10 Best Whipped Cream Brands In India

Whipped cream is an effective addition to cake, pies, hot chocolate, and many other sweet treats. It’s usually made by beating heavy cream with a whisk or mixer until it’s light and fluffy.

For extra flavor, whipped cream includes ingredients like powdered sugar, vanilla, coffee, orange zest, or chocolate. Whipping cream largely comes in three categories-

  • Dairy
  • Non Dairy
  • Powdered form.

The most commonly available in India is non dairy whipping cream. A lot of people struggle to find whipping cream in the local markets or are unsure of which whipping cream brands to buy.

Here is a list to solve your everlasting problem and guide you through all the different whipping cream brands in India that are easily available on amazon. 

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Types Of Dairy Creams


Non dairy whipping cream is perfect for hot countries like India because non dairy creams are made with soy, hydrogenated vegetable fat, and stabilizers.

Non dairy whipping cream is most widely available in India.

Even in hot temperatures, the whipping cream will stay stable and also maintain its freshness, thereby making it suitable for consumption. 


There is a main difference between dairy and non dairy whipping creams which comes from the ingredients that each is made up of. 

Dairy creams, as the name suggests are made from dairy (milk). Dairy whipping creams do not have any stabilizers in them and are the ones that have the most original taste.

Unfortunately, In hot countries like India, Dairy creams are not so popular because they can’t hold their shape in hot temperatures and also Dairy creams have no additives.

The only drawback of Dairy creams is that the shelf life of dairy creams is very less.


Coming onto the last category which is powdered whipping cream. POWDERED WHIPPING CREAM is easily available in Indian Market.

Powdered whipping cream comes in dry powdered form and uses ingredients like hydrogenated oil, glucose syrup and stabilizers.

Powdered whipping cream is the best product in terms of shelf life because it’s a dry mix and can be stored upto 9 months or so, depending on the brand. 


What is whipping cream made of?

Heavy whipping cream is made by skimming the high-fat cream from fresh dairy milk. It’s used to make butter and whipped cream and add creaminess to coffee and many other dishes.

Is whipping cream the same as heavy cream?

Here’s the deal. The difference comes down to fat content. Heavy cream has slightly more fat (at least 36 percent) compared with whipping cream (at least 30 percent). Both whip well (and taste delicious), but heavy cream will hold its shape longer, while whipping cream produces a lighter, softer texture.

Can I use fresh cream instead of whipping cream?

Fresh cream contains 25% fat content and can be used for thickening coffee and savory dishes like soups and gravies. However, because the fresh cream has a lower than 30% fat content, it cannot be whipped and shaped for decorative purposes. If you want to whip your cream for cakes and coffees, do not go for this.

Which is better whipping cream or powder?

Whipping cream can give volumes/overrun in excess of 4, yet the whipped cream will remain firm/stable for a long time. WC powder will hardly give 2 times, but will not be as firm/stable. Finally, and most importantly, Whipping Creams are far most cost-effective than WC powder.

How do you use whipping cream?

Make a decadent pasta sauce. …
Add a splash to soup. …
Or make just about any dish a little creamy. …
Make a custardy dessert. …
Upgrade your scrambled eggs. …
DIY cheese. …
Use it as an excuse to bake biscuits. …
Turn it into caramel sauce.

What is the importance of whipped cream?

It’s rich in nutrients, such as vitamin A, choline, calcium, and phosphorus. Other cream products, including light cream, whipping cream, and half-and-half, are lower in fat.

Can I freeze whipping cream?

Similar to milk, heavy cream can be frozen for 1 to 2 months. To freeze, place your heavy cream in a plastic jug or carton, but make sure to leave some room for the heavy cream to expand once frozen. It’s important to note that frozen-then-thawed heavy cream will not whip as nicely as fresh heavy cream.

Can I use whipped cream for cooking?

Whipping cream can be used for several purposes. A common use is for making a whipped topping for cakes, pies and other desserts. It is also used as an ingredient in recipes for desserts, soups, sauces and beverages. Used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Why is my whipping cream not whipping?

Using room temperature cream is the cardinal sin of whipped creamery and the number one reason for whipped cream not thickening. If it reaches above 10°C, the fat inside the cream will not emulsify, meaning it can’t hold the air particles which allow it to maintain fluffy peaks. Whip immediately!

Is Whipped Cream healthy?

Heavy whipping cream contains important fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, D, E, and K. Full-fat dairy products such as heavy whipping cream contain more of these vitamins than low-fat or nonfat dairy. Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed by your body when they are consumed with fat.

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