Best Spring Mattress In India

We all require a little bit of sleep to reinvigorate ourselves after a stress-filled and anxious day in the office. The quality of sleep would, however, depend primarily on the mattress that you use.

Yes, you saw it absolutely correctly! A good mattress can reduce the pain in your body and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Since ancient times, the spring mattress has been very famous. And the latest models of these mattresses have made this type one of the best bedding solutions in the world with new technological construction.

With the benefits of amazing help to your body and comfort factor, spring mattresses are the ideal choice for most of us.

It is also ideal for sleepers such as tummy sleepers, heavyweight sleepers, and individuals with back pain of a certain type.

In addition, these mattresses are economical as well as other types of mattresses, so it is really a good deal to invest in them.

On the other hand, a wrong one might make the whole thing a total catastrophe. So, we’ll be providing a list of the best spring mattress in India to help you buy the most appropriate product for yourself.

Afterward, before purchasing the bedding, we will also give you some details you need to remember. So, make sure to fully read the entire post.

Spring Mattress– Our Top Picks

ProductFabricThicknessWarrantyBuy Now
Springtek Ortho 8-inch Queen Size Pocket Spring MattressHigh intensity Non woven8 inches8 YearsSee At Amazon
Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress70 GSM Damask Jacquard6 Inches5 YearsSee At Amazon
Coirfit 6-inch Ortho Bonnell Spring Single Size MattressFire retardant treated6 inches7 YearsSee At Amazon
Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch King Size Spring MattressPolyester Jacquard6 inches5 YearsSee At Amazon
Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnell Spring MattressKnitted quilted6 inches5 YearsSee At Amazon
Springtek Ortho Spring MattressAnti-Microbial Quilted6 inches6 YearsSee At Amazon
Comforto 8 Inch Pocket Spring Single Size MattressQuilted fabric8 inches11 YearsSee At Amazon
Urban Ladder Dreamlite Bonnel Spring Queen Size MattressFoam6 inches5 YearsSee At Amazon
Boston Basics Bonnell Spring Mattress By Boston MattressQuilted fabric8 inches1 YearSee At Amazon
Centuary Mattresses Sleepables 6 Inch Multi-Layered Pocket Spring MattressSoft knitted fabric6 inches7 YearsSee At Amazon

Best Spring Mattress In India

1.Springtek Ortho 8-inch Queen Size Pocket Spring Mattress

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  • Primary Material : Heavy-gauge tempered steel Pocket coils
  •  Anti-microbial Quilted fabric 
  • Perfect bounce
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Sag resistant mattress
  • 8 Years Warranty

With its Super hard Spring Mechanism covered with High Tenacity nonwoven fabric, this mattress provides infinite Spine Support.

This mattress delivers the right medium-firm feeling you’ve been looking for and is ideal for sleepers in the back or stomach. This mattress is responsive, supportive, and conforms to the body’s natural curves without the sink-in feel of memory foam with four layers of Foam, Felt, and Pocket Springs.

Ortho Pocket Spring is offered by Springtek, which has been the pioneer in delivering state-of-the-art sleeping solutions for the past 40 years.

This mattress offers you a great combination of comfort and support, with quality foam and a robust pocket spring system. And yes, the promise of sleep without disturbances.

Only what you need after a hectic day to recover. We make sure that you wake up new and healthy and that you are ready to take on the world.

It guarantees optimal spinal alignment and peaceful sleep, night after night, with its high-quality PU foam and a stable pocket spring system.

The top layer of the knitted quilted fabric gives you a premium look and also gives you extra comfort with a soft touch and medium-firm feel.

In addition, the fabric’s knitted structure also makes for improved breathability, which in turn improves the overall sleep quality.

A mattress accumulates sweat, body oil, dust mites, and other components after continuous use. Springer mattresses come with an anti-microbial technology of their kind that helps them to protect against dust mites, allergens, and microbial infections.

No diseases to think about anymore. Every day is a good day, and with Springtek, every night is a good night. This Spring Mattress is Ortho and Springy and adds to the body’s overall back support system.

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • The quality of the mattress is very good
  • No motion transfer
  • No more pain or stiffness in your back
  • The outer cover is white so, requires a lot more cleaning and maintenance

2. Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress

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  • Springs encased in quilted foam to avoid sagging
  • Covered with 70 GSM Damask Jacquard fabric for a smooth feel
  • The core layer of Bonnell springs for bounce and support
  • Quilted foam layer for cushioning and comfort
  • 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty

A perfect combination of superior comfort, high quality, and great value is this spring mattress from the Solimo brand.

The mattress is built to provide you with a good night’s sleep and proper support, so you wake up each morning fresh and rejuvenated.

This mattress comes with the building of Bonnell springs when it comes to construction, giving you great orthopedic help.

It is constructed in three layers. The base layer is made of a Bonnell spring that provides the mattress with perfect bounce and support.

Then, for added warmth, the second layer is of quilted foam. And the top layer is of Damask Jacquard fabric that gives a superior finish and appearance to the mattress.

The best part is that the foam that helps the mattress stay in place without sagging at all is encased in its spring construction. And hence, it extends the lifespan of the mattress.

  • Offers ultimate support to your body
  • Perfect level of firmness, not too firm, not too soft
  • Very comfortable
  • The quality of the mattress is very good
  • No cons found

3. Coirfit 6-inch Ortho Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

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  • Breathable quilted premium fabric cover
  • Fire retardant treated fabric
  • No motion transfer
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dust-mite free
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unparalleled comfort

Our other best choice is this Coirfit mattress with innerspring technology that will give you a comfortable sleep experience.

The Bonnell spring design provides your body with ideal bounce and excellent support, thereby proving to be a fantastic mattress for orthopedic problems.

With Bonnell springs, the core layer is made to make the mattress lighter with increased airflow. To boost comfort, there’s also a top layer of super-soft PU foam.

The Bonnell spring used in the mattress is made of anti-corrosive and high carbon cables, meaning the mattress has a longer life span.

Plus, the strengthened foam encasing spring support prevents sagging at the edges, which is also perfect for its longevity.

In addition, the mattress is also covered by the top of the breathable quilted luxury fabric sheet, which gives the mattress a smooth and rich feel with unparalleled comfort.

The mattress is also fitted with hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties that keep the mattress safe to use at all times. And even, for those allergic to dirt and dust, it’s perfect.

So with this spring mattress from Coirfit, get ready to sleep light and relaxed.

  • Provides firm posture and spine support
  • Great orthopedic mattress as well
  • 6 inches of thickness with the best comfort
  • Great to offer perfect bounce and support
  • Complaints of spring feel underneath while sitting or laying down on the mattress

4. Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress

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  • Kurlo fresh technology to avoid bacteria, fungi, and dust mites
  • Antimicrobial feature to protect against microorganism
  • High tensile Bonnell spring for more bounce and comfort
  • Circular Helical wire support
  • High-density cotton felt layers on top and bottom springs for firm support
  • PU foam side support avoids side sagging

How do we miss the name Kurlon when it comes to the best mattress brands? And this Kurlon innerspring mattress will carry the best sleep guaranteed for the night.

With helical wire technology, it is a high tensile Bonnell spring mattress that ensures more bounce and more comfort.

To prevent their motions, the circular helical wire support locks the springs.

At the top and bottom of the mattress, the mattress has a dense PU foam layer that maximizes the sleeping surface and gives you superior comfort and feels.

High-density cotton felt layers on top and bottom springs are also available that provide firm support to the mattress.

Plus, on the sides of the mattress, there is a support layer of PU foam that prevents spring aging and maintains the original shape of the mattress, ensuring no sagging at all.

Not only this but the mattress is also coated with a polyester jacquard fabric that gives the mattress a premium look and finishes.

In addition, its anti-microbial and anti-dust mite characteristics make the mattress clean and hygienic to use.

  • Provides ultimate back support
  • Sag resistant mattress
  • No partner disturbance
  • Hygienically, the mattress is very good
  • No cons found

5.  Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnell Spring Mattress

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  • Heavy-duty gauge coils that are supportive and durable
  • Unique quilted cover includes an inch of cushioning foam
  • 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes
  • 100% pure sleep grade foam
  • Exclusive air ventilation foam technology
  • Plastic mesh included enhancing the life of the padding layer

All you want in your quality sleep is comfort and relaxation and this innerspring mattress from Boston promises to give you the same.

The mattress, built with Bonnell spring technology, gives you the perfect amount of bounce and support. It has been designed to make the mattress completely comfortable for long hours of good night’s sleep in five layers.

The mattress core comes with Bonnell tempered steel springs that are not only supportive but also robust. Above the Bonnell spring sheet, there is a plastic mesh that enhances the life of the padding layers.

Then there’s a thin layer of heavy-duty supportive felt pad that provides a constant feeling in the spring. After that, for improved hygiene and comfort, there is an exclusive air ventilation foam that ensures good air ventilation.

For more warmth, the top layer consists of a knitted quilted fabric cover that contains an inch of cushioning foam.

  • Good for back and side sleepers
  • The mattress fully conforms to your body shape
  • It has medium-soft firmness for a comfortable sleep
  • Reasonably priced
  • No cons found

6. Springtek Ortho Spring Mattress

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  • Its pocket springs offer a rather bouncy feel.
  • Made with high-density foam material for more durability and convenience.
  • It is a 4-layer based mattress.
  • Has three different thickness options.
  • 7-zone foam support.

This high-density mattress, in essence, is just like every other foam-made product on the market. Currently, however, that is not valid.

The bedding comes with a lot of features, which makes it much better than its rivals and allows many consumers to recognize it as the best spring mattress in India.

To start with, when you lie down on it, the mattress provides a medium to a firm degree of feeling. That can be decent, in turn, for both your neck and your shoulder.

In these regions, it can also reduce the severity of pain. For older people, the overall level of firmness makes it an excellent choice. Younger adults, however, can also benefit from it.

Second, just like SleepyCat ‘s offering, this one also comes with a four-layer structure. This makes the item even more robust and long-lasting. It does not, however, involve any reinforcements along the borders.

Therefore, after a few years of use, it might get saggy. Nonetheless, with a premium-class quilt covering the layers, the day of sagging does not come too easily.

The model’s fabric is very breathable as well. It will keep everything new and calm, even during the humid summer season.

In addition, even though the substance is extremely thick, it is still very delicate, to say the least. So, when using it, you will not feel any discomfort at all. Nonetheless, during winter you may feel a little bit cold.

  • The product is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • It is perfectly suitable for everyone.
  • It does not require any kind of assembling.
  • It is available in several different size options.
  • It is comparatively a little bit weighty.

7. Comforto 8 Inch Pocket Spring Single Size Mattress

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  • Primary Material: Pocket Spring Mattress
  • Comfort: Soft
  • Individual pocketed spring ensures high comfort and zero partner disturbance
  • Plush mattress cover for smooth and soft feel

The Coir Comfort Industries (India) Private Limited brand is the Comforto mattress. The rubber foam manufacturing unit of the company was founded in 1978.

Indian Railways and State Transport are provided with cushions. In its mattresses, pocket springs are produced in its own production unit.

Because of the excellent consistency of the pocket springs, we selected the Comforto pocket spring mattress as one of the best spring mattresses in India.

This mattress’s overall material quality is excellent. The Comforto pocket spring mattress consists of more pocket springs than other general pocket spring mattresses.

There is a plush feel to the fabric of the mattress. The comfort level of the mattress with the Comforto pocket spring is medium-soft. Sleeping on it feels comfortable.

  • High Spring Count
  • Available in 6, 8 & 10 Inch Thickness
  • Good Material Quality
  • Medium Soft Comfort
  • Only One Colour
  • Pro-rated Warranty After 1 Year

8. Urban Ladder Dreamlite Bonnel Spring Queen Size Mattress

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  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Subtype: Bonnel Spring
  • Mattress Thickness – 6 Inches
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium
  • Weight – 27650 Grams

In addition to the Queen Size, the Urban Ladder DreamLite 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress comes in six different size styles. The one size preferable to your body and necessity can be opted for.

Additionally, the height it offers is the one thing that has drawn us to this mattress. It comes in two forms, both 6 and 9 inches in height.

For king and queen size beds, both of these heights are available. There is no other brand that offers such quality and height, according to our studies.

The Dreamlite Urban Ladder is built with an innerspring or coil mattress and is a perfect choice for singles and couples looking for enough support.

After a long hard day of work at the workplace, this service is excellent and helps you relax and retreat.

The mattress also comes with a Bonnell Spring system that helps to make it lighter and also increases the air flow! Your mattress is bound to stick to you for a long, long time because of the anti-corrosive high carbon wires!

Moreover, it comes with a system of edge support that prevents it from sagging as time passes. You’re having a strong mix of firmness and softness.

This amazing mattress is recommended by many clients, particularly those who have a spinal pain condition and want some good back support while they doze off.

  • Works well for spine and back issues
  • Does not sag as time goes by
  • Comes with several therapeutic benefits
  • Variety of sizes available
  • No cons found

9. Boston Basics Bonnell Spring Mattress By Boston Mattress

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  • Mattress Comfort: Firm
  • Material: Bonnell Spring & High Resilience (HR) Foam
  • Quilted Fabric: A Unique Quilted Cover Includes An Inch Of Cushioning Foam
  • Open Springs Structure: Air Moves Freely To Trap Your Cool In Summer And Warm In Winters 
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

In general, relaxation and comfort are all you need to have a great night’s sleep, and the Boston Basics Bonnell Spring Mattress comes with the same innerspring!

The item comes with the perfect bounce and support level that will keep your body safe! It has been built with 5 layers that transform beauty sleep into your sleep every night.

The center or core of the mattress has been made with tempered steep, and they are not only supportive but also extremely robust!

The plastic mesh improves the longevity of the layers that have been generously padded. There is also a thin layer that, in the spring, is very helpful and also very solid and gives you a constant feeling.

The material is sufficiently ventilated as well, and the mattress provides excellent ventilation. This guarantees absolute relaxation as well as hygiene.

The top layer of the product comes with a highly cushioning foam knitted with quilted material.

  • The quality of the product is very nice
  • Amazing product if you are side-sleeper
  • Amazing product if you are side-sleeper
  • Completely adjusts to your unique body structure
  • Does not work well with stomach sleepers
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10. Centuary Mattresses Sleepables 6 Inch Multi-Layered Pocket Spring Mattress

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  • Mattress Comfort: Medium Firm
  • Material: Pocket Spring, PU Foam
  • Multi Layered Construction
  • Soft Knitted Fabric, Quilted Cover
  • Vacuum-packed, delivered in a Box

Sleepables is Roll Packed Pocket Spring Mattress by Century. Even if your partner is tossing and turning, this new mattress is equipped with individual pocket springs, which guarantee zero motion transfer.

With active edge support and plush PU Foam comfort layer and quilt, the Sleepables pocket spring mattress uses advanced spring technology.

Superior Ventilation for better breathability through the mattress, which improves the mattress’ longevity and hygiene over several years Unique form of foam that molds itself according to the shape of the body, reducing pressure points.

Individual springs are enclosed in fabric pockets, where each spring serves to stabilize the body independently. Antibacterial + antifungal is the antimicrobial foam shield in the quilting foam layer.

Sleepables Rollpack mattress is built with separate pocket springs, ensuring zero transfer of motion even if your partner is tossing and turning. · Vacuum-packed, shipped in a box.

  • reasonable price
  • comfortable and soft
  • Spring action is awesome
  • Comfortable and good quality
  • could not find any washable zip cover as shown in the product demo video

What Is A Spring Mattress?

The spring mattress, together with various types of foam, is the bedding type of coil construction. Let’s get to know the building in a simpler way.

Two layers are designed for a spring mattress-the support center and the comfort sheet. The support center consists of uniformly spaced metal springs or coils in the mattress to provide you with ultimate support with even weight distribution.

And the comfort layer is made of a softer and more responsive material such as memory foam or polyfoam to give you a comfortable sleeping surface.

With the pocketed coil structure, there are hybrid beds too, like a topping of memory foam, latex, or gel foam with varying layer depth and density.

Types of Spring Mattress

Bonnell Coil

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Bonnell Coil

The typical and most widely used coil system in an innerspring mattress is the Bonnell coil, also known as an open coil. These are molded to an hourglass form from tempered steel.

And then interconnected inside a wireframe known as helical, which are spiral-shaped. The spring mattresses using this coil system are comparatively cheaper than other coil systems when it comes to price.

With soft pressure, the Bonnell coils compress and usually provide firm support. That is why, in most orthopedic mattresses, this coil system is used.

The Bonnell coil construction innerspring mattress is best appropriate for dorms, hospitals, nursing homes, guest quarters, and children’s rooms.

Pocketed Coils

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Pocketed Coils

The best type of coil is the pocketed coil structure in an innerspring mattress and is also known as Encased, Wrapped, or Marshall coil.

It is designed with hundreds of individual coil springs wrapped in a thin cloth, or even thousands.

There are no helicals or attachment wires used in such a construction. With this coil method, the best aspect is that it ideally conforms to your body and uniformly distributes your weight.

It also prevents the pressure points that can cause pain in the back, hip, and shoulder. A high degree of motion isolation is also provided by the pocketed coil construction.

It is also one of the best types of bedding for partners. But, these are the forms that are the most costly.

Continuous Coils

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Continuous Coils

These are designed using a single wire molded into circular shapes with the row of coils running from head to toe and then connected on both sides by helical.

This style, however, is durable, firmer, and cheaper than other forms of coils, but they do not conform to your body. That’s why a limited amount of spinal support is given. They’re sometimes loud too, too.

Offset Coils

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Offset Coils

The offset coil is somewhat similar to Bonnell coils in structure. These are made of tempered steel and shaped like an hourglass, and a helical wire on top hangs together each spring.

Offset coils are available in various models, including hinged top and bottom, double and single-sided extension, double offset, and free arm.

Better body contouring and a greater degree of motion isolation are given by this form of coil construction. Nevertheless, they are often costly.

Benefits Of Spring Mattress

As we have described above, they all come with different levels of firmness, feeling, and support for various styles of an innerspring mattress. So you have a selection of alternatives to choose from.

When it comes to budget, the innerspring mattress is the most budget-friendly sort than other mattresses.

Thanks to their coil-based support cores, these mattresses have strong edge support.

There is less risk of sinkage around the corners where people normally sit. There is also a fantastic bounce for Innerspring Mattresses.

If you have any trouble getting in and out of bed or moving around, it’s very nice to have this one. Also, this feature makes it best for couples.

Like most mattresses, the innerspring does not hold much body heat, so it has an excellent temperature control feature.

In case you are a hot sleeper, you should sleep cool and relaxed.

Buying Guide For Spring Mattress

Coil Count

In an innerspring mattress, coil count is one of the most significant characteristics to consider as it affects the overall support and comfort provided by an innerspring mattress. Exactly the number of coils in the mattress is the coil count.

The contouring ability and the lifespan of the mattress are calculated. The higher the number of coils, the greater their contouring and bouncing, as well as uniform firmness, are.

Most of the innerspring mattresses have a coil count of between 500 and 1000. It can, however, also fall below 300 to more than 2000 at the low end.

And when it comes to cost, the higher coil count models are found to be costly relative to the lower coil count models.

Coil Gauge

The coil gauge is the second most important thing to verify in an innerspring mattress. Now, what does this mean? The thickness degree of the coils used in an innerspring mattress is simply the coil gauge.

The higher gauged coils give you a soft feeling, while the lower gauged coil gives you a heavy feeling. But you must go for the coil gauge ranging from 12 to 15 to invest in a nice innerspring mattress.

Then choose the mattress with the 12-coil gauge if you want a strong and comfortable feel in your bed. On the other hand, you can go for a 13.5 coil gauge for a soft and bouncy feel.

One more important thing, compared to the one with high-gauged coils, the innerspring mattress with low-gauged coils has a longer lifespan.


The various firmness levels of a single innerspring mattress are referred to as zoning in different regions. And this helps the mattress to be contoured according to various types of body.

In three separate places, like the lumbar, the elbow, and the hip, our body is zoned. And the zoned innerspring mattress delivers varying degrees of firmness to various areas of the body.

That means it provides the shoulder and hip area with a soft feel, while the lumbar region provides a strong feeling for further additional support.

Life span

It depends on different variables when it comes to the longevity of the innerspring mattress, the most relevant of which are coil count, coil gauge, and composition.

The mattress with low-gauged coils over the high-gauged coils has a longer life span. Now, it also depends on different factors to speak about the lifespan of various kinds of innerspring mattresses.

Compared to non-tempered coils of steel, the tempered steel coils are robust. That is why the pocketed coils with non-tempered steel and high-gauged construction are typically less robust.

The offset and Bonnell coils have a low to medium gauge, tempered steel structure, so these are better in terms of longevity.


The most significant consideration when selecting any of the items is budget. If you want a high-quality innerspring mattress, it is clear that a significant sum must be invested.

However, there are also low-cost innerspring mattresses available, but you have to sacrifice the performance somewhat.

Types of Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam typically comes with a support sheet and the foam springs together. What this mattress does is that it uses the heat of your body to mold the particular form itself. Due to this, outstanding service and comfort are provided.

It eventually bounces back to its original form until this strain is removed from the mattress. Given enough time, though, this mattress will be able to hold your body’s form in its memory, and so it gets this name.

Another name is visco-elastic foam, which is also known as memory foam. This was established in the mid-1960s by NASA.

This was made from a composite of polyurethane and was developed to face the intense pressure to which astronauts are vulnerable as they enter or leave the atmosphere of the Earth.

Soon enough, the promise of memory foam content was understood, and it started to show up in mattresses, toppers, and even pillows.

Hybrid Mattress

Two parts or materials that are combined into a single mattress consist of the Hybrid mattresses. In contrast, instead of having two different foams and making one main part, this is a better choice.

You’ll find a few brands selling hybrid foams, but all of them come with one main component. For example, if you want the comfort and pressure-point relief that memory foam provides, but you want to refrain from getting trapped in it, and you want the lightness of latex material instead, then you get a memory foam and latex combination that will give you both.

  • True Hybrid: This is Latex Foam or Coil + Memory. You can get it from here if you’re looking for all the essential mattress features, such as longevity, bounce, cooling, and contouring!
  • Pillow Hybrid: Hybrid Pillow Top Mattresses are able to provide the body with a lot of support while relieving all the pressure points due to the firmness of the coil beds.
  • Foam Hybrids: Foam Hybrids do not consist of springs of any kind, but are a gentle mixture of various materials from foams. These mattresses provide the sleeper with a great deal of warmth and cooling.

Spring Mattress

In general, a spring mattress is known as one that is more convenient than others. You will find those believing it to be the foam mattress’s ancestor.

It comes with several coils of metal that have been suspended in the other mattress materials. They can provide a lot more support because of this existence, especially in the case of heavier individuals or those with back and hip issues.

By using the body’s pressure to push back, spring mattresses will support the body. With this kind of construction, however, we can sense one possible downside is the inability of the body to apply equal pressure around the mattress.

This will offer the most pushback to your stomach, hips, and other areas of the body that force down the hardest. For certain sleepers, this can readily transform into a nightmare.

Latex Mattress

This mattress is created by combining two materials, such as reflex foam or springs, with Latex as the main component.

If you want to add support underneath your back while enjoying great durability, this mattress is a great alternative. Latex is obtained from the sap of a rubber tree, and in the early 1900s, the first brand to use it was Dunlopillo.

This company gave rise to a latex boom in the mattress industry and launched a new line of exclusively latex foam bedding.

Latex mattresses are renowned for their unbelievable comfort and potential for pressure relief. Since Latex has a natural tendency, the latex mattresses are normally blended into other natural stuffing to produce a mattress that is fully durable and secure.

This product not only comes with a lot of advantages but also many best sellers! Latex is for you if you’re looking for unrivaled protection!

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Organic Mattress

We have another all-natural and eco-friendly option for you, called Organic Mattress if you are a fan of natural materials.

These mattresses are not constructed from any hazardous materials or chemicals that are harmful. In the development of these mattresses, natural materials are used, which makes them both breathable and comfortable.

Which makes them a great choice for both summers and winters! If you are someone who has a case of asthma, allergies, or some other form of chronic respiratory condition, then you can go for these organic mattresses as a healthy choice.

Additionally, for young children and infants, they are also perfect!

Smart Mattress

One of the first things that pop in our minds when we hear someone say “smart bed,” is the real question of whether technology did not come with all the mattresses before them.

Today, of course, a lot of nice beds are out there. Intelligent beds, however, come with innovations that can change the way we look at sleep absolutely.

The smart mattress comes with sensors to monitor your sleeping habits and to help you sleep better.

For example, as you begin to snore, it will reposition itself, while still interacting with your other home appliances, such as your lights.

Futon Mattress

Nowadays, in superstores like Walmart and IKEA, you can easily find Futon mattresses, but they hold a common significance in Japanese culture.

Before they gained prominence in the West, Japanese people had a rich tradition of using these beds. Earlier, it would only be the right of the people under the royalty to use them, but they were not as relaxed as now.

Futons began to gain mainstream popularity in the US in the 1980s, and this occurred after the traditional Japanese versions influenced a man named William Brouwer. He quickly grabbed the chance in 1982 to build Futon sofa beds.

Since they are lightweight, these beds typically have a longer life. And if you put enough time into taking care of them, then you can expect 5 to 10 years of them to stay with you.

RV Mattress

You might start skipping your sleep while you’re traveling around the world because you miss your bed too much. After a long day roaming around, you need your night to be soothing enough to destress you.

Since many individuals have now also embraced the RV-lifestyle in India and it sees a steady rise, there has also been an increase in demand and availability of Camper mattresses.

Generally, these mattresses are made with memory foam and an innerspring mix. This enables individuals to remain mobilized and easily see the sights across the world.

Because millennials have become and are increasingly growing a segment of RV owners, many of them seek comfort and functionality.

There is no arbitration or agreement on the product’s consistency and versatility. Therefore, RV mattresses are typically excellent for a rugged setting, thus retaining the quotient of flexibility and comfort.

 Water Beds

Instead of the typical spring or foam stuffing, this is a type of mattress that comes filled with water. The storm took on these mattresses around the 1970s as well as the late 90s.

They soon became a novelty and luxury item for individuals to own, and when it comes to maintenance, they are easy. Whenever needed, you can use it as a cheater or comforter.

Two types of water beds available on the market are soft-sided and hard-sided. While the soft-sided looks identical to any normal mattress, the hard-sided normally flaunts a rectangular wooden frame on which the water bed is laid.

It also comes with a deck of plywood where you can rest and unwind.

Frequently Asked Question About Spring Mattresses

Are spring mattresses good?

Spring mattresses typically last between 5 and 10 years until a replacement is needed. Spring mattresses provide a great choice of natural materials, to sum things up. During sleep, they are fantastic for maintaining an optimum body temperature. They also come at a low cost for up to 10 years and are in working condition.

Is foam better than a spring mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are more durable than mattresses that are made of spring. Inside a foam mattress, body oil and dirt do not build up as easily as they do in a spring mattress. They do not, however, attract dust mites and break down a lot slower. For around 8 to 10 years, a high-quality memory foam bed will last.

Is spring mattress better or coir?

A coir mattress is more bouncy than a spring mattress due to natural fibre and provides better support to your body. If you sleep on your back, then this is the right one for you as you can rest in a great position during the night and maintain your spine alignment correctly.

Is a spring mattress good for the back?

Spring mattresses are cheaper than memory foam, less durable, pass motion to another person on the bed, and are not approved for people suffering from back problems for 2 out of the 2 different forms of coil mattresses. The two advantages of coil mattresses are that they’re not hot and they’re less costly.

How long do spring mattresses last?

When it comes to how long a bed will last, the ASA says the type of mattress matters. Mattresses made of latex are more likely to last 10 years, as are those made of polyfoam or memory foam. Before the 10-year mark, the spring beds begin to break down because the springs will lose their elasticity earlier.

When should you replace your mattress?

Mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years under normal circumstances. This is, of course, a general suggestion and not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are various factors that impact when your mattress should be replaced.

Can old mattresses cause back pain?

Chiropractors believe that it is a formula for chronic back pain to sleep on an old mattress. That can mean tossing and turning through the night to find a sleeping position that is more comfortable or just waking up feeling stiff and sore the next morning.


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