Best Pillows In India For Sleeping & Neck Pain Issues

Are You Looking For The Best Pillows In India? Well, you can leave your stress here.

Nobody can be likened to a sound sleep but as considerably as we may like to deny, sound sleep is hanging on a whole bunch of external factors as well, the convenience of a pillow living the topmost.

Make sure that you are resting your head on the wrong pillow and you are certain to toss around the whole night, not to note the shoulder and neck pain that you would rouse up with.

Having the best pillows in India won’t help you alone if you don’t have the best mattress to complement it. You know there are different types of mattresses that are present in this world.

A good night’s sleep is especially important for your physical and mental well-being. It’s as essential as following a nutritious diet and workout routine. Sadly, there’s a future that can disrupt your rest pattern. In today’s fast-paced world, individuals sleep shorter than they did in the past.

The accurate pillow supports to ensure a good quality of sleep. It also recreates an essential role in alleviating or controlling body aches.

Best Pillows In India- Our Top Picks

S No.Best Pillows In IndiaProduct DimensionsPrice
1.Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow68.6L x 40.6W CmBuy At Amazon
2.MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow63.5 x 38.1 x 12.7 CmBuy At Amazon
3.Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow68.6L x 40.6W CmBuy At Amazon
4.Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow61L x 40.6W CmBuy At Amazon
5.JDX Premium Hotel Quality Soft Polyester Blend Fiber Pillow30L x 30W CmBuy At Amazon
6.Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfibre & polyester43 x 69 X 17 CmBuy At Amazon
7.Milford Memory Foam Pillow52 x 30 x 10 CmBuy At Amazon
8.Urban Basics Ultra Soft Microfibre Pillow69L x 43W CmBuy At Amazon
9.Kuber Industries Luxurious 1 Piece Microfibre Pillow40 cm x 60 CmBuy At Amazon
10.HOMY DECOR Microfiber Pillow68.5 X 43.5 CmBuy At Amazon

1. Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow

Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow

About This Item:

Size4 Count(Pack of 1)
Product Dimensions68.6L x 40.6W Centimeters
Fill MaterialHollow Fiber
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium
Thread Count1000
Net Quantity4 count


  • Pillow Feel : Fluffy and medium firm
  • Warranty : 3 Months manufacturer warranty
  • Fabric Material Type : 350 GSM breathable fabric
  • Fill : 200 GSM Hollow fiber
  • Pillow Dimensions : 27 x 16 inches ( 68.5 cm x 40.5 cm)

Wakefit ‘s Sleeping Pillow is designed to give the sleeper a cloud-like sleeping experience. Wakefit ‘s pillows are made from spun polyester fabric and hollow fiberfill which give them a fluffy, yet supportive feel. For Wakefit ‘s sleeping pillows, we wanted to emulate down pillows (made from feathers of ducks and geese) while also providing adequate neck support to every kind of sleeper. Affordability is the cherry on the cake.

2. MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

MY ARMOR Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

About This Item:

ColourInner Cover Only
MaterialInner Cover Only
Item Weight1.3 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH63.5 x 38.1 x 12.7 Centimeters
VarietyMemory Foam Pillow
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Recommended Uses For ProductSleeping, Resting
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium


  • DON’T WORRY, 1 YEAR WARRANTY: We are confident that you will love our product hence, we provide 30 Nights trial and 1 Year exclusive warranty. NO Questions Asked. You can try and return anytime, even after the Amazon Official return period is over (How awesome is that?). Absolutely No Worries when you sleep on My Armor Pillow
  • 100% MEMORY FOAM | WON’T GO FLAT: The Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping are superior to Cotton filled or Micro fibre Pillows which Sags or Goes Flat soon after Use. This Pillow relieves Pressure back pain and provide neck pain relief
  • PREMIUM HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – Made with 100% premium quality memory foam to provide long-lasting comfort. It is not just an Average Pillow
  • ADAPTS TO YOUR BODY CONTOUR: 100% Memory foam adapts to your body shape to provide you utmost comfort. It will regain its original shape in 4-5 seconds with slow rebound technology. It is medium firm to support every part of your head
  • LUXURY SLEEPING: Provides therapeutic relief for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers. You will wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day. Its Stitched Inner cover which protects the Memory foam from dust. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.

3. Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow

Wakefit Hollow Fibre Pillow

About This Item:

Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
Product Dimensions68.6L x 40.6W Centimeters
Fill MaterialHollow Fiber
Fabric TypeGSM breathable fabric
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium
Item ShapeRectangle
Thread Count1000
Product Care InstructionsLight Machine Wash


  • Pillow Feel : Fluffy and medium firm
  • Warranty : 3 Months manufacturer warranty
  • Fabric Material Type : 350 GSM breathable fabric
  • Fill : 200 GSM Hollow fiber
  • Pillow Dimensions : 27 x 16 inches ( 68.5 cm x 40.5 cm)

4. Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow

Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow

About This Item:

Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
BrandRecron Certified
Product Dimensions61L x 40.6W Centimeters
Fill MaterialMicro Fiber
Fabric Typeab
Item Firmness DescriptionFluffy and medium firm
Thread Count1
Product Care InstructionsUse mild detergent, do not wring, hang to dry, refluff with hand


  • Technology: Advanced ECS technology for comfortable sleep
  • Recron Certified is the registered trademark of Reliance Industries Limited for its range of Home Comfort Products
  • Color: White
  • Recommended for: Back sleeper, stomach sleeper
  • Size: 41 cm X 61 cm
  • Package Contents: 2 Pillows Vacuum packed bag has to be cut for it to expand
  • The pillows would be compressed packed adding an line that once its opened from cover the pillow gets Fluffy. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.

5. JDX Premium Hotel Quality Soft Polyester Blend Fiber Pillow

JDX Premium Hotel Quality Soft Polyester Blend Fiber Pillow

About This Item:

Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
Product Dimensions30L x 30W Centimeters
Fill MaterialFiber
Fabric TypeIndia, Microfiber
Item Firmness DescriptionSoft
Thread Count200
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash


  • Soft and Fluffy Pillow From JDX STORE
  • Color: Off White
  • Material: Polyester Fiber
  • Qty: Set of 2
  • This is Exclusive comfort Pillow with best quality of JDXONLINESALE Color: White, Material: Reliance Fabric Packaging: Plain polybag, Vacuum Packed (Compressed Piece), Washable, Machine wash using a mild detergent. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.
  • Hang to dry. Re-fluff with hand, Filling : Recron fibre,Cover Material : Polyester, This is a vacuum packed product. On receiving open the product from the package, it will take the desired shaped within 20 minutes.
  • 4 Months manufacturer warranty
  • The pillows would be compressed packed

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfibre & polyester 2-Piece Premium Bed Pillow

Amazon Brand - Solimo Microfibre & polyester 2-Piece Premium Bed Pillow

About This Item:

Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
BrandAmazon Brand – Solimo
Fill MaterialPolyester
Item Firmness DescriptionSoft
ColourWhite, Brown
Thread Count50
Net Quantity2 count
StyleSet of 2


  • Solimo 2-piece premium soft bed pillow set for your bedroom comfort needs
  • Classy microfibre shell of 220 GSM knitted jacquard polyester fabric for a smooth and rich feel
  • Filled with 650gms of polyester fibre for optimum softness of the pillow
  • Filled with Blow Filling Technology to avoid lumps. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.
  • Filled with hollow siliconized polyester fibre to give better resilience and good bounce and loft to the pillow
  • Suitable for both back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • Washable and durable
  • Dimensions: 43 x 69 X 17 cm

7. Milford Memory Foam Pillow

Milford Memory Foam Pillow

About This Item:

MaterialMemory Foam
Item Weight120 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH52 x 30 x 10 Centimeters
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Material Type FreeChemical Free


  • Zero pressure relief with temperature sensitive high density memory foam: The cervical contour pillow is made with memory foam with pressure relieving qualities that supports the head and neck which in turn reduces pain and stiffness. Moreover, memory foam comfort also can help relax the muscles and relieve neck, head, shoulder and painful pressure points
  • The high density memory foam is tested for durability and content. The odour, if you experience is not harmful but only fresh smell of new memory foam pillows. The pillows can be easily aired out, or kept in the sun to rid of them quickly. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.
  • WASHABLE OUTER COVER DEVELOPED IN ORGANIC COTTON in a pink elegant design is eco-friendly and brings you for a stress-free sleeping experience. INNER COVER: Soft Stitched Teri cotton Inner cover protects the inner Memory Foam Pad and keeps its quality intact.
  • Benefits: safe to use, eco-friendly, the pillows are hypoallergenic and free from any dust mites and irritants. durability, as the shape of the pillow, remains intact even after months of use, it will never sag or clump. Helps in relieving aches and pains especially any cervical pains or issues. Orthopaedic friendly, the pillow ensures good night sleep and rest

8. Urban Basics Ultra Soft Microfibre Pillow

Urban Basics Ultra Soft Microfibre Pillow

About This Item:

Size4 Count (Pack of 1)
BrandUrban Basics
Product Dimensions69L x 43W Centimeters
Fill MaterialMicrofiber
Item Firmness DescriptionPlush
Thread Count110
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Item Thickness8 Centimetres


  • Inner Material :- Microfiber Filled
  • Color :- White; Pattern Design :- Plain Solid
  • Pillow Size (L x W) :-27 inch x 17 inch or 69 cm x 43 cm; GSM :- 110
  • Package Contents :- Pack Of 4 Bed Pillow
  • Vacuum Pressed For Easier Handling, Open The Plastic Wrap And Fluff To Expand The Pillows Completely

9. Kuber Industries Luxurious 1 Piece Microfibre Pillow Filler

Kuber Industries Luxurious 1 Piece Microfibre Pillow Filler

About This Item:

SizePack of 1
BrandKuber Industries
Item ShapeRectangular
Thread Count50
Net Quantity1 count


  • Color: White, Size Name: Standard
  • Material: Microfibre
  • Filling Material: Microfibre
  • Size: Pillow Filler: 40 cm x 60 cm or 16 inch x 23 inch
  • Package Contents: 1 Piece Microfibre Pillow. Pillow is the perfect gift to use in sofa, couch, chair, bed, school, for travel and naps. Moreover, it is one of the Best Pillows In India.
  • Kuber Industries Pillow magnifies the overall look and feel of your home. Textural and practical, the Kuber Industries high-end Micro Fibre Pillow are the perfect addition to your home
  • The rich sheen gives your space a sense of splendor and opulence.Designed in solid colors, these Pillow suit both the minimalist tendencies of modern decors
  • Country of Origin: India

10. HOMY DECOR Microfiber Pillow

HOMY DECOR Microfiber Pillow

About This Item:

Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
Product Dimensions40L x 20W Centimeters
Fill MaterialMicrofiber
Fabric TypeCotton
Item Firmness DescriptionPlush
ColourGrey, White
Thread Count400
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only


  • Dimensions : 27 x 17 Inch (68.5 X 43.5 cm ) , Type : Standard Pillow ,Firmness : Soft & Fluffy
  • SUPER PLUSH MATERIAL Fiber Pillows are crafted in super Knitted fiber that puts all other standard pillows to shame ! They are expertly tailored to ensure maximum comfort for any and all sleeping positions.
  • NO-SHIFT CONSTRUCTION – With their no-shift construction, our pillows are a fantastic place to rest your head. They’re stylish, luxurious, and incredibly comfortable. You’ll fall asleep fast, and stay asleep!
  • NO-SHIFT CONSTRUCTION – With their no-shift construction, our pillows are a fantastic place to rest your head. They’re stylish, luxurious, and incredibly comfortable. You’ll fall asleep fast, and stay asleep!
  • Additionally, they are completely allergen and chemical free.They are the perfect choice for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Properties Of Memory Foam Pillow

  • The memory foam pillows help in relieving back pain. If you are suffering from back pain issues. Always look for the pair of Best Mattress For Back Pain as well as the best pillows for back pain to release the stress.
  • Secondly, the Memory Foam Pillows are breathable in nature. That is, if you are a stomach sleeper, you won’t find any difficulty in breathing during sleeping.
  • Thirdly, it provides Healthy support to your neck and head. Consequently, helping in relieving back pain and headaches.
  • Memory Foam Pillow are special as they have the ability to regain their original structure or form even after using them.

How Can Pillows Make a Difference in Your Sleep Quality?

Without a doubt, healthful eating, training, and a uniform sleep schedule are paramount for a good night’s sleep. Though, what else can assist you sleep soundly at night? It’s the right pillow. The pillow you choose to sleep at night.

When it arrives in a good night’s sleep, a comfortable and relaxing pillow can make an entire lot of difference. The inaccurate pillow doesn’t just deprive you of sleep. It compels misalignment of the backbone, neck pain, and even causes headaches.

Best Pillows In India

Similarly, an exemplary pillow can help stave off intense health problems. Furthermore, the right pillow can assist keep your spine correctly aligned and sustain your sleeping position. Pillows recreate an integral role in the well-being of your backbone.

There is an abundance of comfortable pillow choices available for every type of sleeper in today’s world. We have the sleep apnea pillows for people suffering from subsisting interruption and noisy snoring during sleep, knee pillows for sleeping to reduce back pain, leg pain, pregnancy sleeping pillows, and whatnot.

1. What to Consider when Buying a Pillow

Sleeping Position

Let’s be real here, we all are extremely knowledgeable of our sleeping position. If not, expend a few nights clinching how you typically settle down beneath the covers.

Body Type

Choose the right-sized pillow for yourself. If you’re a good tall person, a pillow more increased than five inches is perfect for you. Likewise, if you have a short structure, a four-inch pillow or smaller is the best option for you. Additionally, if you have a baby on board, a full-body pregnancy pillow is a wonderful option.

Pssttt!!! Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Body Pain

Maintain in mind any medical requirements you have. If you’re mourning from chronic body pain induced by injuries or some underlying disorders, pick a pillow that offers both convenience and relief from aches and pains.


Regard your personal appreciation and sleeping pose when deciding between high or low pillows. Accomplishing this will allow you to prevent aches and pains.


This is an extremely important factor that shouldn’t be ignored as it directly impacts your convenience level and quality rate of sleep. Body pressure can influence the amount of firmness you need to get the optimal support.

Current Mattress Support

Reflect on the mattress you’re sleeping on to learn which pillow is appropriate. For illustration, if you have the Best 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattresses, opt for memory foam pillows.

Also Read: Should I get a Memory Foam or a Memory Gel mattress?

Types of Pillows

In ought to find the Best Pillows In India, you have to get proper knowledge about the types of pillows that are currently present in India.

1. Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are a considerably widespread choice of pillows. The foam is constructed from viscoelastic polyurethane. Memory foam gains its name from the point that it takes the body of your body according to the involved pressure. It is even the best pillow for napping.

2. Latex Pillow

Latex Pillow

Natural latex foam pillows are created from the sap of the hevea-brasiliensis rubber tree, however, synthetic latex is produced from styrene-butadiene rubber. The latex kind of pillow is slightly more delicate than memory foam pillows

3. Polyester Pillow

Polyester Pillow

Polyester pillows are constructed of tiny, twisted polyester fibers. They are weightless, easily available, affordable, and can be machine-washed. Therefore, they are more widespread than other types of pillows. Polyester pillows deliver both comfort and asset.

4. Feather and Down Pillow

Feather and Down Pillow

Feather and down-filled pillows are considerably elegant options. They are primarily made from duck and goose down. They generally last more than synthetic pillows.

5. Cotton Pillow

Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are hypoallergenic and have adequate temperature controllers. They are likewise a 100% organic pillow option. Cotton pillows are breathable and appropriate for individuals with allergies.

How Are Pillows Designed to Comfort Different Types of Sleepers?

The most familiar pillow size is a standard pillow, but this pillow is again very small for larger beds and renders unwanted gapping between pillows. However, Much Larger pillows, such as king and queen size, are a more suitable choice for more extensive mattress sizes.

Above rectangular pillows, many curved and circular pillow conditions exist for different purposes, such as when touring or for full-body support.

The right pillow can alleviate the symptoms of health ailments such as lower back pain, sleep apnea, and acid reflux, bringing you to sleep sooner.

Moreover, How you sleep also determines the pillow firmness and loft (height) you must to sleep comfortably and preserve beneficial spinal alignment. Your cushion or pillow shouldn’t be so tall it causes your neck to curl inward, nor so light that your head and neck curve backward.


How do I pick the right pillow?

Look for one as thick as the distance between your ear and the outer shoulder. Sleepers may need a soft pillow – or not at all – under their head. A pillow under your abdomen and chest can help prevent back pain. Lying downs may need a soft pillow, keeping your head and neck aligned.

Why does my pillow hurt my head?

Excessive pillows can cause the head and neck to rotate forward and add tension to the lower occipital muscles. Severe tension in these muscles can lead to headaches or headaches in the morning when you get out of bed.

What happens if your pillow is too high?

If the height of the pillow is too high when lying on your side or back, the neck bent incorrectly or sideways, causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders.

How often should pillows be washed?

The consensus among professionals seems to be that the average person should throw their pillow in the washing machine two or three times a year (about once every four to six months).

Do we really need pillows?

Pillows are important because they keep the head aligned with the neck and spine during sleep. If a person’s spine or neck is not in a neutral position, they can wake up at night, creating drowsiness.

Should your head be elevated when sleeping?

Lifting the head during sleep can reduce shortness of breath and this can reduce the risk of sneezing and problems associated with sleep apnea. 6 Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

Some More Questions About Best Pillows In India

Is it better to sleep with your head flat or elevated?

For fit sleepers, laying your head flat and aligned with your backbone is perfectly fine. Nevertheless, if you sorrow from respiratory issues, acid reflux, or lumbar backbone pain such as obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Why does my ear hurt when I sleep on my side?

When laying on the side, your ear cartilage reaches shortened or folded, resulting in severe pain and soreness. Change your sleeping position so you aren’t resting on your ears or switch to a softer pillow to prevent shortening your ear cartilage.

When do you need to replace your pillow?

You can notify if your pillow is prepared to be replaced if it:
Folds from half and maintains its shape easily
Gets lumps
If it gets Smelly
Or if it has some yellow stains or contusion

How often should you change pillows?

Most experts recommend changing pillows every 1 to 2 years. Doing so helps to ensure that you use supportive, clean, and sterile pillows. It is also important to take care of the pillows you use to ensure that they are durable. Usually, you will be able to tell when it is time to change your pillows.

What kind of pillow is best for neck problems?

The best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is strong enough to hold the head at a healthy angle but soft enough to reduce pressure points. Many sleepers find success with foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillow, as these items provide excellent support and pressure relief.

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