Boat Airdopes 621 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Mic

Get ready to be awestruck by the sheer presence of these amazing true wireless earbuds, BoAt Airdopes 621. Tune into true wireless vibe with the all new boAt Airdopes 621 TWS earbuds, where it’s all about style, comfort and sound! 

The earbuds have been crafted ergonomically that keeps the earbuds securely in place whenever in use. These earbuds come with IPX7 certification to offer resistance against sweat and water. 

It offers a huge and mountainous 150 – hours of music playback time with the case, including upto 5.5 Hours of playtime per charge. This pair of earbuds have an improved ear-fit design with sleek ear-hooks that holds them comfortably in your ears. 


  • Compatible with android and IOS devices 
  • IPX7 water and sweat resistance
  • Deep bases with 6mm coil drivers
  • 100% charge in less than 45 mins
  • Touch music and calls controls
  • 10 metre wireless range 
  • Digital battery level indicator on the charging case 
  • Active voice assistance

Design and fit

Aggressive and sturdy design with polycarbonate plastic build, Comes in a boAt signature rectangular build case with a digital display. Besides, each of the earbuds has silicone ear tips and comforters with a light body weight that makes them very comfortable to wear with any ear size.


BoAt Airdopes 621 earbuds gives a total of 150 hours of Music playback time which is definitely the USP of the buds as the case has a battery of 2600 Mah. The main attraction of this earbuds is that it offers 60 mins playback time in just 5 mins of charge, whereas it only takes a total 45 mins to charge completely, provided with the type C charging port, and with battery indicator display. This case can also work as a power bank when in emergency as it offers a USB port.


On the connectivity side, this product comes with bluetooth 5.0 version which means faster speeds and more range. These ergonomic earbuds offer a bluetooth range of upto 10 metres. Besides, these earbuds are compatible with all android and iOS devices. Not offers dual connectivity though, you can only connect with a one device a time.

Sound Quality and Performance

The buds offer a huge daddy and thumping bass with immersive sound. All high and lows and very clear and crisp as it is compiled with 6mm drivers. Also, you get the active voice assistant support and hands-free option. The touch controls and gestures for changing the music and call control are also provided with the buds. Mic is provided in both the buds. Surprisingly these buds offers low latency when playing games which is definitely a plus point in this price range.


BoAt offers 1 year year warranty from the date of manufacture

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boat airdopes 621 review, 150 hour battery life
  • Thumping bass, clear sound and perfectly adjusted frequencies.
  • Comfortable for long use because of sleek design. 
  • Digital battery display
  • Fast charging and huge battery back-up 
  • Better connectivity range upto 10 metres.
  • Low latency and can be used while playing games without the sound lag.
  • Case is big and heavy and it gets difficult to carry in the pocket
  • No active noise cancellation, so can be used while you’re outside but not in the noisy places.
  • Basic touch gesture like pausing, changing music and answering calls 
Airdopes 441 Pro (Previous model)Boat Airdopes 621
Bluetooth V5.0  Bluetooth V5.0
IPX7 RatingIPX7 Rating
6MM *2 Drivers6MM *2 Drivers
Active voice assistantActive voice assistant
IWP TechnologyIWP Technology
Type C portType C port
2600 mah battery2600 mah battery
150 hours playtime150 hours playtime
No Fast ChargingFast Charging
No battery indication on the caseBattery indication on the case

Basic specifications and pricing are exactly same in this upgraded version of the previous earbuds but the major difference is the Battery indication on the case which offers real-time check on the case’s battery with the change in the design and the build quality of the case plus buds turns out to be the real deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do boAt Airdopes 621 have mics?

Yes, both the buds consist of Mic which offers good call quality.

How do I pair my boAt Airdopes 621?

So from the very beginning, after opening the lid of the carry case the buds will be automatically on and will start paring. Then you have to turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and start searching for any nearby devices. Within a while the “boAt Airdopes 621” name will appear on the list, then click on it to pair. After pairing, the audio will be transferred to it.

Does Boat Airdopes 621 have Noise cancellation?

No, if you use it outdoors in a heavily traffic area or in a restaurant where   there is too much noise then you may face problem while talking with someone on the call as the other person will not be able to hear you properly. But in normal conditions while in your room it’s ok for calling.

Is there any option to turn off for both case and earbuds?

You only have to put the earbuds in the case and shut the case, it will   automatically be switched off.

Does it use any app to run function on it?

No, it’s functions like (pause/play/end call/answer call etc) 
Work without any need off an app. But there may be third party apps or your Phone’s equalizers for adjusting highs and lows of the music.

How much time does the case takes in Charing Boat Airdopes 621 0-100% ?

It only takes a total 45 mins to charge completely, provided with the type C charging port, and with battery indicator display.

Is Boat Airdopes 621 good for gaming?

Yes, as it offers low latency rate while playing games and watching movies. 

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