Best Steam Iron in India 2022:Reviews and Buying Guide

The traditional clothes irons can’t get the work done like a strong steam iron. And one of the major causes is the digital exhibition on a steam iron. The collection gives you the flexibility to operate accurate temperature and cloth settings. A characteristic like this often improves the life of your clothes.

We put jointly a list with the most delinquent top performers established on customer reviews.

But before you glance at your choices, you must believe a few essential factors:

  • Water tank capacity – this suggests the digit of clothes you can iron per entire tank.
  • Wattage – The more increased the wattage, the briefer and hotter the iron gets.
  • Soleplate type – It demarcates how steam and heat are dispersed to iron out wrinkles. Ceramic, stainless steel is more universal when corresponded to titanium, non-sticky, aluminum.
  • Weight of the iron – It should be weightless for the comfort of use
  • Safety Features – choose one with an automated shut off after a time of inactivity

You have an extensive variety of brand choices to select from, with steam irons priced from Rs. 800 to Rs. 5000.

To make certain you pay a suitable price to acquire iron to suit your budget and needs, read our “Buying Guide“. Furthermore, we have a checklist of the 7 best steam irons in India that you can purchase online right now. Have a peek!

Best Steam Iron Box in India 2022

Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2040/70 Steam IronNon-stick2100 Watts1.16 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Philips GC1905 Steam Iron* Best BudgetAluminum1440 Watts1.1 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Inalsa Titanium Steam IronTitanium2000 Watts1.3 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Black & Decker BD BXIR2202IN Steam Iron* Overall BestCeramic2200 Watts1.3 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Morphy Richards Steam IronCeramic2000 Watts1.4 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Havells Steam ironNon-stick1840 Watts1.5 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon
Eveready SI1400 Steam IronNon-stick1440 Watts1.3 Kg2 yearsBuy Now At Amazon

7 Best Steam Irons for Clothes in India

1. Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2040/70 Steam Iron

Philips Steam Iron

This Philips steam iron helps you in getting that perfect ironing results with rarer strokes in less time. It delivers the best steam support with its procedure and reliable soleplate to deliver consistent steam distribution for speedy ironing. Its emphatic steam stops bacteria and smell from the clothes.

Its decisive 2100 watts will allow continued high steam output. Consequently, deliver excellent steam ironing arrangement. The constant steam up to 30 g/min with a 100g steam increase will help in terminating the headstrong wrinkles effortlessly from the clothes.

The water tank has an accommodation of holding 270 ml of water that lets you iron your apparel without any annoyance of filling and reloading them. Philips Easy steam iron is in particular coated with a non-stick layer for excellent gliding on all kinds of fabrics.

The prepared soleplate design will spread the heat evenly across the soleplate and therefore need fewer strokes to dampen the garment equally. With the drip stop technology, you can easily iron peaceful fabrics at lower temperatures without any water droplets paints.

The control knob is positioned at the center of the steam iron will permit you to select the temperature and steam pressure as per your fabric type. Its 360-degree swivel cable will let you slide smoothly for a relaxed and effortless. Make certain to take good care while putting it in an upright position. This will prevent any water leakage.


  • Big tank capacity
  • In particular coated non-stick soleplate
  • Vertical steam operates to steam hanging garments
  • Triple precision tip for fast and effortless ironing.
  • Mist spray for reasonable water spraying
  • Self – calc clean slider release salt deposits in the water tank and extends its life


Well, this particular steam iron is one of the best steam irons at an inexpensive price. Features like non-stick soleplate and the triple precision tip will spread the heat & steam (30g/minute and 100g steam boost) evenly to iron your garments quickly with an irregular stroke. However, it has rare issues with water leakage, and also operating high settings while it is not fully prepared will compel injury to the steam spray technique.

  • Effortless water replenishment
  • Compact, light in weight (1.16 kg), and elegant design
  • Drizzle steam performs best on hard to get areas in fabrics
  • Constant steam output & 100g steam boost.
  • Vertical steam functions to dismiss creases even from garments that are hanging.
  • Some Water leakage issues, if not put upright when not in service.
  • Moderate build quality.
  • Steam weight is not sufficient.

2. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

Philips Steam Iron

Philips GC1905 steam iron fits perfectly fine under the budget-friendly bracket. Moreover, it offers a reliable soleplate and design to handle any tricky stubborn area of the fabric. Consequently, providing the best steam support.

Different from the previous product, this steam iron releases steam in the formation of spray at the speed of 13g/min. A little push button is placed on top of the dispenser permits you to operate the streaming feature as per your demand. Moreover, the spray delivers fine vapors to douse the area of ruffles to iron them out flawlessly.

The control knob is positioned at the center of the device allowing you to select the temperature and steam pressure consequently. For more challenging fabrics, irregular vents lining the soleplate deliver steam at 17 g/min to provide extra weight.

The aluminum soleplate has a slick non-stick surface that slides over the fabric even without harming the graphic imprints. The tapered end allows you to get the difficult areas on clothes and shirts. Therefore, ironing out the creases. The usual 1.8 meters power cord can spin up to 180° creating it more comfortable for the client to operate with the iron. The steam functions underneath an inverter power as it carries about 1440 watts to warm up. Its operational voltage is at 240V and 50 Hz.

Talking about the water tank, it has the ability to hold 180ml of water. The extensive opening at the snout of the device permits you to efficiently discharge and fill the water again into the tank. Nevertheless, care should be ensured by putting it in an upright position. This will prevent any water leakage.


  • Steam spray attribute with a pushbutton
  • Extensive tank opening
  • Different steam vent along with the ones on the soleplate
  • Temperature and steam management knob
  • Aluminum soleplate
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty


For a machine that doesn’t place a void in the pocket, the Philips SC1905 Steam Spray Iron is an exemplary choice. It brings the job done when backed by the right voltage. Nevertheless, it does include a few problems with water leakage. Make sure you are keeping the iron in an upright standing when not in use. Operating the more increased settings in the iron when it is not yet fully prepared may result in injury to the steam spray system.

  • It is Lightweight
  • Effortless water replenishment
  • Drinks less power
  • 13g/min of constant steam
  • Spray steam performs best on tough to reach areas
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty
  • Temperature control knob
  • Water leakage problems
  • If not managed well, the steam system might fails
  • Steam weight is not pleasing

3. Inalsa Titanium 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Inalsa Steam Iron

The Inalsa geyser titanium steam iron is understood for its exactitude ironing. If the duration is an indulgence for you, opt for the geyser titanium iron to reduce your workload. This particular steam iron comes with an ergonomic design. Furthermore, the design is crafted carefully for the benefit of the user.

The steam iron arrives with a titanium-covered heavy soleplate that distributes the steam evenly. This helps in reducing repetitive strokes. The mouth or the tip involves 12 steam vents whereas the sides are lined with 16. The steam distribution weight is around 22g/min while the steam eruption weighs up to 160g/min. Furthermore, the product incorporates a steam vent on the snout that permits steam spray at times for additional dampening. The geyser steam iron also delivers vertical steam for materials such as drapes.

The 2000 watt power quickly heats up the iron. Thereby maintaining the temperature to create persistent steam all throughout the time. The temperature and steam control quality permits you to choose the temperature needed for a respective fabric.

Talking about the water tank, it is big enough to operate the appliance for a long duration without refilling it frequently. The capacity of the water tank is 300ml. The soleplate also arrives with an anti-drip function which will fo the sense work for you. The water tank has a self-clean anti-calc feature which is very helpful and useful. It helps in preventing the storage of lime deposits.


  • Upright steam
  • Anti-drip function
  • Self clean/ anti-calc attribute
  • Temperature and steam control
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Broad titanium soleplate
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty
  • Steam spray quality
  • Uses 2000 watts of power


A streamlined product with speedy performance! The swiveling power cable is about 1.7 meters. Moreover, it arrives with a three point pin. The steam result is remarkable and has an even dispersal. The handle structure helps in making it easier for you to work with it for a more extended period. This steam iron is essentially the most suitable steam iron one can purchase when the price and features are evaluated.

  • Emphatic steam bursts and steam spray.
  • Upright steam
  • Temperature management
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty
  • Comfortable to hold handles
  • Speedy response
  • Great performance
  • Big water tank
  • Build quality
  • Consumer service is bad

4. Black & Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Black & Decker Steam Iron

If you are looking for a device with a high build quality, this is the one for you. Moreover, it offers high-performance delivery, comfort, and long life! The Black Decker steam iron is a challenging competitor to the Philips steam iron in the peddle. This is because it begets nearly all the characteristics and qualities for a much less price.

The smallish vents on the surface of the ceramic soleplate (coated) work well with the exact distribution of the steam. The Anti-drip feature helps to avoid any water dripping from the soleplate in case the steam level is not reached. Visible water droplets in the water tank mean the iron was tried in the factory and passed the quality test.

The steam exploding functions irons out the persistent creases while the added spray function delivers the required extra moistness to even out the wrinkles.

A varying temperature and vapor control knob benefit in sidestepping disproportionate damage to the apparel. The clever system identifies the temperature at which steam requires to be created, once you have set it according to the clothes.

The self-clean component of the steam iron is worth citing. Typically, with regular use of the steam procedure, the water tank is inclined to the collection of lime scales created as a byproduct of the heat response with calcium carbonate in water.

The steam iron has a big tank that can store up to 380 ml of water. The consistent part of steam made because of the big tank defines your accountability for refilling it. The iron machine can even deliver vertical steam to iron out attire such as clothes and curtains.

Similarly, a steam iron is more immediate and speedier due to its energy consumption. It eats up about 2200 watts to warm up fast and deliver steam at a higher rate.


  • Anti-drip Aspect
  • Steam burst and spray process
  • Ceramic coated soleplate
  • Anti-calc function
  • A big water tank that contains 380ml of water
  • Self-clean characteristic
  • Vertical steam
  • Arriveswith a 2-year warranty


This Black Decker steam iron is an excellent household electronic that helps in making your work simpler and quicker. This steam iron in particular is dedicated to outstanding functions to provide a smooth finished garment. As noted earlier, this iron provides a formidable challenger to the Philips Steam Iron. Nevertheless, the cost and the power consumption of the machine are much lower likened to the former. The only opposing issue could be the appearance or the quality of the build.

  • The anti-drip attribute makes certain there will be no water leakage.
  • The power cord is rather big.
  • The steam burst and spray functions work well jointly.
  • The self-clean feature eases your workload
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty
  • Vertical steam
  • Big water tank
  • Immediate response to the heat and steam building
  • All the vents are not functional
  • Bit heavy

5. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 – Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards steam Iron

An easily transportable steam iron that does the work quickly and expeditiously without squandering much of your time! Morphy Richards has forever been a mass favorite when it reaches household products. This awesome glide steam iron by them contends with the Philips GC1905 while still maintaining an upper hand with regard to the distributed steam weight and period.

The huge number of steam holes on the progressive diamond and ceramic coated soleplate delivers an even dispersal of steam and heat for crease-free apparel. There are approximately 46 steam holes lining the ceramic coated soleplate that results in wider area coverage. The overlaid soleplate flows smoothly over the fabric permitting a faster ironing process. This also guarantees the product’s long life.

The vertical steam characteristic creates it more comfortable for anyone to even out the wrinkles on garments. Although the steam ducts on the soleplate disseminate steam at about 11g/min on regular mode.

The big 350ml moistness tank aids in delivering a uniform amount of steam without requiring regular replenishment. It arrives with a self-clean component that assists in controlling the collection of lime residues that are accountable for obstructing the steam vents.


  • 46 steam vents
  • the soleplate is Diamond and ceramic coated
  • Turbo boost attribute that spreads 150g/min of steam
  • big water tank
  • Self-clean technology
  • Arrives with a two-year warranty
  • Works for 2000 watts


Being a suitable product for an appropriate price, it does arrive with a few slight problems. For like its weight. However, the soleplate is nonsticky and smooth. The turbo boost attribute helps in delivering a tremendous amount of steam on a more elevated setting. The power cable is adjustable turning 360 degrees to facilitate your task.

  • Vertical steam
  • Self-cleaning function
  • The more increased no. of steam vents on the soleplate
  • Turbo boost characteristic of steam shots.
  • Big water tank
  • The velvety finish of the soleplate
  • Arrives with a two-year warranty
  • Heats up fast
  • Bit heavyweight
  • Water leakage problems

6. Havells 1840-Watt Steam iron

Havells Steam iron

The Next steam iron on our list is the Havells Magnum Steam Iron with a wattage of 1840. With a dual-sealed mist generator, this machine provides fantastic performance and is leakage-proof of the water inside it.

Talking of water, the iron holds up to 300 ml, which is enough to press and burn small family clothes. All you have to do is fill the device with water, connect it to the board, turn it on and start using it to remove creases.

The steam iron handle has an ergonomic, groovy, and soft-grip that gives your hands the best comfort while doing your ironing and smoking.

Since steam blasting is straightforward, you do not always need to change the shape of your clothes while ironing. Put the clothes straight and walk as if you are used to ironing clothes.

The nonstick soleplate is suitable for cutting and ironing separately from any type of fabric material without causing any kind of burns or damage to the rods on the material.

Given the smooth flow of the product over the garments, one cannot expect excessive pressure on the garments like ordinary metal. It works better as a crease remover than a solid clothing machine.

However, given the heat capacity and steam of steel, it can easily remove the mentioned creases. Flexible steam controls available on the metal dashboard will allow you to switch and control the pressure of steam jets out of the iron.

In addition to all of this, iron also has anti-scaling properties. This means that the iron does not allow any sedimentation or deposit to remain in it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


  • Self Cleaning Feature
  • Anti Drip
  • Non-Stick soleplate
  • Verticle team spurt
  • Anti-sedimentation
  • Easy to handle/ soft grip


This particular iron steam comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Not just this, the product ingrained Havells trust. This steam iron is an acceptable deal for bachelors who are consistently on the action. Also, for a family of 3-4 people.

  • Anti-Drip Feature
  • Anti-sedimentation along with self-cleaning
  • Easy to adjust variable steam functionality 
  • Ergonomic and effortless to grip handle
  • Arrives with 2 years of warranty
  • Needs to work on the pressure relating system
  • Not effective in removing hard-pressed wrinkles.

7. Eveready SI1400 1400-Watt Steam Iron

Everyday Steam Iron

A smart steam iron for everyday usage that sprints up the job of ironing for wrinkle-free apparel! Eveready is a pleasingly known brand. This Eveready steam iron has all the essential elements that are needed for an efficient, long-lasting, and securely utilize machine.

The steam spray valve on the nose comes with a push-button. It spreads a beautiful mist on the fabric that helps to deal with creases in hard-to-reach areas. The temperature control button determines the correct temperature and steam needed to remove creases from clothing.

Although the water tank is not very large, it is easy to refill the water during the study so that steam is distributed consistently. The tank comes with a self-cleaning device that ensures the prevention of the installation of lime in the pits.

The handle is easy to grip and work with. The surface of the soleplate slides easily over the fabric for quick ironing work. Power consumption of 1400 watts is suitable for everyday use. It is also backed by an impressive 2-year warranty.


  • Dry ironing function
  • Spray and steam function
  • Variable steam control
  • Overheat safety protection
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


The Eveready steam iron is an amazing everyday service family product. Its speedy implementation creates it an efficient, stable, and dependable product. One should, nonetheless, maintain cleansing the tank frequently. The iron is inexpensive and dependable.

  • Steam spray procedure
  • Flexible thermostat
  • Flexible swiveling power cable
  • Arrives with a 2-year warranty
  • Scratch-resistant soleplate
  • Immediate response
  • Water leakage issues.
  • Build Quality

Why Should You Opt for a Steam Iron?

Steam irons are the most suitable answer for dragging stubborn wrinkles on the fabric. It allows you to get the saleable finish to your clothes at the house. It is more suitable to determine a steam iron rather than a normal one – because its versatility guarantees you can efficiently deal with any sort of fabric. Benefits of steam iron over normal ones are – durability, efficiency, work easily, steam generation can facilitate even stubborn wrinkles.

How to Choose a Steam Iron?

Consumers are spoilt with intelligent choices and technologies, in today’s world. Actually selecting a typical household appliance like steam iron is nothing smaller than selecting a needle in the haywire. Consequently, it gets necessary to examine your conditions before opting for a steam iron. It provides a clear picture of what components you would want to have in the steam iron.

The below-buying guide for steam irons has all the knowledge needed for accurate analysis. The aspects and tips noted in the guide will assist you to select the right one.

1. Different Types of Steam Irons

Considering the soleplate material, capacity, weight, and other attributes. The stream Irons are mostly categorized into 3 categories. These types of iron show the most suitable results for terminating wrinkles. Down below, we have noted them undoubtedly for your amenity.

  • Conventional Steam Irons

These steam irons deliver a tiny amount of hot steam which terminates the wrinkles, thereby ironing the fabric. Most of the features that were before unrestricted only valid ones are now unrestricted in less understanding steam irons. Ordinary tap water can be employed for making steam – as these machines contain resin filters or anti-calcium valves.

  • Steam Ironing Systems

These kinds of ironing systems have a steady flow of steam in high-pressure volumes. They carry a lot of area than any other traditional iron. They can be positioned over a shelf or chair at the back of the ironing board. These ironing techniques carry a lot of time for warming up. Some of these machines don’t have the choice of a mechanical turn-off if it is left isolated. Due to exemplary steam production, this iron will empty all the stubborn creases even on dry linen cloth. These plans usually don’t have drizzle functionality but the vapor flow is high enough.

  • Cordless Irons

These kinds of irons are comparable to conventional iron. Nevertheless; they don’t have a power cable. Generally, these irons are not unique enough in times of providing performance. Yet, if you are touring somewhere they can be easily carried with you. They come with a battery and they can be recharged as per requirement.

2. Power of a Water Tank

A large capacity of a water tank means a few times you have to fill up with water. A higher water tank capacity also means that more steam is produced over a longer period of time. A small tank can hold 210 mL and needs to be refilled regularly. Although a large water tank can hold more than 300 ml of water – it provides a long-lasting steam. However, it could be on the heavy side. Therefore, when buying steam steel look for high-strength water models.

3. Steam Value

The amount of steam produced is another important factor to consider when buying steam steel. You should always choose a product that can generate a high amount of steam. This ensures that you can iron dry and heavy clothes very easily.

Steam iron can produce a large amount of steam per minute according to its capacity. The holes in the soleplate scatter the steam on any type of fabric easily. For best results, you should always buy steam steam with a high level of smoke extraction. Generally, it weighs in grams per minute. Some types of steam iron have over 200 grams of steam per minute while others can supply only 35 grams of steam per minute.

Another factor to consider is whether the metal can be tilted upwards as it is ready for ironing drapes and fabrics. When looking for a steam iron, it is best to choose an option that can control the amount of steam produced. Because high levels of steam can damage the soft fabric. And on the other hand, moderate steam levels cannot remove wrinkles from heavy clothing.

By using a variety of steam, you can make one filling last longer. Therefore, you can avoid the filling chaos often. They also help provide you with customized smoke options according to your need.

4. Number of Steam Vents

The number and placement of steam holes are important factors to consider before purchasing a good steam engine. The soleplates are embedded with 16-46 steam holes / holes to blow strong steam where needed. The higher the number of steam holes, the higher the water level to assist in the production and distribution of steam. All advanced steam steels have a large water tank to produce and distribute steam evenly and continuously through these gaps.

Additionally, some instruments have a spray valve with a push-button mounted on the product nose. These fuel valves produce a good mist to provide the extra moisture needed for strong fabrics. A few vents at the end of the soleplate allow one to deal with wrinkles in areas such as columns, cuffs, pleats, and between buttons.

5. Type of Soleplate

Sleplates play an important role in determining the life span of smokers. The broad base contains a lot of steam. This helps to cover large areas of fabric in a short amount of time. The straight ends of the soleplates are important in dealing with hard fabric corners such as columns, between buttons, and pleats

Typically, both common and high-grade iron soleplates are made of aluminum or combined with titanium, poly-Teflon, ceramic, and other non-stick materials. This provides a smooth finish to the plate that facilitates its smooth movement over the fabric. It also blocks the possibility of new ones. Below, we have discussed some of the common ingredients of a single plate used in smoke irons.

  • Stainless Steel – This option is best for ironing natural fabrics such as wool, cotton as they are known for their heat. They are much better than ceramic sole plates in terms of removing wrinkles on the legs of trousers and sleeves. However, stainless steel plates can adhere to dairy and glue while ironing at high temperatures.
  • Aluminum – This is the least expensive but the best heat dispenser. Therefore, you can expect even heat and ironing on all clothes.
  • Ceramic – Steam steels with ceramic sole plates are usually made of aluminum with ceramic coating. If you iron a lot of synthetic fabrics, then this option is better as ceramic is resistant to static. However, a ceramic soleplate can reduce the colors of natural fabrics such as cotton or wool. As it is just a cover, ceramic can wear out due to normal aging.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to soleplate size. If the soleplate size is large, that means it allows you to cover a lot of space in a short amount of time. Otherwise, the number of holes producing steam will be high. This ensures that the steam is evenly distributed over a large area and completes high-quality ironing in a short time.

6. Weight

The weight of steam iron is an important factor in determining its performance. Some people may use smoke detectors every day or once for a long time. The most important thing is to manage the ironing easily. If steam is too heavy, long-term handling can lead to pain in the arms and shoulders. However, if the steam iron is too small, it may not be able to remove wrinkles. Therefore, choose a product that is neither too heavy nor too heavy.

7. Close automatically

Sometimes, while ironing clothes for too long, do not forget to turn off the steam iron. In such cases, the iron can burn clothes or lead to any other possible danger. That’s why manufacturers have been making metal boxes with automatic locking features. Turns off devices when it has reached its highest temperature. When the metal is closed, the temperature of the soleplate drops. This also prevents any potential dangers. This feature is not available on all steam irons so read the features and specifications mentioned by the manufacturer before purchasing.

8. Temperature settings

Both standard and advanced irons come with an adjustable temperature control knob. Improved steam tools.

9. The length of the cord

While ironing clothes, the socket may not be sufficiently accessible. In such cases, you may need a cord of good length and flexibility. If the cord is not bent or tightened, it may bend and develop potentially dangerous openings. This is why a good-quality retractable cord is important. With such a cord, you can move the steering wheel anyway and pull it easily. Although the average cord length is about 6 feet, some smokers come with up to 10 feet [3 m] of power cords. This allows you to rotate the blade more freely and have longer strokes to perform the quick ironing function.

10. Wattage

In order to reach the highest temperatures in a few seconds, it is important to consider the flow of steam steel. High water pressure, rapid heat reaction! The wattage of iron also affects the formation of steam and dispersion. To get the most out of steam blasting technology, choose steam that takes over 1800 watts of power. This water list also ensures that steam metal is heated quickly, making it more versatile. It helps to remove even stubborn wrinkles from heavy fabrics.

11. Time Needed To Heat

A good steam iron heats to the right temperature for 2 – 3 minutes so you don’t have to wait too long. Otherwise, it takes very little time to produce smoke. This ensures that you can use steam and heat quickly to iron clothes in a short time.

12. Anti Calc Feature

Many modern irons come with this unique feature that slows down our work. Generally, when water evaporates, calcium carbonate in water reacts with the heat introduced and forms lime residues as a product. These limescale deposits build inside the water tank and even close the steam holes to block activity and damage the system. To prevent this limescale formation, the anti-calc self-cleaning feature works by cleaning the tank internally. The steering wheel is a poorly maintained tool.

13. Anti-Drip Design

The constant dripping of water droplets from the steam iron while ironing can be frustrating. Some steam ironing devices have this issue. To overcome this issue, some manufacturers have come up with a leaky design feature – one that ensures no leaks or water leaks even when the water tank is completely filled. It will also prevent water leaks on any part or corner of steam metal.

14. Ergonomic handles and controls

Steam metal handles should be smooth and comfortable to handle, especially if you use them daily or for long periods of time. Some modern steam steels also have more comfortable anti-slip handles than others.

15. Price

Steam steels with high features can be expensive. However, some cheap steam steels come with basic and essential features enough to get a good steam service. Since the market is full of few options, you can carefully choose any one based on your budget requirement.

Steam Iron or Dry Iron – Which One is the Best?

Well, the solution to this question relies on the individual requirements of an individual. We have noted some disparities between these two choices to assist you to select the correct one as per your needs.

  • Water Tank

This is the primary distinction between dry iron and steam iron. A dry iron does not have any water tank and vapor iron has a water tank with which mist is developed.

  • Soleplate

The following contrast you can celebrate btw steam and dry iron is the soleplate. A soleplate of the dry iron box is stable while a soleplate of a steam iron has many spots that emit steam. This ensures that wrinkles are easily removed from the fabric. Although dry metal is clean and easy to maintain. On the other hand, steam iron sole plates should be maintained as holes may close. If blocked, smoke will not pass through properly and apparently reduce performance.

  • Blow the mist

Most of the smoke detectors on the market come with a spray mist option that ensures the moisture content of the fabric to a certain extent making it easy to remove wrinkles. Fog spray also ensures that ironing is done in the shortest possible time. On the other hand with dry metal, you should always apply pressure to remove wrinkles.

  • Number of Features

With dry steel, the features are basic and limited as well. You should always check the temperature before using a dry iron. Although steam steels have several different temperature settings. You can choose any temperature according to the fabric which makes it easy to iron quickly. The steam irons have steam that triggers an LED display and ensures you know the current temperature while ironing clothes. While this makes steam irons very difficult, these devices can provide a very customized feel.

  • Flexibility

Smoke metals can be used as dry metal as long as you do not use the steam option. You can also use an empty tank to act as a dry metal. You can also use it as steam or dry based on a type of fabric such as satin or silk (which requires drying). On the other hand, dry metal cannot function as a steam iron so it is not static. Since the number of features is limited by dry metal, you do not have many customization options.

How to Clean Steam Iron Tank?

The steam iron comes with built-in elements of an anti-cal design and self-cleaning function, it is necessary to cleanse them once in a bit to release any persistent mineral or other depositions. If you are thinking about how to scrub or clean a steam iron, then we have noted the process in easy steps down for your amenity.

Step 1: To clean steam iron, you will need pure vinegar, filtered water, a metal tray, and dry white cloth.

Step 2: First, pour the vinegar into the water tank until you reach the fourth part of the tank. Now, turn on the temperature in the middle setting.

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Step 3: Sprinkle and iron any dry white cloth until the water tank is empty.

Step 4: Now fill the water tank again with distilled water until it is completely filled.

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Step 5:
Sprinkle and iron the cloth again a few times, however, leave enough water in the tank to complete the next step.

Step 6: Take a metal tray, hold the steam iron in the distance and spray to release the steam until the water tank is empty. Keep it away until the water tank is completely dry and you are ready to use it again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Iron

Can steam irons also be used for dry ironing?

Yes, you just ought to put the iron in the no vapor mode.

Do steam irons produce a shiny surface on fabrics when used?

There are possibilities of the glow emerging on dark-colored fabrics. It is advisable to iron the dark-colored garments, inside out

How to avoid water leakage from the iron?

Higher wattage steam irons naturally arrive with an anti-drip characteristic. It precludes leakage of water and vapors from the steam vents. Nevertheless, conventional steam irons require additional caution. It is advisable to not plug in the iron while refilling the water tank. Position the iron in a vertical position whenever not in service. Do not operate the steam mode in a low-temperature setting.

How to clean the water tank and vents?

If you own a steam iron with the self-clean anti-calc feature, set the method to maximum temperature and no steam. Load the tank with water and plug it in. After the heat is trimmed off, keep the iron over a sink with the soleplate confronting down. Start the anti-calc process and startle the iron but gently.

How often should I clean the tank and vents?

Onetime in 2 months should be sufficient to guarantee a longer life of the product


Instead of getting confused and purchasing the wrong one, we recommend going through our buying guide. The information provided in it will help you to analyze the option and choose the right steam iron, as per your requirements.

We recommend Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2040/70 Steam Iron as our ultimate choice in this list. Existing to be a product from Philips, there are very less chances you will go wrong with it. This particular product deserves the first place because of its various unique and effective features, that come at a decent price. Its non-sticky nature of soleplate helps in easy, quick, and effective ironing. The continuous steam up to 30g/min with a 100g steam boost will remove even stubborn creases easily.  

Choose your favorite steam iron from our list and do let us know of your choice in the below comment section. 

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