Best Projecting Screen In India

When was the last time you binge-watched any series/movie with your family members on a projector?  You might be having the nicest projector screen for your home. But, there is still a substantial part missing out that will take your life on a voyage of cinematic luxury.

Choosing the Best projector Screen is a problematic task. You need to be sure in your head whether you want the best cinematic treat for your eyes or you just wanna see it, in a lipid way.

Yes, you all guessed it right . we are  chatting about the best projector screen here. It does make a lot of disparity while seeing movies on the projector, as many significant characteristics are affected if a proper screen is not used. The best experience comes from the best things. Basically , it all depends upon the screen, let me tell you more precisely, if the screen is not up to the mark, then the projector is not at all worth it.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to pay for the best Projector Screen in India, you must check some substantial factors before selecting the best one for yourself, because its important to do some research before buying something. If you do not know about the market and its prices and a lot more factors , you might end be being deceived.

You need to understand this little fact that its not about the best projector alone, its about the best projector screen too. 

The quality of the screen has to be perfect for the best cinematic experience or for business purposes too. The fabric has to be good for adequate visibility. The screen must adapt its surroundings according to its visibility , whether its day or night , high humidity season or extreme cold winter, the screen has be meet the user’s need and its surroundings too.

The best projector screen comes with best features, and for the best features you need to know about it, You’ve to dig into it, and do the necessary research before buying the best screen for yourself.

True movie lovers, who wants to have the exquisite cinematic experience , who wanna fall in love with the romance, dive into the sci-fi world, experience the horror, witness the world class thrill  from the best thrillers. If you’re a genuine , by heart movie buff then you can understand the importance of getting the best projector screen and pairing it up with the best projector.

A high-quality Projector screen needs a well-maintained projector. They both are completely dependent on each other, for the best experience you need to buy the best pair. Though homeis usually purchase decent projectors but when it comes to buying a screen they just don’t understand that quality matters and in order to save little money they get deceived and end up being fooled.

On the other hand, office executives who relinquish in a lot of presentations and corporate videos regarding meetings, will certainly need a projector screen placed in their conference room for their meeting purposes. The screen will be very fruitful and will prove to be accurately handy when it comes to instant meetings and conferences. 

After analyzing the basic traits of a decent projector screen, let’s get down to some of the best and the latest projector screen available in the market.

Buying Guide 

While purchasing projector screens we must keep the following things in mind, especially when we are in quest to find the best in the reasonable amount. So lets discuss the basic traits of a good and decent projector screen.


The best projector screens come with the best in-depth color gradient. Better contrast in the texture of the images is a must. They shouldn’t reflect the light, as the best projector screens give you much darker and deeper impressions.

Viewing Angles

The projector must be having a large and flexible visible area, because if you’re at the very back or the end of the room, then it can be very difficult to see things, that’s why its surface area should be considered good.


One of the most crucial factors of a decent projector screen is that it must be large enough to give a perfect cinematic experience. Small size screens are not at all worth it, if you’re willing to buy a small size then it’s better to use your phone screen, avoid wasting money.

Background Color

Prefer buying black colored background as it gives out the best cinematic experience because black color absorbs the least and reflects more.


We human beings prefer good and cheap stuff, if it’s in your budget and is quite good with performance then that’s the best thing to buy, unnecessary wasting money over not so worth it things is merely a fool behavior. The good things are usually a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth it.


This is a must, it has to be. A product is recognized through its reviews, if we’re calling a product the best product then there’s a lot more critic and praise behind it. The reviews are a must-read before buying any product. 

Elite Screens Sable Frame  Projector Screen100 inchesSee At Amazon
ELCOR Motorised 106-Inch Projector Screen84 InchesSee At Amazon
Inlight Autolock 120-Inch Projector Screen120 inchesSee At Amazon
Punnkk E7 Motorised 100-Inch Projector Screen100 inchesSee At Amazon
Inlight 120-Inch Projector Screen120 inchesSee At Amazon
Inlight Map Type 84-Inch Projector Screen84 InchesSee At Amazon
Punnkk I6 Insta Lock 84-Inch Projector Screen84 InchesSee At Amazon
Inlight Cineview Tripod Type 84-Inch Projector Screen84 InchesSee At Amazon
Royality Industries Tripod Durable Projector Screen84 InchesSee At Amazon
RADIANS Motorized Projector Screen120 inchesSee At Amazon

Below are The Best Projecting Screen In India To buy Online

1. Elite Screens Sable Frame  Projector Screen

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2, 100-inch Diag. 16:9

View at Amazon


  • This projector screen comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9, with a diagonal size of exactly 100 inches.
  •  It provides ultra 4K HD and 3D graphics, assists  160° esteeming angle with fully black backed front projection screen material.
  • It provides a magnificent viewership experience where you can enjoy all kinds of TV shows, movies, web series as it assists you with a wide range of visual experiences. 
  • Beautifully made from black velvet finish  with an aluminum sharp frame which is high in tensile strength and brittle in nature

This certainly provides a brighter, richer more color vibrant portrayals than simply projecting onto a cheap colored wall. The screen texture is also very flat and so causes no problems unlike in much cheaper screens.

 You can easily mount this screen with yourself just read the guide book, overall it is easy to place this screen on your wall, it usually takes time to detach but the time and the persistence are definitely worth the money.

This screen covers a wide range of areas, which makes it pretty big and gives you a lifetime viewership experience. It is definitely one of the best projecting screens in India. You can easily get it delivered via Amazon.

  • Its really huge
  • It provides lifetime cinematic experience with its ultra 4K and 3D features covering 160 degrees of angles.
  • It can be easily accessible through Amazon with minimal delivery charges. 
  • Multilayered PVC with texture and surface coating
  • 12 months warranty
  • It takes comparatively much time in setting up  , but the hustle is worth it.

2. ELCOR Motorised 106-Inch Projector Screen

ELCOR lite Series Electric Motorized Projector Screen, 106-Inch Diagonal in 16-09 Format

View at Amazon


  • 106 diagonal length with , 16:9 aspect ratio With 4:03 NTSC layout,16:09 Wide Cinema layout, 16:10 Cinema scope1:1 Square layout.
  • The screen is well lubricated and has a great texture and provides a wide range of the color full display.
  • The screen is not only well equipped with a modern ultra 4K HD and 3D display but also supports mobility.
  •  Due to its mobility, it overpowers any other Projector screens as it can be used in family gatherings, picnics, etc.
  • With 180° Wide Viewing Angle 1.1 Gain Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready! Wide diffusion uniformity enables spectators to relish a clear and bright picture from any angle. Elcor Screens is concentrated on delivering the best quality products at affordable prices while delivering extraordinary services.

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive packages in this list with all the necessary features, the ELCOR projector screen can be easily rolled in and out using a motorised tool that has a pal wireless remote controller with perfect features.

This modern projector screen is very convenient as it can be placed both on the wall and the ceiling with minimal efforts, the best projector screen.

  • Congenial with 1080P full HD & 4k technology
  • The motorized projection screen succeeds with simple but incredible advantage of adjusting screen height with help of remote regulated set. Hence making it easier to regulate.
  • Unfortunately, this very projector is available only in one size and area.

3. Inlight Autolock 120-Inch Projector Screen

Inlight Wall Autolock Pull Down Projector Screen for Full HD 1080P 3D and 4K Technology

View at Amazon


  • With magnificent 84 Inches Diagonal Size merged in with classic 4:3 NTSC Aspect Ratio 
  • 6×4 feet of wide Viewing Area with amazing1.5 gains in 180 Degree Visible Angle, the metal white sleek, and gorgeous case for wall and canopy installation.
  • It is also available in many sizes, the one with 120 inches diagonal size and 4:3 aspect ratio with 6×8 feet of the wide visible area makes it a mega screen 
  • Self-lock system makes it pretty easy to adjust its height and its aspect ratio
  • Light penetration can easily be destroyed as it magnificent black-backed screen with amazing texture.
  • One of the best projecting screens available with a wide range of sizes.

This screen proves to be the best partner of your projector; whether you’re up for a presentation meeting with a senior or you have  after date plans with your girls, this screen plays a crucial role in fulfilling all your personal as well as professional needs.

This screen will provide brilliant colors and crisp images along with the nicest details existing in your PowerPoint slides. Accurately Made of premium quality texture.

The Screen succeeds with the best Auto-lock spring action mechanism. This auto-locking technique with amazing dual wall and ceiling inbuilt design provides varying height settings in any stance.

  • Best for professional purposes, as its 120 inch wide areal range gives a magnificent viewership experience
  • With the built in auto-lock characteristic, the screen won’t be required to be pinned when unrolled.
  • It provides 180 degrees of viewing angle which makes it pretty much easier while looking from different angles
  • The black finishing gives it a good looking touch.
  • Its basically for professional usage as it mainly supports 4:3 format

4. Punnkk E7 Motorised 100-Inch Projector Screen

Punnkk E7 Motorized Projector Screen Size -7Ft(Width) 5Ft(Height), 100 Inches 4-03

View at Amazon


  • 100 Inch with  4:03 Motorized super Electric Projector flat  Screen Home Theater and office Screen with wireless remote control.
  • Matte white surface material with 100-inch widescreen and 4:3 aspect ratio, the white matte is easy to clean and durable and brittle in nature.
  • Easy to use with low maintenance cost and gives you a wide area of  7× 5 feet
  • Double-wall and canopy installation with majestic designed RF remote switch or built-in switch to rectify the format.
  • Best choice for home theater, conference halls, business promotions, car showrooms, classroom study, and other public displays.

Punnkk projecting screens are easy to operate with wireless remote control which is beautifully decorated designed with just three buttons and gives a classic experience of both viewership and operating.

Pins of different shapes and sizes are available with it , for attachment and detachment of the screen according to the need . 

There is a black coating applied on the back of the screen which allows minimal reflection and keeps the image with adequate brightness and contrast and these features somehow bring life to the images and the videos too.

The high-quality motorized mechanism makes it highly desirable from the top view.

  • High quality fabrics
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation process
  • Wireless connection
  • With the same awkward aspect ratio of 4:3 and covering only 150 degrees whereas a lot other screens provide 180 degrees of view.

5. Inlight 120-Inch Projector Screen

Inlight Universal Wall Type 120 inches Diagonal Pull Down Spring Action No Autolock Projector Screen

View at Amazon


  • Facilitated with 1080 Pixel quality, ultra 4K HD, and also supports 3D which is handy with all the available projectors in the market.
  • With a 4:3 aspect ratio, 120 inches of diagonal length, 8×6 feet size.
  • Spring lock mechanism available 
  • It does not support the auto-lock/ interlock mechanism 
  • Gives minimal strain to your eyes and also provides clear images 
  • A+++++ grade fabric and screen composition .

The best modern Projector Screen of inlight arrives with Full HD 1080P, 3D, and 4K Ready Technology that basically offers a much reasonable picture quality with a steadier motion, vibrant and more natural colors.

Its all how real you feel, its tries to show you up the reality depicted over the content. The four sides of the screen is coated with black so that it provides much clear image.

The screen is flawlessly designed using a high quality well structured fibre and gain wall fabric substance which is white up front and black from the back side and is vastly desirable and consistent.

The screen is so compatible that it diffuses visual light in every directions on an even scale for a wide visible angle related region.

The screen is very easy to clean as the fiber is water and eco friendly if you don’t have the screen cleaning stuff that you can easily use daily use water to clean it up.

  • The fabric used by this screen is high in quality which provides life time cinematic experience.
  • It is pretty much big boogie screen with 120 inches in diagonal length
  • The spring mechanism provided in it makes it very easy to pull down or push up.
  • It is also very easy to clean.
  • It does not supports  locking system, which means that you’ve to manually pull it down using the inbuilt spring mechanism

6. Inlight Map Type 84-Inch Projector Screen

Inlight Map Type Projector Screen, 6 W x 4 H(in Imported HIGH GAIN Fabric A+++++ Grade)

View at Amazon


  • A perfect combo of the compatible and portable screen that comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3
  • 6 × 4 feet and 84 inches of diagonal size
  • Available in 1080 pixels with ultra 4K HD and 3D interface.
  • Keep your eyes strain-free and with its anti UV technology it gives a safe and effective viewership 
  • Easy to use, low maintenance.

The best thing about this projector is that its very cheap. Indians like cheap and good stuff, so this very projector screen with 1080 pixels screen quality and ultra HD 4K with 3D graphics make it the best on its range.

Not only will it proved to be the best partner of your projecting device, but it will also assist you in a lot , when it comes to an integral corporal  presentation before your seniors.

This screen will provide sharp colors and brilliant pictures along with the excellent details present in your PowerPoint slides. Created with premium quality fabric, this screen is formulated like a map and can be swiveled and unfolded manually.

The screen can be extremely beneficial for startups, little firms, small business groups as it is highly affordable and reasonable at this price. One best thing about this best projector screen in India is that it’s cheap as hell, but when it comes to performance and quality expenditures it succeeds brilliantly.

  • It is very much affordable
  • This screen can effortlessly fit into 3D category with its ultra HD 4K graphics
  • The black borders near the screen makes it easy to prevent projector photoshoot
  • The company inlight has used the same fabric , keeping in mind a little fact about how much indians love cheap and good products
  • You can see it is the Amazons choice in its category in terms of price and reviews
  • It doesn’t offer any premium features as compared to above 
  • It has no auto lock or spring mechanism, basically its like a white board which you’ll have to operate on a regular basis, manually.
  • You can find 84 inches screen small, if you’re looking for elegant ones.

7. Punnkk I6 Insta Lock 84-Inch Projector Screen

Punnkk I6 Insta Lock Projector Screen Size -6Ft(Width) 4Ft(Height), 84 Inches 4-03

View at Amazon


  • 6×4 feet wall-mounted projector screen that gives you 4:3 format ratio
  • Matte white surface with 84 inches of the diagonal length
  • Self-lock systems let you adjust the height and the aspect ratio of the screen 
  • Easy installation, easy to use, and low maintenance 
  • Increase picture format and its contrast significantly 

This on budget projector screen with all the necessary functions is the best around its price. One of the best projector screen available in India with auto lock feature add in.

It can easily be mounted and can be swirled down accordingly. With the usual 4:3 aspect ratio you can adjust the screen for your personal usage , you can easily fix it in the mid of the wall and enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows.

The most useful feature that has been added to it , is the self-lock system, you can adjust the screen accordingly, with low maintenance and easy to operate this is really one of the best projector screens I India.

One more advantageous feature is that you can easily wipe out the dirt by using normal tap water on the screen or the washing liquid as per your convenience.

  • Highly affordable
  • Best in budget
  • Self lock system
  • For unfurling ,you need to do it manually as it does not support any motorized roll in the system 

8. Inlight Cineview Tripod Type 84-Inch Projector Screen

Inlight Cineview 120 Inch Diagonal Tripod Projector Screen, Full HD 1080

View at Amazon


  • Available in UHD- 4K ultra -3D technology 
  • 120 inches, 4:3 aspect ratio 
  • Black coated backside which allows best image contrast 
  • 8 × 6 feet dimensions, keeps your eyes strain-free mostly and restricts UV rays from destroying your eyes
  • A+++++ grade Fabric with easy to use and low maintenance.
  • Ideal for homemade cinema.

The tripod projector screen is made up of imported high quality fabric equipped with matte finishing to give the best picture quality . The color is in white with borders end up with stale black, with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 120 inches diagonally.

It almost reflects every light plummeting into it. This flexible Projector Screen rescinds smoothly and furnishes a suitably tensioned sighting surface. It is integrated in the design stimulating mobility of the Projector Screen and prepping anywhere on flat surface.

The Inlight Cineview Tripod screen appears with a single tripod stand which can be assembled on any flat ground surface.

It is highly recommended in family functions, meetings, public exhibition, classroom projects.

This magnificent screen will provide sharp brilliant colors and bright images along with the greatest details existing in your power point slides. Made of exceptional quality fabric, this screen comes with a tripod stand.

Inlight Cineview Tripod Projector Screen is very popular for its mobile and cost effective features. Inlight Cineview Tripod screen can be utilized in meeting rooms, arena, universities, colleges, open air classrooms, conferences, expositions, residence cinema, private entertainment.

Inlight Cineview Tripod projector screen arrives with the manual system which can halt the screen anywhere in between the process.

This mesh is made up of artificial water friendly high gain material which is very easy to clean. You can apparently use normal water for clearing the surface of the screen.

It can be handily foldable and easy to hold from one place to another for various outdoor recreations articulations.

  • This projector screen is just perfect for family functions as it can be easily packed and unpacked and is very handy and within seconds the task is done.
  • With black outings and back side coating of black stuff makes it easier to make content visible very efficiently.
  • Its not the ideal projector screen if you’re concerning about permanent placement. 

9. Royality Industries Tripod Durable Projector Screen

Royality industries 84 inch Tripod Stand Projector Screen

View at Amazon


  • It has an elegant 84″ inch widescreen up to 160 degrees of view with a matte white texture diffusing light in all directions.
  • It arrives with a tripod stand which makes it highly susceptible to standoff in any grounds
  • A lightweight screen with a durable  metal structure  makes it very easy to mount on 
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • GAIN with definitive black support to eradicate light penetration. Four side black boundaries increase picture contrast.

It is constructed with high quality matte hi-gain fabric embedded with crystalline white colour, which makes sure that our eyes are at ease and are at  its strain-free nature. The screen accentuates 4K technology and can assist multimedia visuals in a 1080p 3D full HD format.

It arrives with a metal tripod stand that is highly durable and can be enhanced for placing the screen on any ordinary surface. Besides, the screen is foldable and can be carried effortlessly.

  • Affordable 
  • Magnificent cinematic experience
  • Full HD Graphics
  • High quality matter hi-gain fabric is used
  • Temporary screen. 

10. RADIANS Motorized Projector Screen

RADIANS Motorized Projector Screen Size -8Ft(Width) X 6Ft

View at Amazon


  • 8 X 6 feet, 120 Inches Diag. 16:09 ratio picture format
  • It makes sure that your eyes experience less strain while viewing, arrives with anti UV coating to conserve your eyes,  embedded with A+++++ grade fabric.
  • It gives you 4K technology with 1080 pixels and 3D graphics and it also succeeds with radiofrequency cordless mobile.
  • Made up of super high grain super fabric material which is very susceptible and easy to clean.
  •  The advanced manufacturing ensures that light penetration is eliminated for magnificent color production images

This is one of the best projector screen in India, it can easily be used in home theater, cinema movies , college theater, conference hall, meetings etc. Keeps your eyes strain free and gives you a lifetime cinematic experience.

You can easily watch high quality videos as it supports 1080 , 4K technology with inbuilt 3D graphics. It provides 16:9 aspect ratio and is highly desirable for home theater. It also comes with cordless remote.

  • Designed for elegant cinematic experience
  • Cordless remote
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Highly compatible
  • Bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a decent projector screen costs?

Projector screens are available in many shapes , sizes, functional significance , well equipped, and a lot more types, but it totally depends upon you for which purpose you’re buying it.
If you need for home theater and want significant cinematic experience then you have to pay more according to your luxury and if you’re purchasing it for professional use than you’ve to be very specific about it, keeping all the requirements in your mind, basically you can buy a decent screen upto 10-15 k

Q. Does the quality of projecting screens matter?

Definitely it does matter a lot. The screen quality should be ultimate if you wanna feel the ultimate cinematic experience. Quality matters the most. A well equipped and functional multi usage screen is worth it. You just simply can not think of maintaining a standard without using quality products.

Q. Are pull-down projecting screen any useful?

These type of screens are the best for compact spaces and be used in multiple ways. It requires almost negligible maintenance cost and easy to clean up and maintain.

Q. Is a wall better or a projector screen?

Its like a normal van better or an Tesla. Of course man, a projector screen is far far better than a wall, these screens produce better image texture, gives better visual experience, delivers rich in quality contents, basically, it provides a life changing experience, if you were not using projecting screens earlier.

Q. What are the best projecting screens in India?

Just read the above article, which will enlighten you about this very little fact. You will be able to take the right decision as per your requirement

Q. Can the height be manually set up to 16:9 ?

Yes , the screen is retractable, it can easily be set up to a particular desired ratio.

Q. Is the projector screen be compatible with any of the projectors in market?

Yes , it can be pretty much handy with every projectors.

Q. How to clean a Projector Screen ?

The fabric of this screen is waterproof and coated with good quality material, so basically if you don’t have the proper stuff for screen cleansing then you can just use the tap water. or clean it with wet cloth

Q:Can projector screen be uninstalled and repacked if one has to relocate?

Yes definitely, but do handle it with care, be cautious enough while repackaging , check its fiber and cover it with sponge and plastic beans , make sure that there’s no scratch or dent.
Amazon is the only trusted site that provides easy returns.

Q. How can we connect a projector screen with a laptop?

Sorry to say but it’s a screen, not a projector. You cant not connect it with a Laptop.

Q. Is the installation will be provided by the company selling it?

No , the installation and fixing up process is very easy and is very handy too,  that’s why it can be done by the user only.

Q. Is the projector Screen portable?

Yea the screen is highly motorized with wireless remote and can easily be shifted from one place to other, in fact it can be used in various occasions like, family gatherings, birthday parties, horror movie with bae.


So basically if you want to buy the best projecting screens in India then Amazon is the place for you, that provides you a wide range of screens for your needs. Just read the above article carefully before purchasing any stuff and one more thing always do the necessary research before buying anything technical, because good research from good content is a must. Without the complete knowledge of the product, it’s completely absurd to waste money on local trashy products. Our main aim is to make you guys aware of the best and the worst projecting screen. I hope our article proves to be fruitful for you guys. Happy shopping!

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