air is lower than the already purified air. It means that the CADR is really high.

The ability to remove different particle distributions from the air completely depends on the types of filters. Different filters have different abilities. The CADR’s are typically measured for three particles-

  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Dust
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What Is A CADR rating?

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CADR rating helps you in reflecting the volume of the air in CFM ( cubic feet per minute). Furthermore, it also helps in deciding the air purifier that is ideal for your home.

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For instance, if your house is in a high volume of industrial smoke contamination, you can choose the air purifier with high smoke CADRrating. Whereas, in places which has high dust zone, you should prefer one with a higher dust CADR rating.

CADR rating really introduces the transparency of the product.

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The Calculation Method For Conversion

In order to convert a Cubic meter per hour into cubic feet per hour, you have to multiply the rate by 35.3147. That is because of 1 cubic meter=35.3147 cubic feet.

The next step involves the division of the value by 60, to get the value in cubic feet per minute. That is because of 1 hour=60 min.

Likewise, you can reciprocate the formula to get CADE in cubic feet per minute. That is, you will have to multiply the CADR in cubic meters per hour by 0.588.

Which CADR Should to Look in an Air Purifier?

The quality or varieties of pollutants in your area determines the value of CADR of the air purifier. For instance, if you have cigarette smoke in your home or the industrial pollutants have access in your house.

Then it is important to know the CADR factor. Usually, the most notable one is the Dust CADR. Also, the pollen CADR can be observed if you have pets in your house or plants in your house.

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