Best Stapler Gun in India 2022

A Stapler gun is a way to go if you are looking to do a DIY or some simple woodwork at home.

What is a Stapler Gun?

A stapler gun can perform many functions such as gluing, nailing, and cutting the ropes. There are other common tasks performed using a basic gun such as roofing, wiring, carpeting, and upholstery.

A Stapler Gun can help make your job easier as it is quick and easy to use. It is a hand-held machine that can be used to place stapler pins and use to fasten items together.

Some common stapler gun uses wood and plastic base.

Stapler pins are basically made of metal so they are strong and can hold things together easily. If you want to attach some clothes to the wood or some other stretch material while making a sofa or chair a Stapler Gun will make things easier for you.

A Complete List Of The Best Stapler Gun In India

S No.Best Stapler GunsCapacityPrice
1. KROST Kangaro Miles 5000 StaplesSee At Amazon
2.Inditrust Heavy Duty3000 Staples See At Amazon
3.Rapid Pro R23E See At Amazon
4. TORIOX Metal, Plastic Nail Stapler100 Staples See At Amazon
5. Miles 3 In 1 Gun Tacker See At Amazon
6.STANLEY 6-TR35 1000 Staples See At Amazon
7.DEWALT DCN660D2 110 nails See At Amazon
8.AmazonBasics 3 in 1600 staples See At Amazon
9.RIGJAK Stapler 400 staples See At Amazon
10.ToolsCentre Miles 20000 Staples See At Amazon

Best Stapler Guns

1. KROST Kangaro Miles

KROST Kangaro Miles


MaterialPlastic, Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 5 x 10 Centimeters

About this Item

  • Plastic body with metal handle, handle lock for easy storage
  • Staple use 24/6, 23/6, 23/8, 23/10, t-8, t-10
  • Package includes 1pc tp-10, 5packet 23/8 pin(5000staples)
  • Cans opener – knife – screwdriver – linear – beer opener – keyboard – different sizes – top key – different smaller sizes – key to butterfly nut – angular gauges – sav – hanghul – storage case

This stapler gun from kangaro can hold a total of 100 pins which can be loaded in an easy drop-in method. This product also includes a reload indicator.

The handle lock that comes as a part of this product enables easy storage. This stapler gun comes with a plastic body and includes a metal handle.

Free: Cans opener – knife – screwdriver – linear – beer opener – keyboard – different sizes – top key – different smaller sizes – key to butterfly nut – angular gauges – sav – hangul – storage case.

2. Inditrust Heavy Duty Stapler

Stapler Gun

About this Item

  • Package – 1 stapler gun, 1000 8mm pins, 1000 10mm pins, 1000 12mm pins
  • Ideal for door and window trims, decorative trim, cabinet work, finish paneling, frames, flooring and etc. This item is widely used in furniture, leather, wooden box, upholstery and footwear industry.
  • Comfort grip handle for improved control and comfort even during extended use.
  • Applicable to sofa fabrics nailing or leather nailing, advertisement,canvas jump cloth,ceiling nailing, thin plate nailing or outer thin plate nailing.
  • Pins for this stapler are only available with us. Kindly contact us if you need more pins

Ideal for door and window trims, decorative trim, cabinetwork, finish paneling, frames, flooring and etc. This item is widely used in the furniture, leather, wooden box, upholstery, and footwear industry.

3. Rapid Pro R23E

Stapler Gun


Item Dimensions LxWxH28.5 x 3.9 x 10.5 Centimeters
Operation ModeManual

About This Item

  • Made in Sweden
  • For finewire staple No. 13, 4-8 mm
  • All-steel casing and wear parts inside
  • Smooth functioning loading system and recoilless mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle with lock function for easy storage
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Country of Origin: Sweden

A light, easy-to-use metal staple gun ideal for demanding, professional jobs and precision operation. Superior performance and working life mean the R23E can easily handle regular use.

This model is perfect for users with smaller hands and can be applied to diverse tasks including furniture upholstery or fastening of thinner fabrics, leather, paper, labels, or sensitive textiles.

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4. TORIOX Metal, Plastic Nail Stapler

TORIOX Metal Plastic Nail Stapler


MaterialPlastic, Metal
Operation ModeManual

About This Items

  • Package includes :- 1 x Hand Staple Gun Tool, 100 pcs Square Nails
  • Material : Alloy Steel
  • Color: Red + Black + Sliver
  • Note : Only 100 pcs Nailer Comes with in Product
  • U-type, T-type, and door-type three-purpose use range is clear, which can be used to meet different needs.

Toriox is less popular in India but makes better quality tools. This stapler is their 3 in 1 very efficient and well-constructed model. Although it is lightweight is strong and is made of high-quality materials. It has a unique look with a black and orange casing.

This stapler gun supports a wide range of functions Base, nails, and brad nails as well as a U-shaped stamp for insertion.

5. Miles 3 In 1 Gun Tacker

Stapler Gun


Item Dimensions LxWxH20 x 5 x 20 Centimeters
Item Weight20 Grams

About This Item

  • Sleek design with no loose parts
  • With force adjustment
  • Handle lock for easy storage
  • Easy drop in loading with reload indicator
  • Elegant soft rubber grip for extra working condition

This 2313A model is one of the best you can find in staplers. It has all the necessary functions for a stapler gun with depth adjustment as well. It can come in handy with solid materials and a 3 in 1 performance makes it suitable for use with nails, a U stapler for braces, and Brad’s nails.

This can be used for roofing and sofa work as well. It is also good to wrap roofing and insulation-related work as well.

All metal robust construction used for: Beading, frame, iron boards, canvas, upholstery, leather staple use: 23 series, 18 gauge (brads and pins) leg length: 6-13mm(23 series), 10-14mm (brads), 14mm(pins).




Item Dimensions LxWxH9 x 4 x 6 Centimeters

About This Item

  • Used for screen repairs, light upholstery, craft projects, office, home, and school tacking
  • All-plastic light-duty staple gun
  • Large window on stapler for indicating when staples need to be reloaded
  • Light duty staples (1000) a-type compatible
  • Limited lifetime warranty offered on the product


DEWALT stapler gun


Item Dimensions LxWxH39.5 x 17 x 47.2 Centimeters
Style110 Nails
Item Weight6.32 Kilograms

About This Item

  • Compact,lightweight and ergonomic design makes the tool easy and comfortable to use but durable enough for worksite environment
  • Sequential mode allows for precision placement and the bump operating mode provides the user with production speed of upto 4nails per second
  • The XR battery packs offer great runtime and compatibility
  • Brushless motor means offers low maintainance no need to replace brushes
  • Brushless Motors provide up to 57% longer life and a longer life of the machine in comparison to conventional engines with carbon brushes.Requires no brush changes and is lighter compared to brushed grinder.
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

DEWALT is the manufacturer of powerful and optimized professional workhorse tools and accessories that are built to endure the toughest job site conditions.

The cordless Nailer is designed for quick and precise nailing operations. The power tool offers a magazine capacity of 110 nails. It is perfect for high-speed nailing operations.

8. AmazonBasics 3 in 1

AmazonBasics staple


Item Dimensions LxWxH16 x 11.7 x 2.5 Centimeters
Item Weight1.36 Pounds

About This Item

  • Heavy-duty staple gun with 600 staples included
  • Ideal for upholstery, carpentry, restoration, repair, and more
  • Thick carbon steel construction that reduces spring-back
  • Easily adjust stapling strength for a variety of projects
  • Contoured grip with molded rubber handle
  • Comes with 3 types of staples: D-type (200-piece), U-type (200-piece), and T-type (200-piece)
  • 1 year limited warranty

Enjoy dynamic usability for a variety of applications with the AmazonBasics 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun. This durable, quality tool is ideal for upholstery work, carpentry, furniture repair, restoration, decorative projects, and much more. Adjustable and compact, the staple gun offers convenience, power, and reliability in one.

9. RIGJAK Stapler 

Stapler Gun


MaterialStainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH15 x 8.5 x 2 Centimeters
Number of Fasteners3

About This Item

  • 3-in-1 STAPLE GUN KITS – Works with Door-type, U-type, T-type staples. Perfect handy tool for carpentry, decoration, upholstery, DIY projects, etc.
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE – Manual Staple Gun adopts durable stainless steel body, plating surface treatment. It is sturdy and anti-rust ensures a long lifetime.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Adjust pressure through the knob to suit the thickness of the material you are working with. Ergonomic steel handle is effort saving and hand fatigue reduced.
  • USED IN WIDE RANGE – Widely used in different applications and to affix a variety of materials, including heavy paper, plastic, wood, thick fabrics , carpeting, upholstery, hold wiring in place or DIY hobby.
  • What You Get: 1 x Staple Tacker Gun, 1 x Stapler Pin Box (400 Pins)

Ideal for door and window trims, decorative trim, cabinet work, finish paneling, frames, flooring and etc. This item is widely used in furniture, leather, wooden box, upholstery and footwear industry.

Comfort grip handle for improved control and comfort even during extended use. staple gun is perfect for screen repair, picture framing, shelf trimming and other lightweight jobs around the house.

A staple gun can be used for construction too. Of course, you’ll need much more powerful tools for the heavy stuff. But if you’re making something light, like a birdhouse or a scratch post for your cat, this tool will be really useful.

There are many ways staple guns can be used for decoration. With this tool, you can create a frame for your art in no time. You can also make sure your kids’ party decorations stay secure, even on a windy day.

10. ToolsCentre Miles


Operation ModeManual
Item Weight0.45 Grams

About this Item

  • FREE: Cans opener – knife – Screwdriver – Linear – Beer opener – Keyboard – Different sizes – Top key – Different smaller sizes – Key to butterfly nut – Angular gauges – Sav – Storage case
  • Tools Centre Is the Authorised Distributor for this product
  • All steel robust construction, All Metal Body,Compact Design with No Loose Parts
  • Staple used 23/6, 23/8, 23/10 and T-8,T-10,
  • Package Includes 1pc TS-623, 20 Packet 23/8 pin(20,000staples)

Advantages of a Stapler Gun

  • Easy to use
  • Stapler pins are easily accessible and cheap.
  • Some stapler guns also have beneficial support nails
  • The little care needed so it will last a long time.
  • Easily accessible parts.

They are classified based on the pins we use on the stapler. Stapler PIN comes in a variety of sizes

  1. 5mm
  2. 8mm
  3. 10mm
  4. 13mm
  5. 15mm
  6. 20mm

Types of Stapler Gun

So when you get a stapler you should choose its type based on the purpose for which you get it.

Manual stapler:

This as the name suggests it is a Manual stapler. They need to be pressed by your hands to work and use. Many of us may have seen a handmade stapler or may have used it for a specific purpose. They are available at all the convenience stores and PINs. Cheap in price too.

Automatic stapler:

These are basic things that work on electricity or batteries as we mentioned earlier. They are less expensive and less popular in India. They are made by famous manufacturers of tools like Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita and you can find more in local products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stapler Guns

What is a stapler gun used for?

Stapler guns are useful for building upholstery, wood, and furniture, as well as other construction activities such as fastening subfloors or roofing materials. You will also see them used to wrap the house and install ropes or carpets. And some of the main types of guns are best for hobbyists or artisans.

Is a staple gun the same as a stapler?

The term stapler often refers to small staplers used by office workers at their desks. Stapler Guns are much larger and use heavier basic materials. They can be made by hand, electric, or pneumatic. Larger ones are sometimes used to attach shingles to the roof.

Do staple guns work on walls?

Stapler guns are used for various home improvement projects. Carpets can be repaired with a basic gun, and they can be fastened to the floor but also to walls, such as in the case of stitching pieces of carpet in a wall to prevent noise.

Where can I use a staple gun?

A basic gun or Stapler Gun is a hand-held machine used to drive the base of heavy metal on wood, plastic, or masonry. Conventional guns are used for many different purposes and to attach a variety of materials, including embossing, house wraps, roofing, ropes, carpet, upholstery, and recreational and artistic items.

Are staple guns hard to use?

Squeezing the trigger on a basic manual gun repeatedly can be difficult on the hands. You may even feel tired and overwhelmed by these tools when you need to use them over and over again in a big job.

What’s the difference between a nail gun and a staple gun?

The main difference between the nail gun and the stapler gun is in the type of fastener they shoot at the composite material. The crown remains visible after basic use, while the legs run down the objects to hold it together.

Are manual staple guns any good?

Stapler Gun will always be useful for many projects, but they are not always the best rifle for hard work. A basic rifle with a power source, whether electric or airborne, can be much better when shooting basic objects or when stamping on thick objects.

How does a stapler make life easier?

The stapler helped keep the papers together. Unlike a thread tied at the sides and easily torn, it loosens the paper. It also repaired tears and cuts, when tape and glue were not available.

Who invented the staple gun?

Charles Henry Gould

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